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Shrink is a mod that allows you to create a device which has the function of making a large size or making very small, to create this device we will only need some basic materials such as a few ingots of iron, glass, an enderpel and a stone button.With this device we can enlarge our character itself as other mobs of the game, to use this device we must be in the default size of the character and control the measure we want to give to mobs as ourselves too.We can get into very narrow places when we have a very tiny height as we can climb the blocks very easily when we are big, this mod is simple but adds a lot of fun to the world of Minecraft.The link of the mod is below:

Renzo Espinoza

The Harvester

Tree Harvester is a mod that will help us and make it easier for us to cut down trees, so that the mod works you have to shiftear with the keyboard (bend down) and then cut down the stem of a tree, This in order that the tree is completely felled in a matter of seconds, this mod is simple but really effective and is helpful both for experienced people who play tactical Minecraft and even for people new to this game.This mod is for Forge and is highly recommended, I present the link below.

Renzo Espinoza

Simple Plane

Simple Plane is an aircraft and helicopter themed mod that brings a lot of diversity to the game. The aircraft crafting table can be created with some ingots of iron, obsidian and gold, these basic materials are found in the game and the same happens with helicopters, as well as we can also create the engine with some materials of the game, there are two types of engines: Basic motors and electric motors that need a specific load with a block that is on the crafting table.We can carry companions in large planes, we can also add objects such as a chest for more storage in the plane. One of the most fun features of this mod is to be able to shoot arrows, fireballs among other objects by placing a dispenser on the plane, another fun feature is to be able to charge a TNT block on the plane and while we are in flight we can launch it.The mod also brings a variety of styles that we can place on airplanes and helicopters as decorations or flag designs. We can add objects to the plane like the accessory called Floaty bedding that allows you to float on the water to the plane.Rocket Booster which is an addition to the aircraft that allows you to go at high speed using gunpowder. Shooter that allows you to place dispensers on the plane to launch objects at high speed. This fun mod is in versions like Forge and Fabric, take a look at the mod and see how fun it can be to play with friends. The download links for this mod are below.

Renzo Espinoza

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