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Explore some of the outstanding mods for Minecraft. There is always a room to make your game more fascinating. So sit back, and flick through tons of amazing mods!


Introducing the Caracal mod! This exciting new addition to Minecraft brings a playful feline friend to your world. Caracals are quick, nimble creatures that love to hunt chickens and rabbits. And the best part? You can tame them with raw fish or meat from their favorite prey. These cute little critters spawn naturally in savannas, so keep an eye out for them on your travels. And when you do find one, listen closely for their adorable sounds! With the Caracal mod, you'll have a new companion to join you on all your adventures.

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Castle Dungeons

Castle Dungeon is a unique Minecraft mod that introduces procedurally generated castles into the game. Unlike other dungeon mods, which usually focus on underground structures, Castle Dungeon creates castles on the surface for players to explore. The mod doesn't add new content to the game, but it does build impressive castles out of existing blocks in Minecraft. Each castle is procedurally generated, meaning that no two castles are alike. This adds a new dimension of excitement and adventure to Minecraft, as players can never be sure what they will find in each castle. Castle Dungeon is perfect for players who love exploring and discovering new structures. Each castle is filled with traps, puzzles, and hidden rooms to uncover. The mod is also great for those who enjoy building and designing their own castles, as the generated structures can serve as inspiration or a starting point for their own builds.

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Campsite Structures

Campsite Structures is a mod that adds vanilla-friendly campsites to Minecraft. These campsites come in six variants and can randomly spawn on the surface, typically in grassy areas. Each campsite contains a Camper NPC who will only attack if provoked. The mod also adds loot to the campsites, making them a worthwhile stop for players exploring the world. The six current variants of campsites are Armorer, Butcher, Cartographer, Cleric, Farmer, and Fisher. The mod is designed to be compatible with other structure mods, and the creator encourages players to leave feedback if they encounter any compatibility issues. Future plans for the mod include adding even more variants of campsites, such as the Fletcher, Leatherworker, Librarian, Stone Mason, Nitwit, and Shepherd campsites. Overall, Campsite Structures is a great addition to Minecraft for players who enjoy exploring and discovering new structures in the game.

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Ottercraft is a fantastic Minecraft mod that introduces the adorable river otters to the game. These lovable creatures can be found in River and Swamp Biomes and love to play on both land and water. They are semi-aquatic, so they enjoy swimming and following nearby boats or players. One of the best things about this mod is that the otters are tameable and breedable with cod or salmon. Once tamed, they will follow you on your Minecraft adventures and even wear cute little life jackets that can be dyed different colors. In addition to being excellent companions, otters in Ottercraft love sitting in boats with you! They are naturally curious and always ready for an adventure. This mod adds a whole new level of fun and cuteness to Minecraft.

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BisectHosting Server Integration Menu

BisectHosting Server Integration Menu is a mod which allows you to quickly startup a Minecraft server with BisectHosting directly within Minecraft Itself. BisectHosting is a popular Minecraft Server host which is commonly sponsoring various Minecraft mods and helping the community. They like some other Minecraft server hosts (like CreeperHost), have various mods to work with the game, however theirs may be one of the easiest to quickly startup a server with. The mod is mostly for Modpack developers to do advertising with rather than a tool that is actually useful for players. When you go to the multiplayer screen you will see a section at the top that says Need a server? Clicking on this fills out a screen that makes you select a pre-existing modpack from a platform or a loader and then lets you fill out information about the specs you need and brings you to the bisect hosting checkout page. This can also fill out a config file. The ideal way to do this is if you are a modpack maker you will go to the config, and in MC Forge go to config/bhmenu-client.toml or on FabricMC /config/bhmenu/ and then fill out the info about the Title and Description and the Partner ID (which can be found at the console) and the Modpack ID (which can also be found at the console). Filling this config out makes it easier for a player of a modpack to just click on the link and automatically have the ability to have the pack selected. The bisect hosting mod does not appear to just let you upload your existing playset to the plan automatically but rather as just a way to get a new server with an existing modpack which making it more of an option for affiliates to put in their modpacks than a tool for players to actually use (at the end of the day you just end up back on their website). BisectHosting is known for their advertising and sponsorships, they are the Raid: Shadow Legends of Minecraft modding, they advertise a lot. Their prices are not too good, you would be better off going for something like SparkedHost if you cared about price, but if you want to support creators BisectHosting could be a good option if you use the creator’s code. Using a creator’s code can also get you a discount in the beginning.


Creative Core

Creative Core is a library mod for fabric that adds a lot of core functionalities and changes lots of the in-game code to work with some of the mods that it works with. It contains many new APIs for developers and a few small in-game things for players.For PlayersFixed     an in-game lag bug, this was a lag fix that existed in parts of the     game when unloading a chunk with lots of tile entities like furnaces     on it (This bug was commonly taken advantage of on servers like     2b2t). It was merged into MC Forge. 2     in Game commands for Config. /cmdconfig and /cmdclientconfig are     both config commands which exist in the game for working with the     config of mods which use it.For Developers    Graphical     User Interface APIConfig     API    ASM,     Reflection, and Bytecode-related toolsPacket     management and splittingPlayer     UtilsA     built-in loader for loading modsItemstack     Uniformity with InfoStack ObjectsFake     world for some thingsIngredient     ToolsRegistry     ToolsInventory     ToolsMathsAbstractionUnsafe     toolsSerialisationInventory     Tools like slot viewingAnd     much moreIt is good for making platform-independent mods that can work on both FabricMC and MC Forge and others. It is in many ways better than tools like Architectury as it has a built-in loader, a little like FeatureCreep, which makes it so if you wanted to you could more easily bundle 2 platforms in 1 jar or at least have fewer differences between your files saving lots of time and making code more portable. It works officially on MC forge (which itself changes a lot) and is ported to FabricMC. Many of CreativeMD’s mods though are still packaged separately for each loader.Core, library, and API mods are a pain to have to install all the time, but this one adds a lot of libraries to help make mod development faster for developers. Some mods which use CreativeCore includeLittleTiles   ItemPhysicAmbientSoundsCMDCamInGameConfigMangerAnd     Others, a lot from CreativeMDCreativeCore is common on many modpacks like CreativeMDs and other mods, but not all mods are made by CreativeMD, some such as ModernOnlinePictureFrames also use it and are by 3rd parties.


AmbientSounds 5

AmbientSounds 5 or Ambient Sounds is a sound mod which adds various new sounds that appear around your world, often looped and repetitive yet pleasing at the same time if you have your sound on. It goes well with the built-in Minecraft music but also makes the in-game sounds a little more interesting if you need to turn off the MC Music for a while. Many of the in-game sounds appear in various locations at different times. Like in the vanilla game, the place can affect where the different sounds play.Despite being a sound mod, the mod has lots of code in it to determine which sounds should be played and enabled and you can configure this with multiple different JSON files in the config folder. You can set the feature locations, the sound locations, the regions, and dimensions, and the engine to get good detail of which sounds should be played where. Modders can also use the large sound engine API to help with their sound mods and playing sounds. You can also create your sound packs with information from the wiki. There are a lot of sounds in the game, some of the sounds in the game added by the mod are:Bird     SoundsCicadasCricketsCrowsFrogsOwlsSeagullWolfCaveSuspenseWaterWeather    WindAnd     More.These can all make the game happier, or scarier, or change the game in other ways. They can though be quite distracting and set a false alarm. Some of the sounds are pretty short and basic, while others are much longer and more detailed. The sounds work in modded biomes also, Hypsellis helped get a list of biomes from various biome mods. Paul from paulscode the sound engine used in MC and MC Forge also helped fix issues in the mod. The mod updates a lot with new sounds. Many are made from online mixing tools such as or making it easy for individuals to expand the sound. Requires CreativeCore



Continuity is a Fabric, Indium, and Sodium port of Optifine’s CTM Format. It is built around modern APIs and provides an efficient way to connect textures and work with Optifine CTM resource packs and texture packs. It is designed with full parity in mind. Block and Item models designed for Optifine should also work, these can be made in a tool like BlockBench or Cubik Studio. You are able to use resource packs like Connected Textures (CTM) Overhaul or use the built-in resource packs.There are 2 built-in resource packs.Continuity/Glass_pane_culling_fix is to fix a bug with the culling of glass panes.Continuity/Default is a default resource pack that adds various new connected textures such as glass, sandstone, bookshelves, and more for reference purposes.These 2 resource packs are mostly for reference or fixes rather than for a completely new experience. If you want to take full advantage of continuity you would want to find an Optifine or Continuity-based resource pack.The main thing in the CTM Format is for connected textures to make blocks blend in with each other, though such a thing is possible to conflict with other rendering engines or possibly shaders.Continuity claims to require Indium to work, but it does not crash the game if you do not have it installed (at least it does not in some cases like in ours), it just does not work quite as well. Continuity is just an add-on for Indium which tries to replicate a feature for Optifine, it will not be porting to MC Forge because the rendering system there is much different and there is less reason for it to exist there because Optifine already exists and does about the same thing. If you have Optifine installed maybe on an older version of Fabric or something there is no need to have continuity.



Indium is a rendering optimisation mod that goes alongside Sodium to improve rendering. It is a must-have with Sodium for lots of mods, many mods will complain if you try to run them without Indium installed. Indium is built off the original fabric rendering API (Indigo) but adds new advanced rendering effects. Sodium by itself cannot access Indigo so Indium helps it access it.Many mods do not explicitly require Indium, however, if a mod used Indigo and you have sodium installed, then you could run into issues without Indium installed as Indium provides indigo. It is important to note though that Indium like Indigo can sometimes conflict with other rendering engines installed so it is important to keep that in mind when making a modpack with multiple rendering engines. Some mods which use Indium includeCampanianBits     and ChiselsLambdaBetterGrassContinuityPackagesAnd More.Indium by itself does not do much to affect performance so should possibly be avoided if you do not need any mods which use it, but if you do then it is an official addon for Sodium. You need Sodium installed to play it, and Indium is useless by itself as it is just a way to make Indigo work with Sodium. You do need the Fabric API for Indium to work through. Indium could sometime in the future be merged into sodium once sodium is in a more stable state, but for now, it is not a priority for the Indium developers. It is important to keep in mind that the newest changes in Indium may have some conflicts with other mods, such as Iris shaders may not always be compatible with the newest version of Indium. Indium is commonly used in many modpacks but not needed for all, but some which use entities or do other stuff with rendering may need it, however, there are alternate rendering engines which could be useful if you do not want to be too limited to fabric. Some mods claim to need Indium but turn on or do work with issues without Indium, alternate rendering plugins also work sometimes.


Enchantment Descriptions

EnchantmentDescriptions Is a Vanilla Plus Quality of Life Client-side mod which shows the descriptions of enchanted books on the tooltip. If a book has a known enchantment, hover over it, and it will say what it is. The enchantment descriptions work across multiple different languages.The mod also works with modded enchantments. However, the mod that adds the enchantment likely needs to officially support the descriptions, or the player or mod pack maker may need to add it manually. The enchantment descriptions are, in most cases, added with traditional localisation JSON files and do not require a special APi to use, so a modpack maker can easily add support for new enchantments or descriptions in other languages (though for vanilla ones, it is suggested you submit them to the GitHub so others can play with them). To add an enchantment description, do an entry named: enchantment.modid.enchantment_name.descFor the most part, this mod does not need to be installed on the server, and a player should be able only to add it on their side and have it work, even on Vanilla servers.Some mods like Apotheosis require it.The mod used the Multiloader template, so works on both Fabric/Quilt and Minecraft Forge.



AttributeFix is a mod which removes the arbitrary attribute limit on some things with a configurable one. With a config file, you can change the limit or make it as high as java would let you for the operator type.* Max Health if Entities (normally maxes out at 1024)* Knockback Resistance* Movement Speed* Attack speed and Damage (have limits)* Armour values (are often limited)* Armour Toughness* Luck* Follow range
These limits exist in the game, making it harder for modders to customise what they want. AttributeFix generally gets rid of these restrictions. It works on Minecraft Forge and Fabric/Quilt and uses the MultiLoader template. AttributeFix does not do much. It only really matters if some mods use its higher numbers. The mod content could also easily be added to your mod, and AttributeFix is mostly just a simple injection.Some mods which officially use AttributeFix include:Nightmare Craft: SurvivalStick of DeathChaos AwakensRaid AwakensRPGishLuminiumArmor Toughness BarAnd many more.Even if a mod does not specifically require It, it could still work, and most mods which use AF officially will boot up without it, just with the attributes being obsolete.


FTB Quests

FTB Quests is a Questing mod for Minecraft. It is team-based, allowing you to easily set quests for a full team, making them easier and more efficient.There are multiple types of quests and more than one way to see many of them, such as the GUI and blocks for counting collections of blocks. Or Quest books can be obtained with condoning stones and books on a crafting table.
FTB Quests was written with FTB mod packs in mind, but you can easily use them. They have a wiki which goes into detail about how to use FTB Quests. The options are advanced and very customisable. However, it is important to note that the mod is All Rights Reserved, so you can’t distribute it very much or do much changing.
//TODO write about some basic parts of the lib
Item Filters, FTB Library, FTB Teams, and Architectury are required. KubeJS and Just Enough Items have integration, though. FTB Quests are required to run many Mods, mostly FTB ones. Some of the mods which require FTB Quests areFTB Money (Forge)FTB Quest sellerFTBQ BorealisChemical Exchange TweaksAnd more.


Item Filters

Item Filters is a mod which makes sorting inventories easier, especially in creative mode. The mod adds 1 new Item called the item filter, where the filtering occurs. It is designed to work with mods like FTB Quests, Modular Pipes or QNet. There are many modes of filtering which can take place, such as:* NOT - Returns all but a specified item* OR - Returns all that have a common child filter* AND - Returns all the items that meet all the filters* XOR - Returns instances of 1 but not both* Ore Dictionary Name - Used for Ores with names* Creative Tab - Filter by Creative tab* Mod - Filter by modNot all of these have GUIs. There are also many more plans, such as for various mobs, EMC, and liquids. If one of the ones they already have is insufficient, you may add your own with the custom API added by this mod for new filter types.The people make this mod at FeedTheBeast/KubeJs/ModdedMinecraft and others. It is available for. It’s MC Forge and Fabric


Xaero’s World Map

Xaero’s World Map Is a QoL Vanilla plus world map and navigation mod for Minecraft made by Xaero. To activate the world map, press the designated key bind (m by default), and then you will get the world map open with all the discovered locations. At the same time, undiscovered locations will have a black Fog of War until you discover them. This is largely because Minecraft generally does not automatically generate chunks that far in advance. But even on multiplayer servers, you only see what you discovered by default. Xaeros world map is a client-side mod meaning the server does not need to have the mod installed for you to use it, and it is quite helpful in that regard; if you want to keep track of land on a vanilla server, you can go with this mod. You can also create waypoint markers within the world map to mark locations you may be interested in.Xaero’s Minimap, what Xaero is most known for, is suggested but not mandatory, and World Map has integrations with other mods to help you work with them.
The map is very interactive; you can scroll through the map dynamically, scroll in and out for zooming, hover over a title to see the cords, see what the top layer is, and much more.
//todo write more details about each button



Platypuses have arrived in the world of Minecraft! These adorable creatures can be found in rivers and swamps, adding a new level of diversity to the game. But watch out - their claws are poisonous, and they won't hesitate to defend themselves if they feel threatened. If you're lucky enough to breed two platypuses, there's a chance you'll get Perry the platypus! Fans of the popular animated show will be thrilled to have this beloved character as a companion. To tame a platypus, you'll need to catch some crayfish with a fishing rod. Once tamed, your platypus can be a helpful ally in combat and can even provide its poisonous claws in a glass bottle. And for those looking to expand their platypus family, breed your tamed platypuses with a salmon. With these fun and unique additions, platypuses are sure to become a beloved part of any Minecraft world.

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