Prominent Mobs Textures for Minecraft [1.18] [1.17]
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Prominent Mobs

Prominent Mobs Texture Pack

Prominent Mobs is an amazing utility pack that makes changes to mob spawn eggs. Spawn eggs in Minecraft all have a very similar appearance with changes only in their colour. With this pack installed, the tool tip that is displayed when you place your cursor over a spawn egg will show a 2D graphic of the mob that the egh spawns. Scrolling to a spawn egg in your inventory will also display the 2D graphic. This will make it really easy to pick spawn eggs from the creative menu or from your inventory.

Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.

How to install

1) Download the texture pack.

2) Most texture packs require Optifine, so make sure to install it.

3) Put the texture pack in .minecraft/resourcepacks folder.


for Minecraft 1.18

Download (77kb)

for Minecraft 1.17

Download (77kb)
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