Subterennean Wilderness Mod

Are you tired of the boring cave generation? Because we are! So we decided to show you a mod that can fix that. The Subterranean Wilderness mod! This mod revamps the look of caves to make them look more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. The caves look so good it looks like someone manually built them! The design of caves also changes depending on the biome it's in, adapting to it's environment. The mod is even better when connected to Yung's better caves and better mineshafts mod making the caves not only look beautiful, but also be massive, which will keep you mining for days! 

All the new biome caves are: 

  • Underwater caves & ravines. 
  • Mossy Cave. 
  • Icy Cave. 
  • Icy Mineshaft. 
  • Lush Cave. 
  • Fungal Cave. 
  • Mesa Cave. 
  • Desert Cave. 


Follow the procedures described below to install this mod into your game

1) Install the Forge

2) Download the mod

3) Put in mods folder


Game Versions
0.83 mb
October 04, 2021

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