Mods for Minecraft 1.17

Discover some of the wonderful mods for Minecraft version 1.17. These will make your Minecraft world even more fascinating to explore by adding a whole bunch of new functionalities, items, blocks and even new landscapes.

Adventure Structures

Adventure Structures is a fantastic mod for those who love to explore and embark on adventures in Minecraft. With this mod, you can discover various new structures that are scattered across the world. These structures are not part of vanilla Minecraft, making it a fresh and exciting experience for players. What makes this mod unique is the different types of structures that have been added. Each structure has its own characteristics and story to tell, making exploration all the more interesting. Additionally, Adventure Structures includes new items such as blocks that will fit seamlessly into the game and enhance the overall experience. Overall, Adventure Structures is an excellent mod that offers a thrilling adventure for players looking to explore the Minecraft world. It adds new structures, items, and narratives, making it a must-try for all Minecraft players.

Einstine Pc

BisectHosting Server Integration Menu

BisectHosting Server Integration Menu is a mod which allows you to quickly startup a Minecraft server with BisectHosting directly within Minecraft Itself. BisectHosting is a popular Minecraft Server host which is commonly sponsoring various Minecraft mods and helping the community. They like some other Minecraft server hosts (like CreeperHost), have various mods to work with the game, however theirs may be one of the easiest to quickly startup a server with. The mod is mostly for Modpack developers to do advertising with rather than a tool that is actually useful for players. When you go to the multiplayer screen you will see a section at the top that says Need a server? Clicking on this fills out a screen that makes you select a pre-existing modpack from a platform or a loader and then lets you fill out information about the specs you need and brings you to the bisect hosting checkout page. This can also fill out a config file. The ideal way to do this is if you are a modpack maker you will go to the config, and in MC Forge go to config/bhmenu-client.toml or on FabricMC /config/bhmenu/ and then fill out the info about the Title and Description and the Partner ID (which can be found at the console) and the Modpack ID (which can also be found at the console). Filling this config out makes it easier for a player of a modpack to just click on the link and automatically have the ability to have the pack selected. The bisect hosting mod does not appear to just let you upload your existing playset to the plan automatically but rather as just a way to get a new server with an existing modpack which making it more of an option for affiliates to put in their modpacks than a tool for players to actually use (at the end of the day you just end up back on their website). BisectHosting is known for their advertising and sponsorships, they are the Raid: Shadow Legends of Minecraft modding, they advertise a lot. Their prices are not too good, you would be better off going for something like SparkedHost if you cared about price, but if you want to support creators BisectHosting could be a good option if you use the creator’s code. Using a creator’s code can also get you a discount in the beginning.



Platypuses have arrived in the world of Minecraft! These adorable creatures can be found in rivers and swamps, adding a new level of diversity to the game. But watch out - their claws are poisonous, and they won't hesitate to defend themselves if they feel threatened. If you're lucky enough to breed two platypuses, there's a chance you'll get Perry the platypus! Fans of the popular animated show will be thrilled to have this beloved character as a companion. To tame a platypus, you'll need to catch some crayfish with a fishing rod. Once tamed, your platypus can be a helpful ally in combat and can even provide its poisonous claws in a glass bottle. And for those looking to expand their platypus family, breed your tamed platypuses with a salmon. With these fun and unique additions, platypuses are sure to become a beloved part of any Minecraft world.

Einstine Pc

Genetic Animals

The Genetic Animals mod introduces a new level of realism to Minecraft by adding an endless variety of genetic variations to domesticated animals such as sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, llamas, turtles, axolotls, and even mooblooms.Each animal has unique layering texture variations and a set of animations that make them feel like they belong in Minecraft. With this mod, players can enjoy a more immersive and diverse experience as they explore and interact with the game's animal population.

Einstine Pc

Castle Dungeons

Castle Dungeon is a unique Minecraft mod that introduces procedurally generated castles into the game. Unlike other dungeon mods, which usually focus on underground structures, Castle Dungeon creates castles on the surface for players to explore. The mod doesn't add new content to the game, but it does build impressive castles out of existing blocks in Minecraft. Each castle is procedurally generated, meaning that no two castles are alike. This adds a new dimension of excitement and adventure to Minecraft, as players can never be sure what they will find in each castle. Castle Dungeon is perfect for players who love exploring and discovering new structures. Each castle is filled with traps, puzzles, and hidden rooms to uncover. The mod is also great for those who enjoy building and designing their own castles, as the generated structures can serve as inspiration or a starting point for their own builds.

Einstine Pc

Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Terminals

Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Terminals is an add-on for Applied Energetics 2 that adds more terminals and booster cards allowing you to access the Æ2 network from anywhere. Additionally, there is a terminal called the Wireless Universal Terminal which lets you access all the wireless terminals in 1 item, along with all the other wireless terminals can be very useful for large and distributed tech networks where the user has a mess and does not want to access it. The Universal Wireless terminal is also good if someone has a lot of tech networks and wants to access them all from 1 place.The mod also has integration with trinket mods. There are many new trinkets such as the ability to use wireless terminals as gloves and belts leggings and hats as heads and so many more. It uses the Trinkets mod to do this and has a built-in data pack for this mod.The mod adds new screens and interfaces to Æ2 items and blocks, but works supplementary to Applied Energetics 2 and requires it to be installed. It also requires one already have great knowledge of Applied Energetics 2 as if you do not have good knowledge of it you will not be able to take advantage of the many features.This is supposed to be an updated version of the following mods:Wireless     Crafting TerminalWireless     Pattern TerminalsWireless     Interface TerminalsWireless fluid     terminalsWireless     Terminal LibraryAnd More


Cardinal Components

Cardinal Components API is an API which is used to attach data to objects to help interact with various parts of the game. This can help make mod creation easier and the mods more compatible. Not only can this be used for new things but you are also able to attach it to vanilla classes to make more changes. Your data will automatically save once implements and there is a helper interface to help with the data. The API by itself is very customisable and lightweight and uses ASM-generated extensions for some of the tweaks. There is a wiki, a GitHub, and lots of Javadoc to help developers use the mod. For players, the mod does not do anything on the surface, but is required for some mods to run, and pre-bundled in many other mods. Some mods which use Cardinal Components are:Age of ExileAir  HopAncient PuzzlesAnti  Mob FarmAstromineBag     of holdingBewitchmentBlack  HoleBosses  of Mass DestructionCodeLyoko: LegacyCraftable Utilities Death  FinderDon’t  SleepDungeons  of ExileEasy Shulker BoxesEldritch MobsEman’s Dynamic DifficultyFat ChickenHex  CastingHexalImmortalityLibrary of ExileLinking  BooksMCDoomMiskatonic MysteriesMorelotasNumismatic  OverhaulPublic GUI AnnouncementSomnia AwokenTargetingAPIThe BumblezoneTraveler’s BackpackTropicraft: An Unofficial UpdateAnd Many moreMany mods on Fabric or Quilt require Cardinal, but some mods bundle it Jar in Jar or other formats so you do not always need to install it manually. For developers, the wiki comes with lots of useful information about developing with it, but so far the mod is only for Fabric and its derivatives so you will need to change your code if you also want to work on MC Forge. The mod is commonly used for configs.


Trading Post [Forge & Fabric]

Trading Post [Forge & Fabric] is a mod which adds  a single block called the Trading post into the game. The trading post can be used to trade with multiple villagers at a time from 1 place.  This can be very useful for when you want to see all the trades from a nearby village but do not want to waste your time looking at all the trades offered by all of the villagers and instead want to speed up the process and trade with multiple at once and see all the trades of the nearby villagers.The Trading post is the only block added by the mod, you place it down and you will see an emerald. The emerald will lay down flat by default when there are no villagers within the preset radius for the villagers, when there are villagers in the correct place, you will see an animation with the emerald going up. This is similar to the Visual Workbench mod by the same author and uses some code from Quark.When there is a floating emerald that means there are nearby trades. Just right click the Trading Post and then start making trades. The trading table works with many custom villagers from other mods such as the Quackling from the Ducklings mod. It does not work for piglins bartering though, for that you will need a separate mod called Bartering Station. This mod was inspired by a similar trading post block from Extra Utilities.The radius of the accepted villagers can be customised by editing a config file. The config file can be found by looking in the config folder or by doing /config showfile <modid> and then selecting whether you want the client or server config. If you are on MC Forge you can configure in game with the Config Menus for Forge mod.The mod requires PuzzleLib and Forge Config API for Fabric like many of the other mods by the same creator. LunaPixelStudios (one of the biggest modpack creators) is also involved in this mod.


Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric]

Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric] is a mod which makes it so when you can an achievement/advancement you are able to click on it in the chat and go to the screen.In the vanilla game, despite the achievement notification looking like it would be clickable and the text in the chat looking like it would be clickable, they are not, so if you go to click on them nothing happens, this can be especially bad if you do not know where to look or wanted to know what the achievement is for or what you can do next and which can be even worse when a modpack you are playing has multiple achievement trees.This mod allows you to click on the achievement links in the chat, when you get an achievement you will often get a chat message telling you about it, and the chat message will often have the name of the achievement in a colour such as green. This is what you click and get there. Sadly the notification still does not seem clickable by default, but the chat message is often better anyhow as it stays for longer instead of disappearing after a few seconds as the notification does. By default there are some achievements which are not shown in the chat by default, this enables most of them to show in chat in the config, but the setting often needs to be turned on manually.This is a very good addition for many modpacks especially kitchen sink modpacks which add a lot of mods without a central theme which can be hard for some to navigate even with advancements. Often in modpacks advancements are ignored, partly because of their inaccessibility, but this lowers it just a little bit making it just a little easier to see the advancements, though it is not always worth the time to see every advancement though.


Inventory Profiles Next

Inventory Profiles Next is an inventory sorting mod that provides a button in your inventory for helping you do various sorting tasks. Here is an explanation of what many of the buttons do and their locations in the Inventory Graphical User Interface.Overlay     Configuration Screen – Found on the top Left by default and lets     you change many settings and even see some of the in-game code class     names.General     Configuration Screen – Found directly under the Overlay     Configuration Screen is where you go to edit most of the stuff about     the mod including text files, sort orders, and many more. The mod is     extremely configurable.Sort     Inventory Button – Looks like a Z, found in a set of 3 buttons     found in inventories and it helps you sort the items in order     without gaps. Does not affect items in the HUD barSort     Inventory in Columns – Next to the Sort Inventory Button, it sorts     related items such as different types of stone-related blocks in     columns. Does not affect items in the HUD bar.Sort     Inventory in Rows – Next to the Column sort, but does in rows,     though has a weird layout sometimes. Does not affect items in the     HUD bar.On the chests next to the last 3 buttons you should see another icon that gives you keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can be configured and are mainly used for these things:Ability     to also include the Hotbar/Hud Bar in movingOnly     fill the chest up enough to fill existing stacks without creating     new ones   Move     only the same type of items as the type selected (some arrow-based     mods do this with an Arrow Click) Move     all Items into the chestThe keyboard shortcuts can be quite useful for some stuff, though in some ways better Buttons could be better like they have in Wurst for chests, the keyboard is often faster though, but harder to remember for some.The mod is highly configurable and uses libIPN for a lot of the config and has a great and very detailed GUI config screen to configure many of the smallest details with good visuals, it is more detailed than average GUI config systems.There are also many other things the mod can do such as replacing almost broken tools and locking item slots. The mod is client-side only and does not need to be installed on the server to work.It is important to note that this mod does not do everything done by inventory tweaks and it is either recommended you install them together to get both of the functionalities or install InvTweaks Emu for IPN to emulate many of the shortcuts. There is also a mod called IPN Rejects which is an addon which adds things that the author decided not to include in the base mod. The mod also highlights items you are hovering over green or items that would be included in an operation you are doing that involves multiple similar items.Requires libIPN and Fabric Language Kotlin.



libIPN (library Inventory Profiled Next) is a library used by Inventory Profiled Next and some other mods by the same author (though you are allowed to use it for your mods).There are many APIs this library contains used for various things like configs and GUI, here are some of the many things libIPN helps you do:    Logging     (With Debug and Trace)   Talking     with the player directly   Rendering Colours    Text    Textures    Data     parsing of various formats such as indents   SemBerInformation     ManagementMaths     and Physics and GeometryDebuggingLayoutsWidgetsToolTipsPath     Validation and writingMayThrow     annotationsWeighted     AlgorithmsLots     of AbstractionChanges     to the ControlsEntity     AbstractionItemsAliasesAnd     so much moreIt runs on Both MC Forge and FabricMC + Derivatives (though some like Quilt may have some issues if the issues can not be reproduced on Fabric). The author still maintains older versions going back to 1.16 and uses a lot of shared code among each of the versions making it good for projects which want to be on many versions with not much change.It is important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, the library is written in Kotlin, which will limit its use in Java in some ways, and it will require a language adapter like Fabric Language Kotlin. Kotlin may also be harder to read for many Java-first programmers and reading it may be harder. The mod is also undocumented, with the official page not even saying all the functionality, the mod is supposed to be used with mirinimi’s mods, mostly the ones related to inventory profiled next. IPN Rejects (a mod which adds things that were originally declined from the main Inventory Profiles Next) also uses this library. LibIPN is commonly used by many modpacks big and small, like Colonies Universalis – Updated. Though if you do know how to use it there is a chance you can get some benefit from it, it is a little similar to architectury.


Fabric Language Kotlin

Fabric Language Kotlin is one of the many Fabric Language adapters for Kotlin. Language adapters let you write mods in programming languages other than pure Java (often but not always JVM-based languages). There are many big Fabric mods which use Kotlin includingAdorn    Inventory Tweaks    AE Additions – ExtraCells2 ForkBountiful DeftuLib    Hex     Casting   Industrial     Revolution    Inventerio   Kambrik    Lakeside    LibrarianLib    Level Up HP MirageFairy2023    Ping Wheel    Plethora Peripherals    Roughly Enough Trades    Roughly Enough Loot Tables    RSWires    TerrarianSlimes    Woods and MiresZoomify and many more. Kotlin is primarily a JVM-based programming language like Groovy or Scala and is in many ways considered a newer Scala (though Scala is still being developed), though it does not only compile to JVM, it can also compile to native or to JavaScript or even its own bytecode format. Fabric Language Kotlin is meant to be used with the JVM variant though.Kotlin as mentioned before has some in common with Scala and a little in common with Crystal. Kotlin Language is a must-use for many people, many people really like it, while others do not. One issue you have is if you use Kotlin you may have compatibility issues with lesser-known tool chains that you may port your mod too. But if you want to use Kotlin because you prefer it you can use this language adapter. There are reasons to prefer Kotlin if you like some of the features or if you want to also do things like Android development (which has recently started to recommend Kotlin over Java which it had previously). If you use Kotlin it is suggested you use IntelliJ because they are made by the same company and eclipse does not have quite as good of support for it.For players, you should be able to just install the mod in your mods folder. If you are a developer you will need to take extra steps and requires the user already know a little bit about using Kotlin with Gradle (but Groovy DSL can still be used unless you want Kotlin DSL). FabricMC has a tutorial which can be used with basic instructions about getting started. Fabric Language Kotlin does not rely on any specific version of Minecraft, just on Fabric loader.


Bamboo Everything (Forge/Fabric)

Bamboo Everything (Forge/Fabric) is a mod which adds new block types from bamboo similar to the types of blocks that wood has. It basically turns bamboo into wooden planks.There are 2 types of bamboo, normal green bamboo and yellowish dry bamboo which are added to the mod. The main difference between the 2 is the appearance, though the dry bamboo looks similar to wood, though is much cheaper. Dry bamboo is obtained by smelting normal bamboo, so it may be more expensive if you do not have a cheap source of energy.The built-in datapack registers the bundles as planks so they can be used to make things like wooden tools. Bamboo already in vanilla has a built-in crafting recipe for crafting sticks from bamboo.Many of the green bamboo blocks look much nicer than the wood variants for some things, especially ladders. Additionally bamboo is generally much cheaper and renewable and easier to harvest than trees, you often need to wait to let the leaves dissolve for saplings to come and cut down all the logs manually while with bamboo grows very fast and can just cut the bamboo 1 block up and let it grow back again. If you do not like the issue with the trees you can use a mod like Dynamic Trees or Falling Trees.Bamboo Everything is in general a very good mod if you want a way to get lots of new green wood which grows very fast without needing lots of normal trees and dealing with the hassle of growing them.Some of the blocks/items it adds are: FencesFence PostsLaddersDry Bamboo and VariantsSlabsStairsBundlesMoreThe raft is pretty cool it is like a boat without the guard rails but it still runs about the same. Despite the raft’s appearance, it is meant to be crafted with green bamboo, not dry bamboo.


FallingTree (Forge&Fabric)

FallingTree (Forge&Fabric) is a mod which makes trees automatically break when one of the logs are broken. Like many similar mods, you need an axe to work, without an axe or in creative mode and with a non-axe item.There are 2 modes:Instantaneous –     Makes it so the whole tree falls down when a single log is brokenShift Down –     Makes it so when you break 1 log only the top log on the tree comes     down, which is not as much of cheating as Instant, but still gets     rid of the massive annoyance of getting the top logs. This is     different than similar mods where in some similar mods or plug-ins     Shift can either be required to cut down all the logs or be used to     cut only a single log, so shift is a different key in many mods so     it is important to keep track of what it does in this mod, do note     though that this mod actually adds both of the alternate modes     mentioned such as sneak to disable or sneak required in the config     so it is important to keep track of this.The mod is highly customisable, some of the things you can customise are:   What blocks and     leaves are considered trees (good for some modpacks and modded trees     and content)The tools which     can be allowed (alternate axe types or other tools entirely Whether or not     leaves are also taken down.Ability to     modify whether sneak is required or makes the ability disabled The ability to     change the speed to chop down the tree based on size ( such as if     you want bigger trees to take longer to cut like some other mods do.    Decide whether     or not the tools take damage (you can also make it so that tools can     take damage based on the number of blocks broken and so axes with 1     durability cant mine if you want).The mod requires Cloth Config to do some of the config, it can be installed separately. There is a wiki for info on config.This mod is very good for if you have some mods with really massive trees similar to like the ones Orespawn had, it is also very customisable but not quite as game changing as Dynamic Trees (which changes the shape of some trees, adds twigs, and has animations). There are many server side plugins which do similar things, all in all it is generally a pretty good vanilla plus mod.



Charm is a vanilla plus mod which adds a lot of new content as well as a lot of tweaks to the existing game. From basic storage blocks, and new types of wood, to new entities and world generation, this is one of the more extensive vanilla plus mods.There are a few storage blocks with custom abilities, the Sugar and Gunpower blocks are both power storage blocks, and both fall similarly to gravel and sand, but Sugar disappears when mixed with water and gunpower when mixed with lava. There are also ender pearl blocks, which convert silverfish that go onto it into Endermites and eating Chorus fruit teleports you to them instead of a random location, but both can be turned off in the config.There is also a pressure plate called the Player pressure plate that is crafted with gilded Blackstone that only the player can step on.You no longer need to use 9 Redstone to make a Redstone block, there is a new type of block called Redstone sand which is 8 Redstone and a block of sand, however, it does fall making it useless for some builds. There is also a new lantern type from Redstone and iron nuggets that lights up from Redstone signal.New types of wood added include Azalea Wood and Ebony wood. They have their own textures and saplings. Totems of preserving protect your stuff when you die and do not despawn. Raid Horns are another item which is very useful as they stop raids. There are also other random items such as coral sea lanterns, copper rails and clear item frames and different variants for many items are added for different types of wood, materials, colours, and other attributes. Some new variants for items include variants for:  Bundles Glints   Boats    Bookshelves    Animals  (often coloured differently)    Barrels    Nuggets    Bars    Chests   Chains     (requires extra nuggets config feature)    Lanterns     (requires extra nuggets config feature)    And     so much moreThere are also new mobs added such as Coral Squids and Mooblooms (like flower-based Mooshrooms). Mobs in general where many of the changes are also made such as changing the appearance of snow golems (which have largely been forgotten about by the community recently, though the old texture has a charm), beacons healing tamed animals, witches dropping luck, and other stuff.There are also new changes to enchantments, such as a new enchantment called Ærial Affinity which makes it so you can mine faster when you are not grounded and another enchantment that makes block drops go directly into your inventory. There is also a way to convert items to enchanted books with grindstones, which is partly based on the code from Grind Enchantments.A new type of weather is also added, snow storms make that already kinda good but also kind of boring snow much more extreme and exciting, but can also cause the player to freeze if they are not wearing leather armour and there will be many new layers of snow generated.This is a very large mod with lots of random changes, it would be impossible to cover all of them, but you can read their wiki to get information about many of them. There are also 2 addons, Strange and Charmonium which add new functionality or music. The mod was largely inspired by Quark it is primarily for Fabric, but an official forge port called Charm Reforge exists while claiming to be 1.14.4 and newer only appears to have a 1.16.5 version so far and has not been updated in over a year. Pre 1.16.5 versions do not have the ReForged Suffix.


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