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————— Storage of minecraft materials —————

Storage of minecraft materials

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Maps for Minecraft 1.10

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Probably the best map for minecraft and HI-TECH lovers. Have you ever seen the map which builds itself? So here is it! Once you enter, you will not see anything apart from few blocks. If ender's eye is putted into the chest, than you will see the won...

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HMS Belfast 1944 - Exterior Only

Автор изначально сделал этот корабль к 75-летию операции "Нептун". Пока есть только внешний вид корабля, но в ближайшее время автор планирует построить интерьер! При желании вы можете настроить интерьер в зависимости от вашего собственного вкуса. Над...

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Silver Rock National Park

So right now on /r/Minecraft there is a contest to make your own National Park experience.    Naturally, that seemed like a perfect challenge to keep in practice, seeing as I havent uploaded anything here in far too long.    O...