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Chocapic13' Shaders

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Chocapic13's is one of the best shaderpacks that fully changes your minecraft atmosphere and graphics, adding pretty much realism and animations. With its charming environment it brings you new feelings about minecraft world. Among the improvements you can easily notice the nice shadow effects, nice sunshine, waving trees and grass, and highly realistic water animation. One of the best advantages of Chocapic shaders is that it does not load your game with tons of unnecessary effects, yet creates very pleasant atmosphere, allowing your pc to show high performance. You can run your texture packs with bump map and reflection effects!

Now 1.16.x version is also included! Enjoy your game!


Main features:

  • Supports Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM - Bump maps and reflection effects).
  • High performance, optimised graphics for different video cards
  • Balanced brightness which results in clear visualization

Recommeded Optifine Settings:

  • Old Lighting : OFF or DEFAULT!
  • Vignette : Fast
  • Clear water : Off for Lite/Low/Medium, On for High/Ultra/Extreme
  • Smooth Lighting Level : 55-75% for Lite/Low/Medium/High, 0-20% for Ultra/Extreme
  • Clouds : Default or OFF