Woodpecker Pack Textures for Minecraft [1.18] [1.17]
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Woodpecker Pack

Woodpecker Pack Texture Pack

Don't be confused by the name, this pack does not add any woodpeckers into your game. The Woodpecker pack completely overhauls your game textures. Blocks look very different from vanilla, and their colours are more vibrant. Unlike vanilla, the same block may have more than four or five colours on it. This pack is medieval themed, and some blocks textures are designed to match with the designs you may find in medieval structures. This pack also completely overhauls the GUI's for inventory, enchantment tables, brewing stations, storage blocks, etc.

Download links for the texture pack can be found below.

How to install

1) Download the texture and optifine

2) Put in .minecraft/resourcepacks folder

3) Put optifine in .minecraft/mods folder


for Minecraft 1.18


for Minecraft 1.17

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