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Pirates And Looters Mod

Hello In the modification of Pirates and LootersThis is a modyfication that diversifies the ocean. Add creatures that are reminiscent of the ocean to her. At the moment there is boss here - the captain of the ship.Has 150 health points and drops one block of diamond and an immortality totem, only a pirate pistol.KRAKEN BEEN ADDEDI will also add an ordinary mob. A pirate who is reborn only on a raft or ship.In this modification there is also a special biom where palm trees are found.


Villagers And Monsters Legacy

A lot of mobs Make by Krapsy Subtitle thumbnail made by V1CeNtExD The zombie textures were based on the Tissou's Zombie Pack to make the zombies look very good. Thank you Tissou  The mod is created. Work on the mod will end in version 10.0   Welcome to the mod Villagers And Monsters LegencyAt the beginning I want to say that my computer broke down and I lost Villagers And Monsters Mod :CIt is a mod based on exploration and fighting with powerful bosses and diversifying the game.This is a difficult modAt the moment, there is one world in this mod: the World of Caves. There are the following caves:-Dark Cave-Glow Cave-Ice Cave-Swamp CaveHow make a portal? Polished Diorite + Dark PearlAt the moment, the modification has 30 mobs, including 3 boss.More worlds will be available in this mod.I'm aiming for at least 200 vanilla style mobs My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samran_mod_maker/ Discord:  https://discord.gg/TkPwTssPJj


Villargers And Monsters Mod

Mod has 3 new portals - the world of magicians and the pig end, if you prefer the world of gold and ancient portal. An ancient portal, i.e literally antique, there will be mythological creatures or gods, e.g Zeus. The advantage of my modification are heavier bosses and some monsters. I had enough of killing Ender Dragon in iron, gold or diamond armor without a spell. Here, to kill Margrung, you must sweat to get wards, spell potions and the strongest armor. This is my first mod, so it can have many bugs. I hope that the fight with bosses is not monotonous, but interesting. Mod is really difficult at times. Curiosity In the modification there are 40+ creatures and monsters, 25+ structures, 3 portals, there may be 4, 5+ new ores in the future. Each boss is original, so the fight with each boss looks different. spoiler On the mushroom biome you will find a monster that cannot be killed in a standard battle. this is Hairy Troll. To kill him, you can use an Iron Golem, TNT, potions or a wand         If I were to assess the difficulty of bosses, I would say that there are only two bosses as strong as ender dragon. Boss dificulty level: 2-normal 6-hard 2- (CHAMPION) IMPOSIBLE A few bosses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3Q8Ioyk05w ALL BOSSES: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = JPjJFXGoqM8 & t = 6s  


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