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Splotch is a simple, pretty and fun 8 bit resolution resource pack made to give your Minecraft world a whole new feel. It's ideal if you feel that the Minecraft default textures don't satisfy your game enough and you want to try something new!

Andrei De Stefani

Dynamic Mobs

Dynamic Mobs is a texture pack which reforms the looks of mobs, adding more detail to the mobs, making them look much nicer! Now you will be able to find redesigned mobs such as the mud covered pigs and different coloured witches! The mobs will look differently depending on which biome they're in, making exploring extra fun with this mod!

Andrei De Stefani

Budschie's Morph Mod

Budschie's morph mod is a mod that lets you turn into any mob you want! Just kill a mob and then you will get the ability to turn into it! Morphing into mobs gives you cool mechanics such as flying as a bat, teleporting as an enderman, or even shooting fireballs as a blaze! This is an amazing mod if you want to feel and have cool mechanics just like the poor mobs that you slay everyday!

Andrei De Stefani

The Guild

The guild is a quest mod. You can choose between 15 professions and start your career! It doesn't matter if you're an adventurer or more of a laid back person, the guild is a perfect mod for all! Quests are randomly generated tasks that when completed you will get awesome rewards, these tasks are based of what profession you pick, so pick wisely! The guild is an overall great mod for people that want extra content to their Minecraft world.

Andrei De Stefani


ValleyCraft is a mod that redesigns a lot of Minecraft's sectors. It's a mod inspired by Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. It changes farming in Minecraft by adding new crops and mechanics, it also changes the way food is cooked by adding recipes and new foods. This mod also revamps the exploration sector by changing things such as world generation, adding features like ice caverns and cave vines. This mod makes Minecraft an entirely new game, so go ahead and have fun enjoying this unique experience!

Andrei De Stefani


Interactic is a mod that changes the mechanics and physics of dropped items. When an item is dropped, instead of hovering in the air like in vanilla, it will spin while falling until it hits the ground and will lay flat. Instead of just being in the vicinity of the item to automatically pick it up, you also can right click to pick up a single item. You can also use an item filter to control which items you will and won't pick up. Items and weapons can also be thrown, which is a good addition since swords and axes will deal damage when thrown.

Andrei De Stefani

Simple Farming

The Simple Farming is a Minecraft agriculture mod. It's a great mod that improves the vanilla farming systems by adding new plants, items and farming mechanics to Minecraft. It's an amazing mod if you want to add more creativity and variety to vanilla's old and boring foods. You can also celebrate your birthday by baking yourself a birthday cake with this new mod!Some of the new features this mod comes with are:New cropsBerry bushesFruit treesNew meals and snacksNew crafting recipes

Andrei De Stefani


Dungeon Plus adds 7 new dungeons to the game, full of adventure and surprises. You can now explore through towers, where you have to defeat all the floors of it, each filled with danger and violence. Instead if you're looking for a very precious reward you can adventure in end ruins, which are located in the end outer lands, you can find a precious dragon egg at the top of the tower, but the endermen there are not as friendly as others... So, what are you waiting? Install this mod to add more adventures and fun to your Minecraft world! Structures this mod adds: Towers Buried Dungeons Leviathans Snowy Temples Warped Gardens End Ruins Soul Prisons

Andrei De Stefani

Decorative blocks

Decorative Blocks is a mod that adds a lot of new blocks that add more atmosphere and decoration to a building! It adds new blocks for all types of builds and styles. It's one of the mods that you wonder why Mojang still hasn't added it to the actual game. It's a great mod especially if you're a builder and you want to add more life to your creations. Some of the things this mod adds: Bonfires Beam Blocks Chandeliers Pillars Big Chains Seats Wooden Supports

Andrei De Stefani

Alex's mobs

Alex's mobs is a mod which adds 57 new mobs! This mod adds both real animals, such as bears, gorillas and elephants, and also fictional animals, such as the Endergade and the Bone Serpent. Every mob has a unique drop, unique mechanics and functions, this is great by giving every mob a purpose, unlike the vanilla Minecraft bat. This mod is great to add more life and content to vanilla Minecraft!

Andrei De Stefani


This mod rebrands your HUd giving you much more statistics and details about the game. it is also very useful with other mods since it can display necessary information, such as a breath or a stamina bar.A couple of additions RPG-Hud gives:- Breath bar- Numeric values- Stamina- Clock widget (See the world's time!)- Compass widget (See the direction you are going) - Item details 

Andrei De Stefani

Fabric API

The fabric API is needed to load most mods with the Fabric loader. Fabric's API is light, making the game load faster and smoother.It's very good since a lot of mods can only be run on Fabric API. The fabric team also makes it available as fast as possible for snapshot and releases, making it very good to link with mods that would link very well with the 1.18 caves and cliffs update, or, in the future, the 1.19 update. The fabric team is also taking on loads of projects at the moment, such as improving experience and compatibility for both users and mod developers, making more mod developers concentrate their mods further towards Fabric API.

Andrei De Stefani


The RpgZ mod changes the way of how you obtain mob loot. Instead of when the mob dies it drops the items on the floor, the killed mob will stay there until it gets looted. This is a neat mod since it makes it nicer and less messy when mobs drop items.

Andrei De Stefani

Mo' Structures

Mo' Structures is one of the best structure mods, designed to give your world loads of new structure to enrich your gameplay and beautify your world! Do you want to battle your way through dungeons, explore mystical floating towers and fight villains? Want to keep a simple vanilla world with no new blocks or items? If yes just install this mod!This mod will add dungeons, towers and many more cool structures! It also adds more frequent mobs such as pillagers since there's new structures where you can find them in. This also means that you can make loads of new farm designs, for example a raid farm with all the new pillager structures.

Andrei De Stefani

Fast Leaf Decay

Fast Leaf Decay is a simple Minecraft Forge mod that makes leaves disappear faster after you break a tree. It will only take 5 seconds for all the leaves to disappear when the tree is destroyed. This is good to lower the lag in your world/server and also better to farm apples and saplings faster. It is also better to not have those ugly floating bushes in front of your house!

Andrei De Stefani


CraftTweaker is a perfect Minecraft mod which lets you customize loads of items and features of Minecrfaft! With CraftTweaker you can change recipes, script events, add new commands and even change item properties! You can also combine this mod with other mods to make all sorts of crazy and cool new features! CraftTweaker lets you customize the game with anything you want! from simple things like changing recipes or adding tooltips to items, to more advanced things like changing properties about items, or even creating new blocks and editing the world generation!  Most modpacks are compatible with CraftTweaker making the mod very flexible to all players!

Andrei De Stefani


The waystone mod adds a new block called the waystone. It’s a square pillar looking block which spawns randomly across the Minecraft world and in villages. A player can click on it to add it to their library of waystones and it’s used to travel from one waystone to the other, and depending on the distance between the  waystone, it will cost a certain amount of xp. This mod is amazing for travelling around your Minecraft world, making it easier to travel across multiple bases, or to instantly go back to your base after a long and tiring adventure thousands of blocks away!

Andrei De Stefani


Bountiful is a mod centered around a single block called the Bounty Board, and items which appear within: Bounties! Bounty boards can be found throughout the world in villages, and they'll generate bounties inside of them. These bounties often ask for you to bring back an item, or kill some mobs in return for whatever rewards they're offering. If you can complete the bounty, you just have to bring it back to the bounty board and right click the board to redeem your rewards! This is an amazing mod for people who are looking for good and intriguing challenges and quests in minecraft!

Andrei De Stefani

Enhanced Celestials

Enhanced Celestials is a mod that aims to improve the overall environment of the night by adding lunar events such as Blood moons & Harvest moons! Events added: Blood Moons: Blood Moons are a lunar event that cranks up the monster spawn cap as well as preventing the player from sleeping! Harvest Moon: The harvest moon is a lunar which cranks up both the crop growth rate and crop drop rate! Blue Moon: The blue moon is a lunar event that gives you the luck effect and increases the quality of loot in vanilla loot tables!

Andrei De Stefani


Fast Furnace is a simple mod that allows Blast Furnace to have a better tick per second, that means you can smelt ores to make ingots faster! This allows you to quickly make resources to easily craft materials, armour and weapons! This mod doesn't only make the Blast Furnace faster, but it also affects the Furnace and Cooker which are used for cooking foods. You can never go hungry again with the Fast Furnace!

Andrei De Stefani

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