How to gain ultra-realism in Minecraft
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How to gain ultra-realism in Minecraft

Hello everyone! In this blog, I am going to discuss the number of steps you have to go through to make Minecraft look extremely realistic and fascinating. After going through the procedures in this list, you will gain Minecraft world with no cubic terrain, very beautiful animations of water, waving trees and grass, bumpy textures, realistic animation of player, realistic world generation and much, much more…

At this point, I will assume that you have already installed Minecraft version 1.12.2 and Optifine!

Also, you may skip a few steps, if you own a weaker PC.

Well, now let’s start our guide to how to build an ultra-realistic Minecraft world!

Steps involved in achieving realism:

  1. Install mods
    • Biomes o’ Plenty
    • Easy Breeding
    • Tree Capitator
    • No Blocks
    • Fancy Block Particles
    • Better Foliage
    • Mo’ Bends
    • Dynamic Lights
    • Matmos
  2. Install texture pack
  3. Install shaders


Install mods

The first thing you have to do is to install necessary mods which will bring certain functionalities, blocks, and items to the game.


Biomes o’ Plenty – Realistic terrains

This well-known mod will help us to gain realistic landscapes in Minecraft, which are realistic mountains, forests, rivers, deserts and etc., along with the variety of craft recipes, new items, and blocks. The world will become way more fascinating to travel, since you may discover a pretty huge amount of new stuff.


Easy Breeding – Realistic breeding

As the name suggests, the mod facilitates the breeding process, meanwhile making it realistic. From now, it’s sufficient to drop a bunch of wheat or other types of food to feed animals. 


Tree Capitator – Realistic chopping

This mod helps you to save a huge amount of your time. Having installed TreeCapitator, you will no longer have to chop a tree block by block. It is enough to cut the first block for the whole tree to be broken down. In addition, will be able to adjust the break speed, tool damage and etc.


No Cubes – Realistic landscape

This is probably the most significant mod from the list, as it fully changes the default cubic Minecraft terrain into realistic smooth landscapes. One of the main features of the mod is that it does not affect the FPS at all, and in some settings, even increases it! Explore the new improved world of Minecraft with your friends, and enjoy the beautiful views!


Fancy Block Particles – Realistic breaking

A simple mod that makes particles out of broken blocks and changes the default Minecraft 2D animation to 3D. It will also have a fully customizable special menu (opened using the P key)


Better Foliage – Realistic nature

Better Foliage will enhance the visuality by adding pretty nice-looking animation of falling leaves, rounded tree roots, volumetric leaves and few types of grass. In addition, the mod includes voice effects, that you can hear as you walk along the river. 


Mo’ Bends – Realistic movement

One of the best mods when it comes to changing the vanilla animation of the player. Steve will no more walk like a robot or wooden doll, and instead, you will see the smooth and realistic animation of jumping, swimming, running and etc. The most spectacularly developed animation is fighting! 


Dynamic Lights – Realistic lightning

Dynamic Lights will add realistic dynamic lighting to Minecraft. The main advantage of the mod is the ability to light your way without putting torches anywhere. As you walk, the light will walk with you, if you are holding the shining type of items like Torch, Glowstone, Glowdust, Lit Pumpkin, Redstone, Lava Bucket, powered Minecart. It is especially useful if you want to know how deep is the cave. You may just drop a torch, and it will light the bottom.



Now its time to shift from visual reality to acoustic reality. The mod will add very nice and charming sound effects to the game. You will have a feeling like nature is breathing as you hear the voices of birds, sounds of wind, cracking ice and many more…


Install texture pack

If you want to gain the maximum realism in the game, then installing a texture pack is an inevitable step. There are different types of texture packs, but what we are now interested in is the ones that include bump maps, or in other words, POM and PBR texture packs. Among the most popular ones you can choose:

  • Realistico
  • 3D Craft
  • S&K Photo Realism
  • Cyberghost
  • Pulchra Revisited

If you have a powerful PC, I would suggest you to install Realistico 512x512 pack with an extremely realistic bump-mapped textures. Otherwise, you may take advantage of Cyberghost which does not require a very powerful computer.


Install shader pack

The last step you are going to take is to install a proper shader pack. Shaders make your Minecraft world much more realistic and livelier. You will notice the waves in the water, moving shadows, sun rays, fog effects, waving grass and leaves and several other animation elements. However, to gain ultra-realism, we will need very powerful packs that support bump maps. Here is the list of best shader packs with bump map support, one of which you will have to install:

  • SEUS V10.1
  • SEUS V11
  • SEUS Renewed
  • Continuum
  • Chocapic


You may want to visit this page in case you are interested to know what are the best shader packs of 2020.


That was all about how to make Minecraft look extremely realistic, hope you have enjoyed reading the blog. In case you have any suggestions or additions to the blog, please leave your comment in the comment section below!

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