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Physics Mod

This mod is extremely fun to play around with, especially if you love chaos and destruction, it's so satisfying to cause a cave in or watch an explosion. This adds complex gravity to Minecraft which is hilarious to play around with, it is fully customisable through an in game menu so you can make the mod even more chaotic. This is perfect for experimenting, messing around, and for those Minecraft cursed YouTube videos. Highly recommend this mod for anyone looking to have a fun sandbox Minecraft experience.Also you can try this mod along with Patrix texture pack to have some more fun.



If you are a fantasy, magic or just flower fan Botania is a great mod pack for you. Adding a whole range of new flowers, my personal favourite being the Glimmering Light Blue Flower, new blocks and a huge range of armour, tools, clothes, magic staffs, runes, rings and potions this mod really goes all out to improve the Minecraft experience. If you've found yourself content or even bored with the old game Botania is like playing a Minecraft 1.5, everything the old game has to offer with massive extra's to discover. At first a lot of the information Botania try's to feed to you can be overwhelming, but if you craft the Lexical Botania book, (recipe being a book and any sapling) it will help you learn more of the in-game features. Overall if you're looking for a mod pack to sink some hours into, Botania is the one! 


Yung's Better Caves

The moment I opened this Mod I was taken back, Yung's Better Caves are everything we could hope for from a Cave update. The mass of sprawling tunnels with tight crawl spaces, winding corners and vast open areas freshens up MInecraft's caves and I thoroughly recommend to any spelunkers out there who love to go adventuring deep below ground. This mod adds flooded caves, lava lakes and huge water filled caverns along with tight 1-2 block crawl spaces, its everything you want and more for that Vanilla + cave experience.  


More Villagers

If you're bored of current Minecraft Villagers and want more options when it comes to trading the More Villagers mod is perfect for you. Allowing you to utilise the Minecraft trading system so much more effectively. My personal favourites are the Netherologist and Oceanographer who I think would fit right in with vanilla Minecraft. This mod adds the new villagers along with new blocks which is featured on a list here from the official website:OCEANOGRAPHER Workstation: Oceanography TableNETHEROLOGISTWorkstation: Decayed WorkbenchFORESTERWorkstation: Forestry TableWorkstation: Purpur AltarENGINEERWorkstation: Blueprint TableFLORISTWorkstation:  Gardening Table HUNTERWorkstation: Hunting PostMINERWorkstation: Mining BenchOverall if you're looking for an authentic but enhanced Minecraft experience I highly recommend this mod, it stays very true to Vanilla Minecraft with a few extra trades to spice up the game.


Repurposed Structures

This amazing mod adds a whole host a features to all dimensions in Minecraft! It includes:-14 new Mineshaft types- 10 new biome variants of Villages- 15 new Temples variants- 2 new biome variants of Igloos- 13 new Pillager Outposts- 4 new types of Shipwrecks- 7 new Mansion types- 5 new Witch Huts types- 3 new kinds of Ruins! (2 on land. 1 in Nether)Personally I love the Nether City's which are repurposed End City's but found in the Nether instead; as well as this, the underground mineshafts found in the three dimensions add so much more to the game making it feel really unique and explorable. If you are bored with basic Minecraft exploration this mod will add many more features to give you a better experience exploring the game world!


YUNG's Better Mineshafts

This Mod completely revamps the old Minecraft mineshafts adding many features. Nine new biome specific Mineshafts are added to the game including a rare mushroom Mineshaft. These new abandoned mines have Abandoned Workstations which can contain extra loot and even a rare Workstation cellar which you will have to go find! Ore Deposits are commonly found hidden behind cobblestone at the end of tunnels which can contain coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, emeralds and even diamonds. Consider yourself lucky with the opportunity to find rare abandoned miners outposts or even surface openings to these atmospheric and revamped Mineshafts! 


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