Amplified Nether Mod for Minecraft [1.18]
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Amplified Nether

Amplified Nether Mod

Today's Minecraft Nether can be a little boring place to explore even after the Nether update. In particular, its biome generation is what makes it tiresome to explore. Amplified Nether is a mod that adds plenty of excitement to your game. Not only it does increase the Nether world height to 256 blocks, but it also adds a huge variety to the biomes you can encounter. With this mod, you will come across huge mountains, forests, smooth terrains and a lot more. You will have a blast having to see a brand new magnificent world!

In addition, the combination of this mod and the Better Nether mod completely revamps the Nether to the degree that you will no longer recognise it. There will be tons of new stuff to explore, investigate and discover! Also, I suggest you try out this combination along with the Complementary Shader pack since all of the screenshots you see are taken using this pack.

How to install

1) Install the Fabric

2) Download the mod

3) Put in mods folder


for Minecraft 1.18

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The new version: 1.18

January 17, 2022


what update do u play this on

January 14, 2022


Well, literally any. It is a mod, so I guess you can run it with any PC.

January 9, 2022


what computer can you play this on?

January 8, 2022