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Reusable Rockets

Three layers of reusable rockets are included in this mod. There's nothing like installing this interesting mod to take an already fantastic game to a whole new level of awesomeness. The addition of three layers of reusable rockets seeks to increase the game's appeal and keep the player's attention by allowing him to play even more! What could be better than fresh modifications to upgrade a game that everyone already enjoys? Here are some of its highlights:FeaturesThree different tiers of rocketsDynamic flight durationOnly requires gunpowder to refuelCan only be used for elytra boostingReusable Rocket Tier 1Can store up to 32 usesMaximum flight duration of 2Reusable Rocket Tier 2Can store up to 64 usesMaximum flight duration of 4Reusable Rocket Tier 3Can store up to 128 usesMaximum flight duration of 6


Better Weather

Change the weather, in a BETTER way! This new mod allows you to /betterweather your way through any time! This mod forces itself upon you and allows you to feel as if you've been challenged and trust me it makes playing the game ten times better and more enjoyable! Better Weather's seasons are divided into three sub-seasons (start, mid, and end). Modified Biome Temperature, Modified Biome Humidity, Modified Vegetation Color, Modified Crop Growth Speed, and Whether or not an animal is permitted to reproduce are all subseason changes you may anticipate and customize in your Minecraft world.Acid Rain is a weather event. Acid rain is a type of precipitation that has a distinct green hue to it. It can occasionally hurt mobs, players, or animals, as well as kill all vegetation and render grass coarse (essentially burning the soil). Blizzard Blizzards are characterized by fast-moving snow, dense fog, and strong gusts. It snows and freezes water swiftly during these storms, and the snow can layer, resulting in varied snow heights. When the event is through, the snow in places where it isn't ordinarily ice will start to melt. Other entities and players are likewise delayed. It can be found in all biomes except deserts (can configure to affect deserts).


Security Craft

Who said that games don't need security options? Not minecraft! Enjoy playing this game with elevated security options and settings! SecurityCraft delivers precisely what it promises! There are lasers, retinal scanners, keypads, impregnable doors, and more. The Wall Jump mod, Smart Moving, and Secret Rooms all function well together. Please feel free to download it and protect yourself against invaders, such as those annoying creepers! More information, photos, recipes, and other delights may be found in the ingame documentation through /sc help. Check it out, and please report any issues you find on the Discord server listed below. The SecurityCraft banner is the responsibility of JorBinks. Thank you for taking the time to read what I've written. Padlock, Delete block, Universal block eliminator, Turret, Protected chest, Security table, Rotator, and more security aspects are added to your world with this mod.



Food, food, and some more food! The Department of Housing and Urban Development now has some crucial statistics on food and hunger.The HUD elements of AppleCore are now available as a standalone mod (note: AppleSkin does not require AppleCore). Although this is mostly a client-side mod, it must be installed on the server for accurate saturation and exhaustion values to be presented on the client.It's worth noting that AppleSkin reveals details on a number of mechanisms that are generally hidden (it does not add or change any mechanics). For more details on Minecraft's depletion and saturation dynamics, see the Hunger wiki article. Among other things, it adds information on food value to tooltips and a display of saturation and fatigue to the HUD.



Books, books and more books! Even in a game, enlarge and nourish your educational skills! With this new mod, find bookshelfs easy to place and use! Code, frameworks, utilities, and other essential tools may all be found on Bookshelf. Many modifications use Bookshelf's code base to power their own customizations. Why would you want to use library mod in the first place? Library mods, such as Bookshelf, enable seemingly unrelated modifications to exchange code. This reduces the amount of time and effort required to build certain modifications and features. The Library's code base is also put through its paces in a wider variety of circumstances and communities, resulting in fewer bugs and better mod performance.While this mod is mostly for mod creators, it does include certain features that are useful to players, such as debug commands like /bookshelf hand to retrieve item IDs and other useful features. One of the numerous new datapack features is the ability to create recipes that harm goods with durability rather than consume them.


Ender Storage

Storage like never encountered before! With this new mod you will actually enjoy anf look forward to store your items and entities! EnderStorage could be a mod that grants you to store things in the long run and have them appear, by all accounts, to be both all over the put and no put at the same time. Shading coded capacity confers stock to other capacity units with a comparable code, allowing stock or liquids to be moved over tremendous separations and indeed estimations. Shading plans that are comparable tie these chests together. Every chest with comparable shading buttons contains an ordinary stock. In the long run, it fills in as a capacity locale for players' impacts and liquids. There are three sorts of capacity as of presently open: EnderChest, EnderPouch, and EnderTank.


Simply Jetpacks 2

Fly high like never before with this new and amazing mod where using jetpacks became as amazing as playing the whole game! Simply Jetpacks is a Minecraft mod that adds jetpacks and fluxpacks using recipes from other mods like Thermal Expansion and EnderIO. These Jetpacks may be used to fly about, and the Fluxpacks can be used to charge items in your inventory while you're out and about. Forge Energy powers the Jetpacks and Fluxpacks, which are entirely compatible with Redstone Flux and other mods' energies. When wearing a Jetpack, press the "Toggle Hover Mode" key to activate "Hover Mode" (N per default). The Jetpack will force the user to slowly descend in Hover Mode, which may be sped up by pressing Shift.



Enjoy looking stylish and fresh with this new creative and fashionable mod! Add life to your person by shuffling between more than you can imagine number of amazing decorative hats! Hats has a completely new look for 1.16.5+, with a mix of recognizable old hats and a splash of brand new ones, rewritten (what, again?) from the ground up and (literally) over ten thousand lines of code. Thanks to a freshly updated Hat Selector provided by Boxes & Stuff, choosing a hat has never been easier! Simply hit H (defaults) in-game to go to it. Thanks to a significantly improved rarity system, a fully new accessories system, and additional colorizing possibilities, the variety of hats has only grown. The rarity scale is divided into five levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Each hat (and accessory) is assigned a random Rarity based on the config file's distributions, which are conveniently shown by different colors in the Hat Selector.


Miner's Helmet

Light up your world and paths with a very fashionable and new mod that you will surely adore and find its usefulness!! This is a fairly basic mod that simply adds a mining helmet to your character that illuminates your path in dark regions like caverns and ravines. Iron pickaxes and mining helmets can be used to spawn zombies. There is a config option to turn this off. When you have a Lantern, you'll be able to get the recipe for the Mining Helmet. You may make it like this: While looking for Netherite, light your path across the Nether! Use this helmet to illuminate your route in caverns and dark locations. With your mining helmet on, you can swim through dark trenches and illuminate your way. There's also a potential that monsters will appear with a pickaxe. There's a chance they'll lose their helmets if you kill them.


Enchanted Wolves

This new mod adds to our precious wolves more things to use and enjoy! The wolves were already nice so imagine adding a mod specially for them!! Collars may be created and worn by domesticated wolves thanks to this mod. The six collars represent the six armor levels. Leather, Chainmail, Gold, Iron, Diamond, and Netherite are some of the materials used. He'll demonstrate how to build a leather collar for you. Place a chain, iron ingot, gold ingot, or diamond in the unoccupied slot to make a chainmail, iron, golden, or diamond collar. Collars constructed of Netherite are created in the same manner as Netherite armour (smithing a diamond collar with a Netherite one).Collars provide the wolf half the stats of a complete armour set made of the same material, and they can be enchanted to grant the wolf benefits (see list of enchants below). In addition to the enchants provided by the mod, vanilla enchantments can be used to enchant the collar. Wolves wearing collars are also resistant to their owner's harm, including tridents and bows, which are used as ranged weapons.


Astikor Carts

This cart is amazing!! Can be used as a boat on wheels as they say, a way to transport your goods, animals can take it as well; what better ?? You can store anything precious to you in this cart!! By pressing R once when riding a creature with a cart nearby, all carts can be connected and removed. In the controls, you may alter this hotkey. Simply look for the phrase "Action Key." Toggle the slow mode by hitting sprint once while riding if the cart is travelling too quickly. This speed may be modified in the mod's options, however it will take effect after a Minecraft restart. Add a non-vanilla entity to the list of entities in the mod settings if you want it to be able to pull the cart. This is a cart-specific feature, and you'll need to obtain the entity's id to add it to the list. You can pull a cart without riding if you include minecraft:player. It can be attached to an entity that is ridable also so thus ups the game for sure!! 


Ice Mountains World Type

Minecraft, as is, is an already amazing world to discover, so what's better than already there astonishing ice mountains that make the world look even better?? If you're playing Minecraft and want something entirely different in your surroundings, this mod can assist. Add an Ice Mountain or an Ice Island to see what new things you can accomplish.Please bear in mind that certain locations are experimental and should only be used by experienced gamers.In the most recent versions of this mod, two additional planet kinds have been included. Both have a similar idea, but they produce the landscape in quite distinct ways.-IceMountains: -Old Ice Mountains (IceMountains): -Old Ice Mountains (IceMountain The terrain generation in its previous incarnation. It isn't very ornate. But, in order to avoid chucking it out the window, I decided to keep it in the mod. This version does not include any erosion simulations. It simply consists of three overlapping perlin noise functions. Known issue: Mountains can grow taller than 256 blocks, causing them to be cut off.-Ice Mountains (IceMountainsE): The terrain generation has been updated. Expect to wait roughly 3 minutes if you start a new planet with a new seed. It will create four heightmaps, each covering a 4096x4096 block region. The landscape will be produced swiftly inside that region. It isn't a flaw. To adequately model erosion, a vast region must be considered at the same time. As a result, chunk-by-chunk creation is no longer feasible, as it was in the previous version. However, that should not discourage you from playing on that world type. There are not many biomes yet. So far only forests, swamps, oceans and of course the ice mountains.


Iron Chests

Storage availability like never before! Enjoy these new and imporved iron chests that come in all shapes and sizes ! The iron chests mod adds a variety of sizes for various metals to vanilla Minecraft. In minecraft, iron is widely seen to be the most effective form of defense. Iron armor is superior to all others (save diamond armor, which is extremely costly based on other factors). Even if the game's difficulty is set to higher levels, Iron keeps zombies outside and prevents them from entering or breaking into any location. Furthermore, in order to play this mod successfully, it must be run on 1.16.5, as this is the version in which it was created, and without it, there is a good risk that the iron chests will not open, causing the game to not operate as intended.



This new and amazing mod will allow you to create or manufacture new sets of armor from already present and default material and resources that you never though twice about using!! Do you have too much nether quartz or redstone? You have no idea how much money you're squandering? The answer is in this mod!The following materials get armor as a result of it.You may all put it in a modpack if you like. This is a Forge mod, so keep that in mind. Try to chat with any onwer if you have any ideas on what to do. More Vanilla Armor adds fourteen new armor sets to Minecraft, some of which are even better than Diamond. Vanilla materials like Obsidian, Quartz, Redstone, and Bones may be used to create all of these new sets.



Something amazing helps you in this mod: All those stuff you keep stored and don't use, you can use them now!! Moreover, this mod helps you eliminate the fact that you should work hard and helps you avoid the grind !! Do you have an excessive amount of redstone or nether quartz? You have no idea what you're squandering your money on? This mod is the answer!For the following materials, it adds the following information.Each instrument has a legitimate reason to exist. Pickaxes have the most impact on mining the relevant mineral. Each instrument has a better likelihood of dropping more of the substance it's supposed to. Only obsidian speeds up the mining process.Use caution while utilizing paper tools; they have the potential to kill you.MoreVanillaLib makes this mod extremely customizable.It's OK if you put it in a modpack. Please keep in mind that this is a Forge mod. Enjoy this mod and don't forget to download morevanillalib in order to use it !! 


Earth Mobs

In order to make the minecraft world more interesting than it already is, this mod was created in order to help us find new mobs faster and easier and adds very new unique features, it changes some mobs by alternating them and upgrades some that already exist whilst also adding new ones for you to enjoy!! In the most current release, we now have new mobs, new objects, coloured blocks, and a monetary system! (Along with Tappables!) There's also a secret world where earth mobs may be found more easily.You may include this mod in a modpack as long as you do not resell it in any way, provide credit (by linking back to this page), do not modify the mod except for the config files, and follow all of the other requirements specified in the license. We have the muddypig, the cluckshroom, the furnace golem, the melon golem, and many other creatures!



What's better than a mod that allows you to create tunnels AND find and collect resources ?? This mod helps with machines for drilling in order to create our tunnels!! The Caterpillar mod is a drill that allows you to create 3x3 mineshafts. To personalize your drill, you may add or remove any element. This mod also features an auto Updater (which may be disabled) that keeps it up to date! This is a Beta (work in progress), and the server is currently supported. The Caterpillar is a highly useful equipment for automating the digging of a 33 hole; in other words, it's a mineshaft starter. You may connect a few accessories to it to help it gather resources and set blocks while digging. It's easy to put together and dramatically simplifies mining. You'll need an Item Collector, Drill Storage, and a Drill Head in addition to the Drill Base and Drill Head and a Decoration Placer in order to do some of the more advanced tasks. The collector and storage pieces allow the machine to scoop up blocks as it travels. 


Vertical Redstone

The Upward Transmitter and the Downward Transmitter are two new blocks added by this mod.These blocks will receive a redstone signal from below/above and will send one back up/down.There is a one-day redstone tick delay for them (2 game ticks).You may prepare them with these recipes.Redston wire may only be used on "solid" blocks such as soil and stone, not on glass or half-slabs. Redstone would have to be laid on top of other redstone wire to climb a wall, which isn't considered "Solid."On glowstone and upside-down slabs, you can use redstone dust. This is significant because they are translucent blocks, allowing the redstone current to flow freely. You may alternately place your glowstone or top slabs, with redstone on top, and then run the current from there.


YUNG's Better Dungeons

What's better than a new world to explore with Yung?? Enjoy this new amazing mod where you go on adventures to find new types and sorts of things hidden in these new and amazing dungeons!! Dungeons are frequently associated with medieval castles, and its connection to torture stretches back to the Renaissance. Nothing compares to the excitement of discovering an entirely new universe full of possibilities owing to this innovative new design. Dungeons in Minecraft have been totally revamped in a way never seen before. The three new dungeons in YUNG's Better Dungeons are Catacombs, Fortresses of the Undead, and Spider Caves.


Not Enough Items

As a start, JEI is know and the difference between JEI and NEI is that JEI is a stripped-down version of NEI that lacks many of the game's secondary features, as well as mod compatibility and extensions. However, because NEI does not currently support 1.8.9, JEI is your only option if you wish to play the most recent version. Not Enough Items is the perfect remedy to the agony of alt-tabbing to a wiki while playing Minecraft (or NEI). It uses a nice interface on Minecraft's inventory screen to find up the recipe for any item from any loaded Minecraft mod. Not Enough Goods (NEI) is a Tekkit mod that lists all of the items in the game, along with their recipes, and allows you to spawn them in.Basic Controls:Inventory: (Minecraft Options -> Controls)Show Recipes: Hover over item + RShow Uses: Hover over item + UToggle Item List Overlay: Control + OItem List:Show Recipes Click Item or type RShow Uses : Right-Click Item or type UNext/Previous page: Scroll WheelOpen Config Menu: Click Wrench at bottom-rightToggle Cheat mode: Control-Click Wrench at bottom-rightSearch:Select Search Bar: Click or Control + FClear Search: Right Click Previous Search: Up ArrowSearch by Mod Name: Type @ in front of a word (@thaum)Multiple terms work together (wand @thaum)Exclude search terms: Type - in front of a word (@thaum -wand)Search terms that have spaces in them: Type "" around the words ("two words")


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