LMX Textures for Minecraft [1.14.2]
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Storage of minecraft materials

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Luracasmus Modern Extreme

Luracasmus Modern Extreme is a texture pack that uses specular and normal maps to create an effect of the textures being 3D and reflective. This effect requires a shader that supports normal and specular maps (The pictures are made with SEUS PTGI).

The texture pack works without shaders too but it doesn't look as good.

All textures are made using Microsoft Paint, GIMP and NormalMap-Online.

All models are made with Blockbench.

Emissive textures requires OptiFine to work.

Thanks to TheFlalis for help with textures!

Thanks to Tazmoe for pictures!

Thanks to M4Dlilboi for ideas!


How to install

1) Download the texture

2) Put in resources folder


for Minecraft 1.14.2

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