Universal Graves Mod for Minecraft [1.18] [1.17.1] [1.17]
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Universal Graves

Universal Graves Mod

We have all lost our Minecraft stuff after dying far away from your base. So far that you don't even know the coordinates to that location. This is depressing and might even demotivate you from continuing your survival world. But hey, there's a mod that can solve this issue. And it is the Universal Graves mod.

This mod sends the coordinates of your death location along with the death message in the chat. Okay, now if you're in a server, everyone in the chat can see your death coordinate and can steal your valuable stuff. And that is the reason why this mod gives you the ability to lock the chest for a certain amount of time after your death. Alongside, you can also tweak other stuff that this mod does for you. Want to store your XP? There's an option for that. Want to lock your chests forever? You can tweak that too. There's plenty of different options that you can tweak according to your convenience.

This mod offers a Fabric version and download links can be found below.

How to install

1) Install Fabric

2) Download the mod

3) Put in mods folder


for Minecraft 1.18


for Minecraft 1.17.1


for Minecraft 1.17

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December 21, 2021


Cool Mod Bro

December 21, 2021


I'm an idiot for blurring out my name in two images and not doing the same for the rest :(

December 7, 2021