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Soft Voxels Lite

Soft Voxels Lite is a minimalistic shader pack that aims to improve lighting. With this shader pack, all the lighting in your Minecraft world will be improved. Soft Voxels Lite uses path-tracing to improve the lighting, creating a minimalist and good performance graphics.Now you will be able to make the graphics of the game more realistic and immersive without reducing the performance in the game.Soft Voxels Lite introduce temporal upscaling (TAAU), dynamic fog, screenspace godrays, screenspace reflections, waving foliage and resourcepack specular support. The pack will entertain you in a completely different, but mod-free Minecraft world!So this is the perfect shader pack for everyone! Whether you have a high end or low end PC, you will be able to improve the graphics of the game, making it more dynamic and addictive. The only requirement is the support of RTX.



Halogen is an FPS-Booster mod that improves the performance of Minecraft and also increases its frame rate. This FPS-Booster, however, is not limited to improving performance and frame rate: it introduces many new settings that allow both to manage the most basic and already present graphic and performance settings of Minecraft but in a simpler and more complete way, but it also introduces many new settings that allow you to increase and improve the aspects of the game and the performance that interest you most and decrease those that interest you least. In addition, Halogen also improves animations, reduces micro-stutter, and solves many graphical problems. The settings you will find are many and are divided into 3 main categories: - general: where you can go to change the general settings of Minecraft, that is the basic ones, but they will be more complete; - quality: where you can manage the graphic quality of mane craft and adjust it in the best way for you; - advanced: The most advanced settings for better game performance and animation management. Halogen is a perfect mod for all players who want to improve the performance of the game and for all those who want to have more complete control over each setting and customization of the game. (modificato)



Simplicissimus is a shader (as the name suggests) very simple, as it improves few aspects of the classic Minecraft, remaining in this way light and very performing, but at the same time making all the graphics better. This shader goes to make the shadows dynamic to make the whole landscape more immersive and deep, adds motion blurs to make the experience more realistic, adds the wind effects that give the landscape a more real effect and makes the shadows softer so that they are more pleasant and realistic.Simplicissimus is the perfect mod for those who want to improve Minecraft in the graphic aspects but do not want to give up performance.  



CameraOerhaul is really an interesting upgrade for anyone in their Minecraft world who wants a more immersive and dynamic camera video experience. This mod makes the movement of the frame dynamic both when the view moves and when we move, making the view slightly tilted to the right or towards Left depending on where you turn the view or where you walk. The rendering is very simple, but it is a detail that is very noticeable and that makes the game experience much more immersive. Not only will the displacement give a visual effect, but we will notice another chamber effect when you jump and walk. CameraOverhaul is for all those who want a more dynamic and immersive experience, even in the dynamics of the movements of the visual in play.


Ager's mosslings and villages

This mod is a really interesting addition to your minecraft world: thanks to this mod you will have the opportunity to add four new mods that integrate the game experience, custom villages never seen before and new nice mobs ready to fight!This mod adds new mobs and floral nature themed villages with very elegant and beautiful textures, but the look deceives: not all mobs are peaceful.You will find 4 different mobs with their respective villages:- Small Mossling: they are peaceful, but if you attack them they have a chance to turn into mossling brutes;- Mossling Brutes: they attack everything around them, but after some time they turn back into Small Mossling;- Mossling Warrior: are armed and will attack anyone and any mob, but are also immune to arrows;- Mossling Archer: are archers who attack from long distances, especially in groups;These mobs can also be domesticated and in their villages they will lay eggs that will hatch themselves.This mod is really a great upgrade for all those who want to add something aesthetically beautiful and very interesting in operation.


Recurrent Complex

The 1.12 is the most mod version in all Minecraft, it is the perfect version to start a survival alone or with friends.If your goal is to make Minecraft more alive, magnificent and adventurous, you are in the right place!The Recurrent Complex mod will add 187 new structures to your world, customizing the environment and making it different from the usual Minecraft.You can find the structures in the Overworld simply by exploring, underground, in the nether and also in the end!Are you still not convinced?Here is a list of the main things that add this mod:187 new structures of all sizes(Cemeteries, houses in the woods, mazes, abandoned mines, towers, pyramids, Remnants of tribal nations, Pirate Hideouts...)Custom treesUpgrade of biomesNew biomesImprovement of villagesBoost gaming experienceMeteoritesHidden treasures


Extended Caves

The Minecraft subsoil needs an upgrade, in the 1.16 the quarries are the same, old and dusty.Are you looking for a mod that improves caves?Extended Cave is a mod for the 1.16 that improves the subsoil, adding new structures and mob spawners to improve the adventure and the search for minerals. You will find several new mushrooms that will need to create 3 new soups:•Fluorescent Stew, useful to see into the depths of caves.•Sticky Stew, use it to dig faster!•Hard Stew, very useful if you have to fight with dungeon mobs!It also adds several sets of blocks like Rockpile, stalactites, and stalagmites! It's the perfect mod for updating caves.


Immersive Armors

Minecraft adds 6 types of armors to the game. Armor has several features, such as durability and hardness.The game must be updated with other armor because the usual has become boring. If you are looking for new armor, you are in the right place.Immersive Armors is a mod that lets you add 40 new armor items. These are  not all the same as Minecraft armor, but have unique characteristics and abilities. For example, the slime armor is unique because enemies attacking you will bounce away, and explosions won’t hurt that much either!


Wabi Sabi Structures

This mod for great explorers is essential: probably like many other players you love exploring the world of Minecraft, maybe flying with the elytra, feeling free and exploring the incredible way around you. But now, unfortunately, the structures of Minecraft know them all too well, almost block by block. True? This mod then is exactly what you need. Thanks to it going around you can find imaginative structures in the shape of llamas, large and small castles, strongholds and towers, custom mines and villagers houses with work never seen in Minecraft, or even statues, totems, farms and much more. Thanks to this mod you will not do the end you did with vanilla Minecraft, it will not be so easy for you to find all the new structures added to the game. Finally in Minecraft going around the world and exploring caves you can find 55 structures never seen. This mod is really essential in your modpack, but it is so beautiful and adds so much content that even alone can contribute a lot to your survival: this mod deserves to be played.


Mythic Upgrades

This interesting mod adds six new minerals which you can create nine armours, weapons and consumables.If you like to mine, with this mod you will have a lot of fun:- If you dig under the ice, you will find the Sapphire, a mineral that increases the damage of weapons.- If you dig in the Badlands, you will find Ruby, a mineral that increases the efficiency of the tools.- In the Mangrove Swamps you will find the Jade that increases the protection in the armour.- Digging into the desert biome, you will find the Jade that will triple the durability of your equipment.- The bravest ones who want to mine in the main End island will find the ametrine, which if you make the complete set of armour you will have Jump and Speed boosts - If you like the oceans you can find aquamarines, which if you do the complete set of armour you will have dolphin’s grace infinite and endless water breathing.This mod not only adds minerals and new crafting but also does it with style: all the textures of minerals and items are elegant and eye-catching, a real treat for the eye.


Burn in the sun

In the classic Minecraft that everyone knows, only mobs like zombies and skeletons burn in the sun.If you are looking for a way to allow any type of mob, player or entity to catch fire during the day, you are in the right place.In fact, this mod is totally configurable and customizable. You will be the one to choose which mobs will catch fire during the sunlight.You can also choose to burn zombies with helmets.For example, if you want all cows to burn in the sun, just set “cows” in the configuration. Thanks to this mod you will decide the rules of the game.



Minecraft’s graphics are iconic, but the addition of shaders Packs always improves the gaming experience.In this case, we will talk about Ebin shaders packs, a powerful shader pack that will increase the graphics quality of your Minecraft.These shader pack make water realistic by adding visual effects that create reflections and plays of light.It improves the sun, the moon, and the sky.At night it will be possible to see a starry sky, during the day you will see realistic clouds,During sunrise, you can see the red sun coloring clouds, creating great landscapes.These Shaders Packs not only improve the quality of reflections and shadows but also improve the animations of the mobs, the foliage of the trees will seem moved by the wind and the water will have a new animation.


Immersive Structures

Immersive structures is a mod that adds 22 new structures to our Minecraft world.With this mod, you will be able to visit new structures in addition to the classic:airship, bee house, el dorado, train station, and many other new places that will upgrade your gaming experience.Another positive note that this mod has is broad compatibility with other mods. Moreover, it doesn’t need to add further mod or API to the mod pack to make it work. Immersive structures are the perfect mod for those who like to explore.


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