Timber Datapack Mod for Minecraft [1.14.2] [1.16]
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————— Storage of minecraft materials —————

Storage of minecraft materials

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Timber Datapack

Timber Datapack

After installing, the Timber Datapack allows you to instantly chop down a tree just by breaking one log with any axe. This is a really useful addition for those who don't want to spend expensive time on gathering resources!
Optionally, you can adjust everything as you wish.

To get descriptions and settings for this datapack use:
/function timber:help

How to install


- Download the Datapack
- Start Minecraft (Java Edition)
- Click on "Singleplayer"
- Select your world in which to install this Datapack (Don't click on play!)
- Click on "Edit"
- Click on "Open World Folder"
- Place the .zip file inside the datapacks folder (Don't unzip it!)
- Join/Rejoin the world or use /reload
- Finished! Enjoy!


for Minecraft 1.14.2


for Minecraft 1.16

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When is the update for this mod for 1.16.2?

August 19, 2020


is there any way to add an axe from another mode to this?

August 9, 2020


Nice mod!

March 8, 2020



November 26, 2019