Mods for Minecraft 1.20

Discover some of the wonderful mods for Minecraft version 1.20. These will make your Minecraft world even more fascinating to explore by adding a whole bunch of new functionalities, items, blocks and even new landscapes.

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This is a tool used for debugging modpacks which scans your mods for mods which have annotations associated with common Mixer APIs such as SpongeMixin, Tuna-Bytes (soon), PizzaMixin(soon), and AssistMixer(soon) as well as some Aspect Orientated Programming APIs. For all the files that meet these criterias, it lists the name, the jar file it is in, the known targets (except for ones which do not specify the targets in the file itself like AssistMixer), the Class References, the Method References, and the Field References, with the possibility to add even more information in the future. On launchers which support System.out.println it will show the information in the console, the logs are also saved in (.)minecraft/logs/MixerLogger.log so you can access it. This is helpful if you are making a very large modpack and one of these breaks the game, this will allow you to have a better idea where it can be coming from. It loads itself before or during SpongeMixin or similar tools in most cases. The code for this is largelly loader independent meaning with a basic entrypoint it can be supported on most loaders and even most games in Java. Same Jar is used in more than 1 loader. Should work with Abstraction layer mods like Special Compatibility Operation, NeoFromTheMatrix, or Sintrya Connector just fine.The logs will be a tiny bit hard to read, but ideally anyone who is using this will be using ⌘+F or Ctrl+F to find specific peices of information. An example of a individual mixer class's info is as followsClass Name: net.fabricmc.fabric.mixin.client.model.BakedModelManagerMixinTargets: [net.minecraft.class_1092]ClassRef: [net.minecraft.class_1087, org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.Mixin, java.util.Map, net.minecraft.class_1092, net.fabricmc.api.Environment, net.fabricmc.fabric.mixin.client.model.BakedModelManagerMixin, net.fabricmc.api.EnvType, org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.Shadow, java.lang.Object, net.fabricmc.fabric.impl.client.model.BakedModelManagerHooks, net.minecraft.class_2960]MethodRef: [java.util.Map.get(Ljava/lang/Object;)Ljava/lang/Object;]FieldRef: [net.fabricmc.fabric.mixin.client.model.BakedModelManagerMixin.field_5408:Ljava/util/Map;]Originating JAR: fabric-api-0.75.1+1.19.2.jar-------------------- But it can be more daunting for much larger ones LimitationsAt the moment only Sponge Mixin is supported but others are soon planned and we also plan to list more info about modified methods and RefMap parsing. This also only goes 1 level deep for nested jars and javassist is bundled (which could conflict with a few mods but most other mods run AFTER this one so you would already have your information by the time such package conflict could happen). This only scans existing Mixer classes not ones created during runtime. This can make the game possibly unstable and also makes the game take longer to load so if you are not using it I would not suggest keeping it in your mods folder. Also atm only the folder called "mods" is supported but this will change. Platform support.FeatureCreepFeatureCreep 4.0 Pre Release 18 will come with this built in but it will need to be enabled in the FeatureCreep config (in the etc directory in your Minecraft Folder). However this jar supports FeatureCreep 4 Pre Release 17 to an extent if not being run on one of the other mentioned platforms. If you are on MCForge and have FeatureCreep this mod will confict due to both having the same packages at least on 1.17 due to Module changes. On platforms which do not come with SpongeMixin or a supported mixer it will need to be installed normally. The FeatureCreep built-in version will be the best maintained. The Pre-17 and earlier version of the mod will duplicate on Pre-18 or newer and is generally unsupported. Works on games outside of Minecraft written in Java and can be used on other loaders like LiteLoader and Rift and NeoForge and possibly older versions of MC Forge if FeatureCreep is installed. MinecraftForgeShould work on 1.17+, 1.16.5 and earlier has changes in the ITransformationService making it hard to do in the same file. FabricMCShould work on any version and in non-Minecraft games. May work on QuiltMC and other FabricMC derivatives but it is untested. Legacy and Cursed Legacy Fabric should also work. 


Sanity: Descent Into Madness

Sanity: Descent Into Madness introduces a very engaging new mechanic into the game - Sanity. This represents the player's overall mental health. Maintaining a good mental health is necessary to avoid various different consequences, including death. And it can be measured by observing the brain icon added by this mod. You can find it next to your inventory HUD.Certain activities reduce your mental health. This includes:Being hungryConsuming unhealthy foodGetting wetBeing near insane playersGetting hurtStaying in the darkBeing around monstersHaving your movement restrainedListening to unsettling melodiesBreaking infested blocksTrampling farmlandsHurting animalsLetting your pet pass awayTeleporting between dimensionsGetting struck by lightningProvoking an endermanThese activities greatly reduces your sanity and the world around you becomes darker and darker. You will soon start having hallucinations. You will start seeing imaginary figures - monsters that want to kill you. If adequate measures are not taken, your own imaginations will end up consuming you - DEATH.So how can you increase your sanity? Just like how certain activities have a negative impact on your sanity, there are also activities that have a positive impact. They are:Staying fedEnjoying a company of your pet or sane playerListening to calming melodiesWalking on dirt paths and carpetsBeing near campfiresSleepingFishingSpawning chickens from eggsWearing a garlandEarning advancementsBreeding and shearing animalsTrading with villagersEating healthy foodPotting flowersThe easiest and the most convenient way to take care of your sanity is by wearing a garland. To do this, simply pluck eight small flowers from your surroundings and place it in a 3x3 crafting grid, leaving the central slot empty. This crafts a flower garland, an item you can wear on your head to control your loss of sanity.Furthermore, this mod is highly configurable and therefore it is possible to tweak certain gameplay elements to your liking.Please take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what you can expect from this mod. It's important to note that this is a Forge mod, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.



Freecam is an amazing camera that lets you detach your camera from your player and view yourself in third person perspective. This is especially useful when you have scout your surroundings while travelling or to take screenshots of your builds from a different angle. Compared to other camera mods, Freecam offers a lot more features and configurations. Let's take a look at some of the default keybinds and conguration options. It is recommended to use Modmenu for easier configuration.KeybindsToggle Freecam - Enables/disables Freecam - Default: F4Config GUI - Opens the settings screen - Defaul: UnboundControl Player - Transfers control back to your player, but retains your current perspective (Can only be used while Freecam is active.) - Default: UnboundReset Tripod - Resets a tripod* camera when pressed in combination with any of the hotbar keys - Default: Unbound*The freecam bind can also be used in conjunction with any of the hotbar keys (F4 + 1...9) to enter "tripod" mode. This enables you to set up multiple cameras with differing perspectives, and switch between them at will.Movement OptionsFlight Mode - The type of flight used by freecam. - Default: DEFAULT        - DEFAULT : Static velocity with no drifting        - CREATIVE : Vanilla creative flightHorizontal Speed - The horizontal speed of freecam. - Default: 1.0Vertical Speed - The vertical speed of freecam. - Default: 1.0Collision OptionsIgnore Transparent Blocks - Allows travelling through transparent blocks in freecam. - Default: trueIgnore Openable Blocks - Allows travelling through doors/trapdoors/gates in freecam. - Default: trueIgnore All Collision - Allows travelling through all blocks in freecam. - Default: trueAlways Check Initial Collision - Whether Initial Perspective should check for collision, even when using Ignore All Collision - Default: falseVisual OptionsInitial Perspective - The initial perspective of the camera. - Default: INSIDE       - FIRST_PERSON : The player's perspective       - THIRD_PERSON : Behind the player       - THIRD_PERSON_MIRROR : In front of the player       - INSIDE : Inside the playerShow Player - Shows your player in its original position. - Default: trueShow Hand - Whether you can see your hand in freecam. - Default: falseFull Brightness - Increases brightness while in freecam. - Default: falseShow Submersion Fog - Whether you see a fog overlay underwater, in lava, or powdered snow. - Default: falseUtility OptionsDisable on Damage - Disables freecam when damage is received. - Default: trueFreeze Player - Prevents player movement while freecam is active. - Default: false        - WARNING: Multiplayer usage not advised.Allow Interaction - Whether you can interact with blocks/entities in freecam. - Default: false        - WARNING: Multiplayer usage not advised.Interaction Mode - The source of block/entity interactions. - Default: CAMERA        - CAMERA : Interactions come from the camera        - PLAYER : Interactions come from the playerNotification OptionsFreecam Notifications - Notifies you when entering/exiting freecam. - Default: trueTripod Notifications - Notifies you when entering/exiting tripod cameras. - Default: trueIt's important to note that this mod offers version for both Forge and Fabric, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.


Reborn Core

Reborn Core is a library mod used in many of Tech Reborn developers' mods. It incorporates a robust event system, enabling modders to create dynamic and interactive content. Some of their most popular mods that depend on Reborn Core include Quantum Storage, Fluxed Redstone, Hardcore Map Reset and more.Note that Reborn Core for 1.14+ versions use Fabric and therefore they require Fabric API to function. Download links for this library mod are given below.


Macaw's Paintings

Having received an overwhelming number of likes and praise for their previous decoration mods, the mod developer Macaw has been inspired to explore a brand new direction - paintings!  The paintings showcased in this mod are the exceptional work of a talented artist named Peachy. With keen attention to detail and a unique artistic flair, Peachy's creations offer a seamless integration into the vanilla style of the game, making them an ideal addition to any virtual living space. A total of 46 captivating paintings have been carefully curated for this collection.Please take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what you can expect from this mod. It's important to note that this is a Forge mod, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.


Gaia Dimension

The Gaia Dimension mod introduces you to a new dimension of magic. At first glance, it may look like your typical overworld with a different colour palette. But the more you explore, the more you'll realize how different it is. Let us take a look at how you can reach the Gaia Dimension and some of the interesting features of the new dimension.To travel to the Gaia Dimension, you need to build a Gaia Portal.How to Build a Gaia Portal ?Materials needed:RedstoneLapis LazuliGold IngotsFlint and Steel (made from a Gold Ingot and a Diamond)Biome Requirement: Hot, Dry, or Mountainous biomeStep 1: Gather Materials Collect the necessary materials for creating the Keystone Blocks and activating the portal. You'll need Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, Gold Ingots, and a Flint and Steel tool.Step 2: Smelt Redstone and Lapis Lazuli Place Redstone ore and Lapis Lazuli ore into a furnace to smelt them. This will turn them into Crystallized Redstone and Crystallized Lapis Lazuli, respectively.Step 3: To craft Keystone Blocks, arrange four Crystallized Redstone, four Crystallized Lapis Lazuli, and one Gold Ingot into a crafting table. This will craft one Keystone Block.Step 4: To set up the Gaia Portal, arrange multiple Keystone Blocks in the same pattern as a Nether Portal frame. The frame should be at least 5 blocks tall and 4 blocks wide, just like a standard Nether Portal.Step 5: To activate the Gaia Portal, craft a special Flint and Steel tool by placing a diamond and a gold ingot in a crafting grid and use it to light the inside of the portal frame. The portal will ignite with a unique glowing fire. Enter the portal to teleport yourself to the Gaia Dimension.It's important to note that this is a Forge mod, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.


Presence footsteps

Presence Footsteps is a sound mod that existed since the early days of Minecraft. It introduces numerous realistic walking sounds to the game. With this mod installed, you will hear different sounds as you walk on different surfaces. For example, when you walk on cobblestone, you hear a very similar sound to when you step on stone in real life, and when you walk on iron blocks, you hear a metallic sound. Even when you walk on a carpet, you can hear the corresponding sound.Generally speaking, if you want to get more immersion into Minecraft, then you should definitely try out the Presence Footsteps mod.


Diagonal Fences

The Diagonal Fences mod revolutionizes the building experience, by offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface that complements both beginners and seasoned players alike. By using diagonal fences, builders can craft elegant bridges, charming lattice patterns, and realistic railings with ease. Builders no longer have to settle for clunky workarounds or being confined to grid-like constructions.This game-changing mod brings an innovative solution to the long-standing challenge of seamlessly connecting fences placed diagonally from one another. Gone are the days of unsightly gaps and disjointed designs, as this incredible mod effortlessly bridges the divide, granting players the ability to create stunning structures that were once thought impossible. All the fence variants are affected by this mod - wooden, stems and nether brick fences.Please take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what you can expect from this mod. This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully as this mod requires some extra dependencies to function.


FreeCam by Zergatul

With FreeCam, you can get a spectator mode type camera while still in survival Minecraft. By using the provided keybinds, your camera becomes detached from the player, granting you unrestricted movement throughout the world. This feature enables you to explore every nook and cranny without any limitations.Are you ever curious about your surroundings in Minecraft? FreeCam comes to the rescue! It allows you to take a close look at your environment, observe mobs, and study the terrain from any angle you desire, providing a whole new perspective on your gameplay.One of the most fascinating aspects of FreeCam is the ability to clip through blocks. This means you can navigate effortlessly through mountains, caves, and buildings, making it an ideal tool for both exploration and cave locating.Taking stunning screenshots of your in-game character can be quite challenging, especially when limited to your character's perspective. FreeCam changes the game by enabling you to capture your player from various angles and perspectives, making your screenshots truly captivating.If you are a Minecraft builder, you'll appreciate FreeCam's potential for showcasing your creations. Capture your grand structures from the perfect viewpoint and share them.Keybinds and CommandsConfiguring speed control (since 1.1.0 version).Enter .freecam in chat to see your current settingsEnter invalid command (for example .freecam 1) to see helpChange maximum speed .freecam speed 100Change acceleration .freecam acc 100Change deceleration .freecam slow 0.001 (since 1.2.0 version)Enable rendering hands in freecam .freecam hands 1Disable rendering hands in freecam .freecam hands 0(unfortunately rendering hands functionality conflicts with OptiFine mod, it will not work) (since 1.3.0 version, removed in 1.5.0)Disable interactions with blocks/entities in freecam .freecam ia 0Enable interactions with blocks/entities in freecam .freecam ia 1You may want to disable this if you think this functionality is cheaty and you don't want to use it. In this case freecam mode is closer to spectator mode. (since 1.4.0 version)2 new keybindings you can use. They work only in freecam mode. Toggle Cam Control - use WASD keys to move your character, or camera. Toggle Eye Lock - you cannot rotate camera, it is always center on your character eyes. Crosshair and hands are not rendered in eye lock mode or when you control character. (since 1.5.0 version)Toggle Cam Control key replaced with Toggle Camera Lock. With Camera Lock enabled FreeCam position and rotation is locked, and you can use WASD keys to move your character and use mouse to rotate character.New setting:.freecam target 1 - default value. Game uses FreeCam position and rotation to calculate block or entity you target. This allows you to hit entities, place/break blocks, open containers you targeted in FreeCam mode (sometimes you can hit target you cannot normally see, or place blocks you normally cannot place). You can see target block debug information in F3 screen..freecam target 0 - if you think above mod behavior is cheaty you can disable it. With this setting you can still left/right click while in FreeCam mode, but these actions will target the same block/entities you target in normal mode. Crosshair is not rendered while in FreeCam mode. You cannot see FreeCam targeted block in F3 screen.(since 2.0.0 version).freecam path - display path information.freecam path add 1000 - add new point to the path with 1000ms delay (you should better watch video to get better understanding).freecam path clear - clear pathDiscover the exciting features of this exceptional Forge mod by exploring the captivating screenshots provided below. Simply follow the download links provided. Before proceeding, it is crucial to carefully read and adhere to the installation instructions for a seamless experience.



FerriteCore is a revolutionary mod that tackles the memory consumption of Minecraft in multiple ways, resulting in significant memory savings. By implementing carefully designed optimizations, it ensures smoother gameplay, reduced lag, and a more enjoyable gaming experience.The memory-saving mod employs advanced memory management techniques to minimize unnecessary memory allocations and deallocations within the game. By optimizing how Minecraft handles memory, it prevents excessive memory consumption and reduces the overall memory footprint. Garbage Collection (GC) is an essential process in Minecraft that helps free up memory occupied by unused objects. However, inefficient GC routines can lead to memory bloat and performance degradation. This mod introduces optimized GC algorithms, resulting in more efficient memory reclamation and reduced memory fragmentation. The actual memory savings achieved by this mod will vary depending on the specific Minecraft modpack you're using. Let's take the Direwolf20 pack version 1.2.0 for Minecraft 1.16.4 as an example. After applying the memory-saving mod, you can expect substantial memory reductions on the title screen. On average, the memory usage (after GC) drops from approximately 3.1 GB to an impressive range of 1.1-1.2 GB. This remarkable improvement allows for smoother gameplay and enhanced performance, even with resource-intensive modpacks.Remember to stay updated with the latest version of the memory-saving mod to ensure compatibility with your Minecraft version. Enhance your gaming experience today by reducing memory usage in Minecraft and exploring the vast world of possibilities without worrying about performance limitations. Download links are given below. 



NeoForge or Modge is a Fork of Minecraft Forge by most of the team except LexManos. It is meant to replace Minecraft Forge and was initially intended to do many things that LexManos did not want to do with Minecraft Forge. cpw stated that they should keep compatibility with MC, but Curle said she plans to break it in the next major, then she changed it to the next minor version after hearing there would be significant changes. Many people view NeoForge as a good change; however, we will tell the truth.While many people hated LexManos because he was hard to work with, they praised Curle. However, Curle is far worse; she is involved in ban sharing, where people can do things in 1 server and get banned in another, like extraterritorial jurisdiction. Curle also has taken steps to hide proof from the defendant and make it harder for them to defend themselves. She was even one of the co-founders of the QuiltMC Community Collab, a warning network run by QuiltMC. So Curle is not a better leader than LexManos. In terms of new content for the project, a lot is currently being discussed, but it is important to note that soon it will not support traditional MC Forge mods. Many things related to SpongeMixins and more. It is essential to keep an eye out.


Iron Jetpacks

Iron Jetpacks is an incredibly exciting mod, allowing players to customize and create their own jetpacks. Providing an entirely unique experience, Iron Jetpacks was created by Forge Energy to bring a whole new layer of gameplay to Minecraft. The mod allows users to craft new jetpacks with an abundance of configuration options, giving them the chance to choose how their jetpacks appear and how they operate. Custom jetpacks are also available, made possible by simply copy and pasting one of the default jetpack JSON files and changing the name, as well as any other values in the file. It is important that any changes made to the JSON file should include all lower case characters, with underscores for spaces. All of the jetpack JSONs can be found within the config/ironjetpacks/jetpacks folder. More information on particular aspects of the mod can be found on the wiki, linked in the navigation bar. Iron Jetpacks is a must have for anyone looking to add an exciting and innovative twist to their Minecraft experience. With a variety of fully customisable options and an easy-to-follow tutorial for creating a custom jetpack, this mod is sure to make your gaming sessions more enjoyable. When you get a jetpack you need to toggle engine to use it, the key to do that can be set in controls. You can also toggle hover which means you do not fall when letting go of space/jump/fly. Information on the jetpack including fuel and toggles can be found on the left.Requires CucumberLib



Entangled allows you to bind two blocks together, making it appear as if they’re one Block. It uses a tool called the Entangled Binder to connect the blocks, and you can interact with either of them as normal. With Entangled Block, you can instantly transfer items, energy, fluids or whatever else between the blocks. You can have as many as six sides working together, or you can hide away messy cables. With Entangled Block, the possibilities are truly endless! How does it work? Setting up Entangled Block is easy. First, you need to craft an Entangled Block and an Entangled Binder. Place down your Entangled Block and right-click on the other Block you want to bind with the Entangled Binder. Finally, right-click on your Entangled Block with the binder. To unbind the blocks, select an empty slot on your hotbar, start crouching, and right-click on the Entangled Block. Entangled Block also works inter-dimensionally. You can select blocks in any dimension with the Entangled Binder, making it even more useful. What’s more, SuperMartijn642 allows you to use this mod in your modpacks, so feel free to spread the joy of Entangled Block with your friends. To learn more about Entangled Block and get updates, join the SuperMartijn642 Discord server.


Dark Utilities

Dark Utilities is a kitchen sink mod which adds a weird variety of new content. It adds a large variety of content—some of which includes different charms and plates. The charms can be used with Trinkets or Curios. Each Charm has its abilities, as do Plates and traps.
Here are some of the Charms and Tomes. Most of the time, they can be somewhere in the Player's inventory.Portal Charm - Makes you go through portals fasterSleep Charms - Prevents Phantoms and makes you instantly sleep when standing on a bedWarding Charm - Weakens bad effectsTome of Shadows - Allows you to hide some blocksTomes - Allows you to use fonts in the game but has similar issues as Pig Pen Cypher mod.There are also Plates, which are a form of block:Blank Plate - The base plate from which all other plates derive fromVector Plate: Has a pointing arrow that spins, and when an entity touches it, it will fly off in the direction of the hand.Damage Plate - Does three hearts of damage to entities which touch itPlayer Damage Plate - Similar to Damage and Maim damage but drops XP, and other Player only dropEffect Plates - Has various potion effectsThere are also other blocks like Filters, which allow you only to enable particular mobs to go through them.
Redstone Randomizers randomly turn on and off and emit a redstone signal randomly. Good for randomised contraptions.
Shield Redstone is a Redstone that only works in 1 way.
Dark Utilities requires Bookshelf; new versions also need Runelic and Pig Pen Cipher.


Sophisticated Backpacks

Sophisticated Backpacks is an advanced upgradable backpack mod which adds a new backpack with many features not commonly found in other backpacks.Backpacks in their item form can be accessed by pressing a specific keybinding (which is B by default)It renders on the player when they put it in their chest slot; it is also compatible with Curios to let you wear it in the back slot designed for backpacks.Backpacks can also be used like chests; they can be placed down with Shift+Right click and opened like a chest, and items can also be added with hoppers and pipes and other methods for some good automation. To pick it up right, click it with empty hands. Please do note, though, that making your backpack into a chest can make it more likely to be stolen.Backpacks come in 5 tiers, Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite, each adding more slots (though the number of slots and a bunch of other variables can be adjusted in the good config they have). You also get upgrade slots in better backpacks to add special abilities to your backpacks.The config, in general, is very detailed. It lets you configure various elements such as upgrade filter slots per level, upgrades, range, speed, and hiding particular backpacks if they do not meet your needs.Backpacks can come in many different colours. There are also multiple sections you can colour. Dye to the left to see the main colour and to the right for the accent. You are also able to combine dyes to make interesting combos. If you do not like the colours, you can wash them away with water and a cauldron.Many upgrades can be put in the update slots we mentioned earlier. Each does various things, such as:Magent: One of the best, teleports nearby items to the backpackFilter: Limits what can come in and out with pipesVoid: Gets rid of filtered itemsCompacting: Automatically compactsFeeding: Auto Eat food when hungryAnd MoreThe mod requires Sophisticated Core but has integrations with others such as Quark, Just Enough Items, Demagnetize, Curios, Crafting Tweaks, Botania and more.


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