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Mowzies Mobs

Mowzies mobs mod adds the new mobs in Minecraft. This mob doesn’t change the natural look of Minecraft. With Mowzies, you can now enjoy the carnivorous plant that eats any mob near it. You can now find the abandoned ghost towns located randomly in Minecraft world.You might also get the guardians to guard your castle. Guardians don’t let anyone cross near them, killing any mob trying to enter the door in front of them. There are many more mobs added that you will surely enjoy playing with.

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Emoticons mod adds the emotes in Minecraft. With Emoticons, you can use Minecraft’s emotes, as in Fortnite and Pubg. With this mod, you can move your character the way you want. You can press the P key to open the emote menu.You can save the seven emotes at the same time and use them wherever and whenever you want. You can choose them from hundreds of available emotes. You can make your custom emote and add it to the game. Emoticons let people have fun while playing Minecraft and get them out of their dull mood. You can greet and dance with others in many ways with emoticon mods.

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Pehkui mod lets you modify everything in Minecraft. With Pehkui, you can edit the size, entity drops, power, damage, and much more. It enables you to adjust the size of any player, mob, and boss in Minecraft. You can change the base scale, height, width, hitbox size, and much more with this Mod.Pehkui also lets the user change the entities' size and the damage the mobs deal. You can make the friendly mobs aggressive, and the deadly mobs become friends with pehkui. Decreasing the base size also decreases all the characteristics of the edit mob or player.

Einstine Pc

Biome Makeover

Biome makeover mod modifies the biomes in Minecraft. Most Biome mods add new mobs, which are not the same as the naturally generated biomes and don’t give the feel of default Minecraft. Biome makeover modifies the naturally generated biomes and adds new mobs to them.Biome Makeover changes the structure of the trees generated and spawns them in random shapes. In the desert, it spawns the cactus in odd shapes, keeping the other desert natural. This mod also modifies the old mansion, the home to all mobs, and gives it a new cool look.

Einstine Pc

Chop Down Updated

Chop Down Mod Introduced a new way of chopping trees. Usually, when you cut a tree in Minecraft, you must cut it all by climbing to the top. You must climb up and chop the logs down for more giant trees, which takes a lot of time. With chop down updated, when you chop a tree from its bottom, it will fall down next to the player.This makes it easy for beginners to gather quick wood and make tools. The falling of the tree is animated, which makes it look better.

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Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief shader pack makes the game look much better. Beyond Belief provides support for low-end devices, which makes them usable on a wide range. With Beyond Belief, you can make your game look more fun to play. This shader pack gives the clouds an actual life image, which gets better with changing weather.You can see the reflection of everything on the water, and the rains look much better with this mod.

Einstine Pc

Angry Mobs

As the name suggests, Angry Mobs will make the mobs rage and attack the player. With Angry Mobs, you can modify and customize your animals to attack the player like other mobs, such as Zombies, Skeleton, etc. With this mod, you can make tamable, friendly animals like sheep, cows, pigs, etc., attack the players.You can customize them for the following:Attack you on sightCall for reinforcement when you hurt themAttack you if you hurt themYou can modify them in the configuration file located at [.minecraft/config] or type the command [/config showfile angrymobs common]; once you edit the file, run the command [/reload] for modifications to apply.

Einstine Pc


Ecologics mod adds more fun in Minecraft. Not changing the way Minecraft works, Ecologics adds new mobs and Items in Minecraft that are fun to play with. You will now find coconut trees, sand castles, and crabs all around in the beaches. You can eat coconuts that fell down naturally and grows again itself.Going to the desert, you might find the camels wandering and can ride them. While travelling to the plains, you can have fun playing with squirrels while eating walnuts. You can also enjoy seeing the Penguins playing in the Icy Biomes.

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WAWLA, short for Where Are We Looking At, is an excellent mod for beginners. Wawla mod adds a small screen, which shows the name of the blocks or mobs a player is looking at. It also tells the health of the mobs, with their names.Wawla Mod helps players new to Minecraft. With this mod, you can see the percentage of the crops grown by looking at them. It also tells about the health of the Villagers with their jobs. With Wawla, you can know how many hits you need to kill a mob. You can also use this mod to see the blast resistance of the blocks and the percentage of the block broken.Note: This mod needs Hwyla and Bookshelf mods to work.

Einstine Pc

AI Improvement

As the name suggests, AI Improvement improves the artificial intelligence of the mobs. You can modify how the mobs work in Minecraft with the AI Improvement mod. This mod can be used in both the servers and the single-player world. You can use this mod to change the configurations of the mobs, which include:Mob floatingPanicking on HitBreedingRandom movementBaby mobs following parentsAnd much more.You can open the Configuration file to modify the mobs by running [/config showfile aiimprovement common]. Once you are done modifying the configurations, run the following command [/reload].

Einstine Pc

Serene Seasons

Serene seasons mod adds the seasons in Minecraft. Usually, in Minecraft, there are only weather and times. But with Serene Seasons, you can enjoy all four seasons in Minecraft, staying in the same biome. These seasons change throughout the year, in Minecraft time. This mod adds the following seasons:SummerWinterSpringAutumnLeaves and Blocks change their colors according to the current Minecraft world season. You can make the house in any biome you want and enjoy the hot summer and cold winter in the same location, without travelling to other biomes.

Einstine Pc

Mystical Agradittion

Mystical Agradditions adds new additions to Agriculture in Minecraft. With Mystical Agradditions, you can get more precious ores and stones in Minecraft. Ores are now divided into categories or tiers, which decide their rarity. You can now find the ore seeds, grow them as crops, and farm them.You can use these ores to make new armors and tools with rare abilities. You can now get the watering cans to grow the ores much faster. You can upgrade tools to harvest, chop trees, mine, and clean the grass in 15 blocks radius with one click. You can defeat new mobs and bosses to get rare tools and staff.

Einstine Pc

Blue Skies

Blue skies introduced new dimensions and worlds to Minecraft. This mod adds two new world types to Minecraft, EverBright and EverDawn. These two are entirely different and have mobs and bosses. To Enter these dimensions, you must find a Guardian and trade to get the books and the keys.Using the Book, you can find the recipe for unlocking new dimensions. You can enter these Dimensions by making a portal, similar to Nether. You can find a completely different world with new Mobs and Bosses. Raiding the Dungeons might give you unlimited loot. You can spawn the bosses and defeat them to rule the Dungeons. Blue Skies adds hundreds of new blocks, trees, items, armor, and staff, which make playing Minecraft much better.

Einstine Pc

Towns And Towers

Towns and Towers have introduced new survival ways in Minecraft. This mod generates random towns and towers in Minecraft world. These towers are captured by Pillagers and the towns by Villagers. There is always a war going on between them. This mod will make your survival difficult in Minecraft.Towns And Towers let you get good loot raiding the Pillager Towers and capturing them give you a good base. Each biome have its tower which is better in shape and looks than the default pillager’s outpost. You might also find the Pillager towers in dimensions other than Over World.

Einstine Pc

Dungeon Tactics

Dungeon Tactics is the mod inspired by the Minecraft­­ Dungeon version. This mod adds the new custom blocks to Minecraft. With these new blocks and materials, you can make more durable armor. You can also create custom weapons for yourself with these blocks, which include an axe, hammers, swords, etc.With Dungeon Tactics, you can find hidden dungeons to defeat the bosses and get good loot from them. Raiding Towers might help to give you a boost. You can now make good use of the new Redstone features and blocks with this mod. 

Einstine Pc

The Candyland

Candyland mod lets you live the life of your dream in Minecraft. With this mod, you will be able to see the candies in the game wherever you look. Candy Land adds new biomes made of candy blocks. Everything you can find in this world is made of candies. The Trees, Ground, Mountains and creatures are also made from candies to give you a good time.Candy Land gives you the world of your dreams. You can craft these candies for yourself using the recipes. Some of the items are:Candy MintWrapped CandyLollypopLicorice DiamondLicorice EmeraldGumballs (Red, Yellow, Green and Pink)

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Wild Nature mod adds the miracles of nature to Minecraft. With Wild Nature, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while playing the game. This mod adds hundreds of new biomes to the game that amazes the players with their versatility. These Biomes add many custom blocks to represent different colors.Wild Nature includes trees from around the world; a player can relax and admire seeing them. The mod adds new cave features, giving the user a unique experience. With newly added food items, players can find and enjoy the fruits they like. Introducing new village designs and dungeons, this mod is the best choice to add fun and adventure to your game.

Einstine Pc

Biome Bundle

Biome Bundle is a world generation mod that introduces a new set of biomes in Minecraft. Usually, in Minecraft, there are few biomes with limited categories of structures; trees, caves, villager houses, etc. But with this mod, you can enjoy thousands of new structures in Minecraft. Biome Bundle adds a lot of fun and adventure to Minecraft. You can be amazed seeing the floating islands to underwater cities. There are plenty of things that you will discover for the first time with the Biome Bundle mod. This mod contains more than two thousand custom structures that include:TreesCastlesVillager HousesRocksDungeonsRuinsBiomesTerrainsCavesCustom Mobs    And Much More

Einstine Pc

Sildur's Vibrant Extreme

Sildur’s Extreme is a powerful shader pack that can give your world a fantasy look. It is one of the most popular shader packs available for Minecraft. This pack contains multiple versions that can be used according to the specifications of your device. The extreme versions can be used in high-end appliances and are the best among all its variants.This shader pack will pack your world look different in a fantastic way. With this shader pack, you can get the reflection of yourself and your builds on wavy water, giving real life feel. The sunsets and sunrises look beautiful with this shader pack. You can use this pack to have a fantastic gaming experience with a real-life sense.

Einstine Pc

Additional Structures

If you are bored of seeing the limited structures in Minecraft, Then this mod is best for you. This mod adds the additional structures randomly in Minecraft world. With this mod, you can enjoy the oasis in the middle of the desert to the pyramids in the plains. You might get terrified by the snowman or the scarecrows spawning randomly in the world.With this mod, you can get more natural grinders by discovering the dungeons in all Minecraft dimensions. You can investigate the location by climbing the towers, or spawning Altars might help you gather some XP to upgrade your tools or armors. In short, you can find hundreds of different structures spawning everywhere randomly.

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