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Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus

Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus adds  features  allowing players to better enjoy their time spent in Superflat Survival. The mod adds dirt slabs and dirt walls, which can be used to build structures and foundations. Mining dirt also has a small chance of dropping rocks, which can then be crafted into gravel, cobblestone, and even a new cooking station known as the Firepit. The Firepit is crafted with one torch, four rocks, and one cobblestone, and is used to cook new items included with Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus. One of these new items is Prepared Rotten Flesh, which can be cooked into Zombie Jerky with the Firepit. The mod also adds an opportunity to obtain emeralds from Wandering Traders, though you’ll need to trade with them to receive the precious gems. In addition to these major additions, Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus packs in various smaller quality-of-life improvements that further enhance the Superflat Survival experience. From minor bug fixes to tweaked mechanics. Many of the features are not just good for SuperFlat but can also be helpful for traditional or SkyBlock.



Upgraded Netherite is an addon for Spartan Weaponry that comes with a wide range of upgraded versions of netherite armour, horse armour, weapons and tools. This mod provides players with unique effects and a mod exist which provides alternative textures. The armour effects can be set to require between 1 and 4 pieces of armour for the holder to have the effect, with the default being 4 pieces. Golderite armour will make Piglins neutral and increase Luck by 2 when wearing it. Golderite horse armour also increases rider looting by 1. Golderite swords, axes, bows and crossbows all increase damage dealt to Piglin Brutes by 10% and will increasing Looting Level by 1. If a player has Looting III (or more), the Looting Level is increased by 1. Axes also increase damage dealt to Piglin Brutes by 10% and increase Fortune Level by 1. If a player has Fortune III (or more), their Fortune Level is increased by 1. Golderite pickaxes and shovels also increase Fortune Level by 1. Blazerite armour and horse armour provide fire damage immunity and increased movement speed in lava. Blazerite swords, axes, bows and crossbows all increase damage dealt to targets on fire by 4%. If a player has Fire Aspect II (or more), the damage bonus is increased by 3%, and they also receive Auto-Smelting. Blazerite pickaxes and shovels also grant Auto-Smelting (which can be affected by Fortune in the config). Enderite armour saves the player from the void by teleporting them, in addition to preventing Enderman anger. Enderite horse armour also saves the horse from the void (however, if the player is riding without Enderite armour, they will not beTeleported alongside the horse). Enderite swords, axes, bows and crossbows prevent teleporting for 10 seconds, as well as increasing damage dealt to Endermen by 4%. Additionally, they teleport loot to the target chest making it good for storing  a lot of loot in one place. Prismarite armour and horse armor both provide water breathing and increased movement speed in water. Prismarite swords, axes, bows and crossbows all increase damage dealt to targets immune to fire by 10%, as well as increasing damage dealt to Endermen by 10%. They also increase mining speed underwater. Witherite armour and horse armour provide immunity to wither effect. Witherite swords, axes, bows and crossbows all apply wither effect on hit and increase damage dealt to targets affected by the wither effect by 4%. Spiderite armour and horse armour provide poison immunity and the ability to climb walls. Spiderite swords, axes, bows and crossbows all apply poison on hit and increase damage dealt to targets affected by poison effect by 4%. Phanterite armour provides fall damage immunity and increased step height. Phanterite horse armor also prevents fall damage. Phanterite swords, axes, bows and crossbows all detect enemies, increase damage dealt to Phantom by 10%, and increase reach by 2. Phanterite pickaxes and shovels also detect enemies and increase reach by 2.Featherite armour and horse armour reduce fall damage and grant the ability to walk on water/lava. Featherite swords, bows and tools attract items near the player, while bows also grant the attraction effect. Corrupterite consumes saturation and food to recover durability. Corrupterite armour reduces health by 10%, while Corrupterite weapons and tools increase looting, fortune and damage for every piece of armor the player is wearing. Echorite (1.19) is soulbound and reduces damage taken from Warden Sonic Boom by 50%. Echorite armour also heals the player when in the Deep Dark, while Echorite weapons increase damage dealt to Warden by 20% and gain experience bonuses for killing living entities. Echorite tools gain experience bonuses for mining ore. There are also many add ons adding new content and tool types.


Brazillian World

The Brazillian World mod for Minecraft adds a variety of new features and content to the game, inspired by Brazilian culture and mythology. Some of the new features include:
* Capybaras and Birds
* New Brasilian foods such as :1. Brigadeiro2. Doce de leite3. Cheese4. Leite condensado5. Feijoada6. Pudding7. Guaraná8. Açai9. Colher de doce de leite10. Refri de guaraná* Many new blocks

The mod is especially well-suited for players who are interested in Brazilian culture and mythology. It is a relatively new mod, so it is still under development. There may be some bugs or glitches, but the developer is actively working to fix them.


Revolt of the Mobs

Revolt of the Mobs is a Forge mod that adds nine fierce new mobs to Minecraft – each with their own unique theme. With 3 tires of 3 different mobs each with their own difficulty. The mod features mobs based off some of the original Minecraft creatures, such as cows and horses. The CowPG, the first tier of cow mob, is equipped with an RPG, allowing it to shoot you from afar. The second tier of cow mob is the MOO-nster Tank, which features a cow riding a tank. The final tier of cow mob is the Mecha-MOO, a mech that the cow rides. Similarly, the horse-type mobs feature three tiers, from the weaker HorsePG to the powerful Horse Knight.  There are also rabbit mobs.



Occultism is a magic mod which is based on Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus book series that adds a bunch of stuff related to Occultism. You are suggested to read the book series to play the mod. You can do many things such as rituals to summon spirits and demons from The Other Place which help you automate tasks, such as mining in void dimensions and creating jewlery and enchanted items. They can also store vast amounts of items. You can also get support from familiars. You use the Thrid Eye to summon spirits. You can get started by crafting the in game guide called the Dictionary of Spirit. This will tell you how to get the Third Eye and other stuff in  the mod. The book can be crafted with Demon Dream Seeds (which can be found by breaking grass) and a book.Here is a brief rundown on the magic its based on:Occultism is an ancient and fascinating practice of magic that has long been shrouded in mystery. For centuries, occultists have studied the arcane secrets of the universe and sought to control mysterious forces beyond our understanding. In recent years, occultism has gained a new spark of interest, with many modern practitioners trying to unlock the hidden secrets of this powerful form of magic. At its core, occultism revolves around the practice of summoning entities from the supernatural realm known as “The Other Place” to aid the caster in their magical endeavours. With the help of various rituals and spellwork, a summoner can form a bond with their summoned entity, allowing them to perform incredible acts of sorcery. The summoning ritual is a complex undertaking, as it requires a variety of materials and components to be combined in a specific way to reach the desired outcome. In addition to summoning entities, occultists can also make use of powerful enchanted tools and jewelry to amplify their powers. These tools typically feature intricate designs that represent aspects of the occult, such as sigils and symbols, and are often imbued with magical properties such as enhanced strength, speed and protection. Magicians may also rely on familiars to assist them in their work. Familiars are small and loyal creatures that have been bound to the magician’s will and will aid them in their work, whether through gathering intelligence or providing physical assistance. Finally, for those looking to explore the more advanced aspects of occultism, there is the option of travelling to different dimensions known as ‘void realms’. These realms provide a wealth of resources and are often inhabited by powerful entities that can be tapped into for extra magical power. However, travelling to these realms is a dangerous undertaking and should only be attempted by experienced spellcasters. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, there is much to learn about the world of occultism. From mystical rituals to powerful artifacts, Occultism provides a gateway to unlock the secrets of the universe.


Beyond the Stars

Beyond the Stars is a Dimension Mod  that adds a new space-themed dimension called Star Haven. This mod contains 4 biomes1 dungeon5 mobsa magic system17 advancements  and more. To get into Star Haven, one must  craft a Sculk Lighter and use it to light the Ancient City Portal. Players can leave the dimension using a Stargate block which can be crafted with an Azurite Crystal. Right clicking the Stargate with the crystal teleports the player back to the Overworld, whereas a Cosmium Gem will set the player's respawn point in the Star Haven. The mod also features an in-game Guidebook which explains the mod's features and mechanics in detail. There are currently 2 Magic Weapons available, with more planned in the future. These weapons have low base damage but can be buffed up with Mana potions and Magic Armors. The Mana potions multiply the damage done by 2, while Super Mana Potions multiply it by 2.5. Crafting Magic Armors also award players with full set bonuses and extra damage.



The Golems Revolution  a introduces four new golems – sandstone golemcrimson golemswamp golemcrypt golem– as well as a  boss, the Horn Golem.Each of these golems present unique difficulties for players to overcome, ranging from the swarms of enemies summoned by swamp golems to the powerful attacks of horn golems. There are also powerful weapons and items, such as the sandstone MacheteHorn bowHorn totemSwamp shardNether shard, and horn arrow.


The Winter Massacre

The Winter Massacre mod for Minecraft adds 12 new snowballs to the game, each with their own special abilities. The snow dust snowball creates a cloud of snow particlesThe icy snowball shatters into many ice shards upon impactThe Dynamite snowball explodes sometime after being thrown. The snowball with stone that is stronger than a regular snowballThe snowball with ender pearl which teleports mobs around it when hitThe magnetic snowball that sucks items to itselfThe snowball with eye of ender which flies in the direction the player is looking at The Phantom snowball flies to the mob that it hitsThe honey snowball slows down mobs it hitsThe snowball with netherwart gives a random effect to mobs it hitsThe snowball with rotten flesh causes mobs to move away from itThe snowball with quartz teleports experience around it to the player  With multiple uses and effects, the Winter Massacre mod for Minecraft can improve battles or help with other tasks.


🧨 Throwing Dynamites 🧨

 Throwing Dynamites 🧨 is a mod that lets you throw dynamite. If you are resource gathering or mining, there’s often a need to take out a large area quickly to help gain resources or excavate/terraform. Throwing Dynamite is one of the best ways to do this.  The mod has become popular recently. It lets you do lots of tedious work with much less effort. Being able to excavate a large area quickly and efficiently can be an invaluable asset in any mining operation or world-building or griefing and it’s no wonder that dynamite throwing is becoming increasingly popular. With the use of throwing dynamites, miners no longer have to rely solely on pickaxes or other tools that take forever even if they are super fast. You can also use dynamite as a weapon. Throwing dynamites can also be fun.Dynamite is not that hard to obtain large amounts of (mostly using clay with a little gunpowder and string). There are multiple types of dynamite which can be made with a smithing table such as thermite dynamite and High Explosive dynamite with the possibility of many more being added in the future with the possibility of addon mods as well.Dynamite combined with a fire charge creates thermite dynamite, while dynamite combined with TNT produces high-explosive dynamite. This mod was inspired by a video where a pipebomb was thrown and exploded on contact, throwing dynamites can provide a powerful and efficient way of completing a job.


BiblioCraft [Forge]

BiblioCraft offers content designed to improve the efficiency of storage, as well as provide creative solutions for decorating our buildings. The mod includes numerous storage solutions, such as bookshelves, display cases and shelves, as well as decorative and functional furniture, such as* Tables* Stools* Armchairs* Mannequins* Weapon pedestals* Lamps.This tool provides us with a great number of options for interior and exterior design while at the same time allowing us to organise our possessions efficiently. If you would like to obtain more information about BiblioCraft, there is a Wiki.


Smooth Boot (Reloaded)

Smooth Boot (Reloaded) is an optimisation mod that has been designed to improve the loading times and reduce cursor stutter on PCs with 8 or fewer threads. It is a fork of the original Smooth Boot for 1.18.2 MCForge.  This lightweight mod changes the parameters of the executors, such as the number of threads used and their priority, to reduce the number of processing tasks during loading that can overload the CPU. This allows users to benefit from faster loading time and improved multitasking capabilities compared to without the mod installed. Since the mod works seamlessly with Canary, Pluto, Saturn, and LazyDFU and has been tested with generally few issues, it's good for not only those with low-end hardware but for everyone with different benefits for different performance levels. To get more information, users can visit the wiki. 



Glassential is a mod that adds new special types of glass to your game, such as Luminous Glass -  emits lightRedstone Glass -  emits a strong redstone signal. Dark Glass - prevents light from escaping (which can be good for mob farms and is similar to the one in Dark Utils)Ghostly glass - lets mobs pass-throughEthereal Glass - like Ghostly but for playersAnd MoreThere are also Reverse Ethereal Glass and Tinted glasses, which have the properties of both their original glass type and the tinted glass. These glasses provide new ways to make your game more interesting and fun. It is compatible with ConnectedTexturesMod so you can have connected textures. 


RFTools Control

RFTools Control is an addon mod for  RFTools which provides users with a visual grid-based programming language for automation control allowing players to Move Items aroundControl RedstoneCheck energy (RedstoneFlux) and more. Still, it also provides direct access to a storage scanner-controlled system. The two primary blocks in RFTools Control are the Programmer and Processor blocks, which are necessary for creating and executing programs. The mod offers various networking options, allowing users to link different processor blocks together to create more complex automation systems. In general, RFTools Control is a powerful automation mod that provides users with an easy way to set up complex automation systems within the game. It is still in active development with many more features planned or planned to be improved (In newer versions, the mod will also allow the storage scanner to automatically craft items, though this feature has not yet been fully implemented and is still in development).



FramedBlocks is a mod that adds blocks of various shapes to the game. Over 50 types of blocks can be used to create almost any design or structure imaginable. The blocks can be modified to look like almost any other block in the game, giving them an immense level of customisation for those who want to express their creativity. They can also be right-clicked with certain items to change their functionality, such as making them intangible so they can be passed through. The blocks can also be given Glowing statesPressure plate functionalityLadder FunctionalityDoor Functionalityand many other functionalities. Some blocks even have unique behaviours, such as the collapsible block, which can be modified to create arbitrary slopes by changing the height of the four corners of a single block face. With the ability to cycle through different camo states and with the help of the framed key, locks can even be put in place to prevent neighbour updates. By default, the blocks are fireproof. However, this can be changed in the config settings.The mod provides configuration options for the client and the server. For example, on the client side, there's a setting to show a placement aid when a Framed Block is held and a setting to draw custom hitboxes on blocks to prevent slip-ups. On the server side, there are settings to allow or disallow blocks with BlockEntities and to enable the Intangibility feature, among others.Finally, Datapack features allow specific blocks to be added to or removed from the block set. This allows players to customise the mod even further than before. In general FramedBlocks offers an incredibly versatile set of blocks that can create almost anything desired.


Item Highlighter

This mod, known as Item Highlighter, allows players to find new items quickly by showing an animated star on all newly-picked up items. In order to use this mod, players must first download the necessary Iceberg mod. Moreover, users can also configure various settings such as whether to clear new item markers when closing their inventory or hovering over their items, and also customise the appearances of new item markers with resource packs. This mod does not require any installation on  the server only the client, and players are welcome to use it in any modpacks. If players have any problems, feature requests, or anything else, they can join the developer team's Discord server for assistance.


FNaF: Return to the Flipside

The Flipside is a mod for the popular game Minecraft 1.19.2 that brings the world of Five Nights at Freddy's to life. Featuring characters from FNaF such as Gearrats from Fazbear Hills and Dogfights from Pinwheel Plains, players are sure to be in for an exciting adventure. In addition to these references to other games from Scott Cawthon, the mod also brings with it some exciting features. This mod is completely survival friendly, meaning that players can find and craft items in the game and use them to build structures or take on different challenges. In addition, plenty of new items and features have been added which enhance the overall experience. Developed solely by one person using paint.net and Blockbench, the Flipside mod is definitely something to check out if you're looking to revisit FNaF World. For updates on the mod, you can follow the creator on Twitter. This is one of the best FNaF Mods.



LoCraft is a new mode for Minecraft that offers gamers plenty of new content to explore and enjoy. Alongside the existing volcanic biome in the game, LoCraft adds a unique mob and several structures throughout the world. These structures contain special objects that can only be obtained through playing the new mode. Players can also craft various discs with a disc burner, although crafting certain armour requires that players have a special object given by the rare Nether raiders. Exchanging with the village librarian provides access to a blank disc that can be engraved using the disc burner.


Steel and Impure Gold (S.A.I.G.)

Steel and Impure Gold (S.A.I.G.)  adds two new materials, both steel and impure gold, to the classic game. Steel is found by mining and is about as rare as gold. Impure gold, on the other hand, is crafted using a mixture of gold ingots and iron nuggets shaped in a formation of three cubes. Once crafted, impure gold can be used to upgrade both gold armour and tools. To do this, simply bring the gold item to a smithing table and combine it with an impure gold piece. Further, this mod also allows for the craft of impure gold rods, which are crafted by simply arranging two pieces of impure gold in a row. These rods can then be used to craft the Master's Sword, which is crafted with a combination of steel and an impure gold rod. As such, S.A.I.G. provides a unique way to upgrade and customize your experience in the classic game of Minecraft.


Vibrance (Chocapic13' Shaders Edit)

Vibrance (Chocapic13' Shaders Edit) is an edit of Chocapic13’ Shaders which adds comatiblity to Lord of the Rings content and add a bunch of other additions including:A full Day/Night CycleWaving PlantsThe shaders run decently well and are reasonably customisable. They are based on Chocapic13’s shaders so you will get both the advantages and disadvantages of them. 
The resource pack still has some glitches, such as not on full screen on some computers there may be artefacts on the right, though these did appear to go away once they were made in full screen.


Hard As Steel

Hard as Steel is a Minecraft mod developed with the help of Mcreator that adds SteelBossesSpellsArmoursEntitiesFoodPotionsand more to the game. Players need to have The Curios API and Sophisticated Backpacks mods installed in order to play, and the mod is still a work in progress with plans to add dimensions, additional bosses, a way to obtain XSteel, and memes. Hard as Steel adds a lot of content to the game that is sure to keep players engaged and entertained. With new weapons, armors, bosses, items, and other features, the mod offers something for everyone. It also creates a much more immersive game experience by introducing new elements to the game that add to its complexity. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Minecraft player, Hard as Steel is a great mod to check out. The mod is created with love and care and promises hours of fun and adventure. Try it out today and see what the world of Minecraft has to offer!


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