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Lucky Block Challenge

Remember the OG days? when PoppularMMOS and DanTDM were doing those fun lucky block challenges? well what if i told you that it was possible to finally do it yourself now! Downloading and playing this mod would be a major throwback for anyone who remembers the good ol days, and overall just be a fun game for anyone else! This modpack has the spiral lucky block and orespawn If you want you can download your own mods to add but plz if you do tell the owner or the mods and they'll get them to make everyone's experience way better.


Zombie Apocalypse

Ever feel like your minecraft experience is just not too interesting? Well let me tell you, todays your lucky day! For the Mustard Virus has gone global and wiped out humanity. You're all that remains, well - you and the endless waves of infected. How long can you last? Will your base be strong enough to stop the horde? The infected are relentless. They're attracted to light, sound, and most of all - players. Sunlight no longer has any effect on them, and they'll stop at nothing to get to you!



What would you do if your world were to be invaded by a deadly parasite that already infected a majority of your planets species? No need to worry, although you are the only human left on the earth, these newly infected mobs aren't invincible! For if you have the strength and will power, along with the various weapons scattered around the world, you can take back your once beautiful and poppulated home! 


Kinda Crazy Craft

Tell me, do you think you could survive a night with various amounts of horrors, and build a base that will be admired and defeat your nightmares?  Could you manage to defeat the most biggest and feared mob in all of Kinda Crazy Craft? Try your best to beat The King, The Queen or the Kraken, or even just roam and explore The Twilight Forest!! This well rounded modpack not only offers you lots of different genre of mods, such as the Technical mods, Farming mods, Magical mods, Building mods, and different mobs; but it also allows you to build an amazing house, or even build a huge factory and fight your worst enemies. This modpack makes adventuring and exploring a lot more exciting with different dimensions and mobs. There are currently 153 Mods to enhance your experience Including Mekanism, Buildcraft, Applied Energetics, Orespawn, Industrial craft, The Twilight Forest and a lot more. In this modpack you have some of the mods from crazy craft and a couple I added in myself. This is not a quest pack so it is sandbox you can build whatever you want and you can make a server with your friends and play together.


Dynamic trees mod

To many fellow minecrafters, a growing tree is a multi-block structure with a bunch of rooty soil, branches, and leaves blocks that has quite many advances over the Vanilla Minecraft tree structures. And just like real life, the formation of the tree starts with a seed. Also, just like real life, the seed is either planted by hand much like a Vanilla sapling, along with the seed having a chance of planting itself if left on the ground in a suitable location.  Once complete, the planted tree then grows from a sapling, slowly increasing it's size over time, into what  I consider as a full sized beautiful tree. Once grown, the tree can only then be chopped down at it's base, causing the entire tree to fall and all of the wood claimed at once.


Vanilla Accurate Texture Pack

Do you wish to make your minecraft experience more interesting?! Well let me tell you that this texture pack is just for you! With this texture pack expect your game to enhance in both visuals and realism (to an extent). From making blocks look more realistic, to the game overall feeling more smoothly, this texture pack brings a lot to offer in terms of your true gaming experience. I reccomend using this texture pack on version 1.16 for the full effect, but you decide on how you wish to experience this truly wonderful texture pack.


Atum 2

Want a cool desert dimension mod? well try Atum 2, it is a new desert dimension that can be reached by crafting a sandstone portal and tossing a scarab in a pool of water. The world you enter is a dusty, desolate place filled with enemies and and animals and 9 biomes to explore. There are many buried ruins and structures to discover and these are likely the easiest source for items and artifacts to help you survive this new realm. There are even pyramids with mummies and booby traps but also loot galore if you can manage to get back out alive. There’s so much to discover in this new land and it adds an excellent addition to your Minecraft exploration.


Zelda Sword Skills

Are you a nintendo fan? well look no further traveler! The Zelda Sword Skills+ Mod does more than simply add items and weapons from the Nintendo classic. This mod essentially recreates Zelda entirely within the Minecraft realm. This mod creates a whole new aspect of Adventure Mode. Now you can enjoy Minecraft but also enjoy the exploration of castles and inevitable destruction of clay pots. There is so much that goes into this mod and it really does justice to any fans of the Zelda series. Going so far as to add the Masks from Majora’s Mask, all of Link’s special attacks and abilities, weapons Link has used over the years, and even special armor that resembles Link, resists fire or allows breathing under water.


The Undergarden

Want a cool earth like dimension full of monsters and secrets? well tryThe Undergarden! it's a massive world hidden deep below bedrock that you can only enter via a stone brick portal. You will also need to craft a Catalyst in order to activate the portal. Once in you’ll be dropped into a strange and sometimes hostile, but overall beautiful, realm. There are particles floating around almost every step you take and they change depending on which of the 9 new biomes you travel through. You’ll also come across vast forests of new trees and thus new materials to build with. Each new forest is vastly different in color but blends incredibly well between biomes. And of course this mod introduces a hefty amount of new mobs both hostile and friendly, as well as small and very large.


Twilight Forest Mod

Want more excitement to your world? well The Twilight Forest mod calls for you! this is a very interesting mod that adds a new realm to Minecraft. It’s reached very much like the nether but it encompasses an entire world forever in a state of twilight and surrounded completely by immense trees and giant mushrooms. The new realm adds a slew of features to make the game that much more entralling. The world gives plenty of new areas to discover like densely guarded dungeons, new creatures like rams, deer, and fireflies, as well as many new mobs, items, biomes and even abandoned castles. And, like the Nether, glowstone grows here naturally. The portal is very easy to create as well. It’s simply a 2x2x1 hole in the ground surrounded by flowers and filled with water. All you need to do then is to toss in a single diamond and the portal spawns.


Furniture Mod

Want to decorate your house? want to have more detailed rooms? well it looks like Mr_Crayfish’s Furniture Mod will e a perfect fit for your needs! this mod adds more than 80 pieces of furniture to Minecraft that can be used to decorate your home and garden. It comes with a wide variety of new tables and chairs that look significantly more streamlined and clean than the standard options. You can even make sofas by combining one sofa into longer shapes! Plus you can add end tables with storage and coffee tables that match the height of sofas. You can create a decked out kitchen with countertops, drawers and cabinets to store things and even sinks! They come in all varieties of wood and stone. If you want to improve already existing designs like you’d find in the mansion, this mod has you more than covered.


Dungeons Plus

Want better and more challenging dungeons? well Dungeons Plus is just for you. this mod makes standard dungeons much more enjoyable in Minecraft. There are several new variations on dungeons found in nearly every biome. Towers look like dilapidated medieval ruins and they are filled with mobs and loot to plunder. They are multi-leveled above ground as well instead of below ground like standard dungeons. Each level has a different look and how many or type of mob will spawn. But there are plenty of chests and items to pad your inventory with. Then you have buried dungeons that are much larger versions of standard dungeons. They have multiple connected rooms and at least one will have a chest with a treasure map. The map leads to the desert in order to find the Leviathan. The Leviathan is the bones of a massive long dead beast. But aside from the astounding sight of these massive bones buried in sand, there is a dungeon hidden beneath these bones.


Better Mineshafts

In this new mod, the Better Mineshafts, it adds 9 new biomes to mineshafts alongside some major updates that give them more life or lack thereof in the case of them being abandoned. The mod expands existing mineshafts to make them more interesting and adds more structures to make them more realistic. You’ll notice right away the vertical tunnel that can go down an incredible distance. The shafts are much more detailed now and show more evidence that they were once occupied. They’re also wider and taller with more artifacts to find. The new biomes correlate to the biomes they are under. So if you’re near a desert or tundra, the mineshaft could be made of sandstone or covered in snow and ice. And jungle mineshafts are full of vines up the walls.


Travelers Backpack

The travelers backpack is a very well designed and very useful mod which allows the person using it to unlock extra slots of inventory, and also allows them to have a hose of water which they can use to douse fire, further putting it out, or to drink water for whenever they're thirsty! the player also has access to a crafting table even while on the go, allowing him or her to make quick and easy crafts as they adventure through the wilderness. you can also put liquids such as lava or water into the backpack, making it very useful for battles, or emergencies.



Tropicraft is a dimension only accessible by having a nice, relaxing time. in order to do so you need to craft a beach chair along with a PinΜƒa Colada and have a seat at sunset. Only then can you drink your cocktail and you’ll be transported to Tropicraft. This new realm is filled with tropical features like palm trees and coconuts and pineapples as well as a ton of warm climate birds and reptiles and amphibians. But it also hosts a wave of new underwater creatures like stingrays and star fish! You’ll even spot natives in masks along your travels and giant carved figures similar to those found on Easter Island. Some of them are even mobs and shuffle around the islands!



BlockFront is a Minecraft WW2 mod, consisting of guns, war, weapons, battlefields and a thrilling texture pack that is sure to make your minecraft experience 100% cooler! this mod consists of more detailed armour, weapons, and blocks. In this mod, your amour is detailed to match the WWII military uniforms, wether that be russian, american, or german. the weapons are also made to resemble the ones during WWII, making it feel almost as though you were actually fighting in WWII! Even the blocks were detailed to fit the needs of any war loving minecraft players out there, making them look like sandbags and much more!


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