Seafoam in Minecraft Textures for Minecraft [1.18] [1.17.1] [1.17]
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Seafoam in Minecraft

Seafoam in Minecraft Texture Pack

Seafoam in Minecraft is a texture pack that adds a tiny little detail into your game. It adds seafoam, that you can place on water source blocks to give them a cool looking animation. You can place a seafoam by placing a piece of string over a water source block that's adjacent to land. The seafoam requires you to have the debug stick in order to shift its shape so that you can align it well with the sea shore. You can obtain a debug stick in creative mode by using the /give player minecraft:debug_stick command.

Download links for this pack can be found below.

How to install

1) Download the texture pack.

2) Most texture packs require Optifine, so make sure to install it.

3) Put the texture pack in .minecraft/resourcepacks folder.


for Minecraft 1.18


for Minecraft 1.17.1


for Minecraft 1.17

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