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BlockPixel is one of the most unique texture packs in the game. It keeps the style from default textures combining with a Pixel twist. The textures remind you of graphics from old games, because the design is very simple. Thanks to the simple graphics, the included cartoon style also fits perfectly. You can see 3D textures in some places in your world. However, this is limited to rails and plants only, because even more realistic textures would not fit into the pack. It doesn’t matter if you use a powerful or a weak device for gaming, because due to the 16x resolution no operating system in the world will have a problem with BlockPixel.


Midnight 16x

If you are looking for a professional PVP texture pack, Midnight 16x is your choice. It has a really nice blue & indigo theme and a very unique block style for best PVP experience. Tools are sharp and have a really unique design which brings it to another level. Clear GUIs makes it really easy to see through who is attacking you while cleaning your inventory. You will notice diamond shapes everywhere in this pack which makes it have its own look. PVP players, you're gonna love it!



Derpswen Pack successfully combines three elements which is cartoony, medieval, and realistic styled elements in one pack. This texture pack also not only retextures your world but makes it feel more wild by adding many new naturally generating growths and adding more variants of already existing things along with adding fictional things. It's also adding ambiances like crickets and wind, with many more ambiances to hear and much more to explore and discover. All in all, it is a great choice for Minecrafters to refresh their game adventures.


The Asphyxious

The developers of the Asphyxious Resource Pack have designed this pack with one thing in mind; to bring creepy and horror elements into the game. With new designs for texture across the entire game, players will find that there is some really spooky details in the design of this pack. The light, designs, and other features of the game have been altered to be as low-lighted as possible. This will make you watch every step as you move around. All of the blocks, game textures, and other items were designed from the start so that they would provide the level of surprise the developers wanted. This pack is designed for the native 16x resolution, making it very simple to run.


Classic 3D

Vanilla Minecraft is good, but Classic 3D is a game changer! If you play with this pack, you will notice that almost all the blocks are in 3D. Basically, they are still the standard Minecraft textures, but with more details and more complex surfaces. All blocks look more beautiful and if you look very closely you will see a lot of new 3D elements, which takes your gameplay to another level.


Jicklus pack

Sometimes you feel bored from default Minecraft, what about spicing things up? With Jicklus texture pack you can enjoy your game with whole new textures which includes almost every block, tool, and mob retextured that will freshen up the look of your game and will open a new building styles! Enjoy your game however you want with Jicklus.


Simply 32x

If you are a PVP or mini-games player so, Simply 32x pack is what you're looking for, which will take your experience to another level. The pack is mainly made for bed wars, sky wars and other PVP games. It has a really fancy looking blocks which will charm you with its smoothness. Also, you will notice that swords, tools and armor have a very clean look to stomp some players with it! Overall, if you want to have a great PVP experience, this is the one.


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