Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

Discover some of the wonderful mods for Minecraft version 1.12.2. These will make your Minecraft world even more fascinating to explore by adding a whole bunch of new functionalities, items, blocks and even new landscapes.

Tinker tool leveling

Tinkers’ tool leveling is a mod that directly upgrades Tinkers construct with the ability to level up your custom-created tools. When you are using the item in its intended way, you earn experience points that, after reaching certain milestones, increase your proficiency with the tool. After your tool gets its new level, it gets an upgrade point which you can then use to place another effect into your tool. Note: Mod requires Tinkers construct and Mantle to work correctly!


Tinkers construct

Tinkers Construct is a mod that adds a new progression system into the game and many new progression tiers of Minecraft tools and weapons. The mod offers a unique experience by creating custom and special tools from parts. The player can make those parts from different materials. Every material that can be used for crafting now has unique effects. Those effects vary from the durability of the finished tool to the effects which completely change how the tool works. The ability to combine multiple parts for your tools creates almost infinite possibilities. Every tool then can be upgraded to get similar effects like enchants from vanilla Minecraft. The mod offers a custom-created way of crafting those items. Your first steps will require you to create the first patterns, which allow the creation of basic and limited tools. The next milestone is the creation of a huge multi-block structure called smeltery. You can use it for smelting metallic ores into more advanced metal parts with better durability and many other effects. The mod offers a lot of customization in the config file and a lot of integration into other mods, which adds even more replayability and uniqueness.  Note: Mod requires Mantle to work!



Emoticons mod adds the emotes in Minecraft. With Emoticons, you can use Minecraft’s emotes, as in Fortnite and Pubg. With this mod, you can move your character the way you want. You can press the P key to open the emote menu.You can save the seven emotes at the same time and use them wherever and whenever you want. You can choose them from hundreds of available emotes. You can make your custom emote and add it to the game. Emoticons let people have fun while playing Minecraft and get them out of their dull mood. You can greet and dance with others in many ways with emoticon mods.

Einstine Pc

Chop Down Updated

Chop Down Mod Introduced a new way of chopping trees. Usually, when you cut a tree in Minecraft, you must cut it all by climbing to the top. You must climb up and chop the logs down for more giant trees, which takes a lot of time. With chop down updated, when you chop a tree from its bottom, it will fall down next to the player.This makes it easy for beginners to gather quick wood and make tools. The falling of the tree is animated, which makes it look better.

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Ranged Pumps

Ranged Pumps is a pump mod that pumps liquid in a small user-specified range. There is one block, and it's in its own creative tab. The block is just called "Pump".You can place the pump in the middle of a lake (stacked on top of blocks) and right-click to activate it and over time, click right-click to view the status. It requires 32000 Forge Energy (100 per block). If you do not have the 32000 Forge Energy, it will tell you you have insufficient energy and won't work unless you have the energy disabled in the config. If you have Mekanism Immersive engineering installed, you can use it to create Forge Energy to operate the pump.The pump requires you do NOT have a Redstone signal. If you have a Redstone signal, this will stop working.The liquids collected will be in the form of buckets. The size of the tank by default is 32 buckets, but this amount can be changed in the config as well. If the tank is full, it will stop. When a liquid is pumped, by default, it is replaced with stone unless turned off in the config. If one pump is full, it will auto-push to nearby tanks. The pump goes from top to bottom. The default range is 64x64 blocks (though this can be changed in the config) and goes from the Y location of the pump all the way to bedrock.Pumps are not affected by chunk loading since they are not chunk loaded.


Flux Networks

Flux Networks is a mod which allows you to build Wireless Energy Networks. These help you move energy across the world and across dimensions. It is wireless, so you do not need cables, and it will, in most cases, perform better than a cable-based system.You can seamlessly transfer different formats of energy. Forge Energy, AE2, IE, and EU Energy formats are officially supported, and there are no transfer rates.Optimisation, Organisation, and customisation are at the forefront of Flux Networks. You can set priorities for your network, give names and colours for the networks and name specific connections inside the node. You can remotely monitor your spikes and drops in energy generation and remotely adjust the settings for all connections to the current network. You can also set the chunk-loading capabilities of each connection.Security is taken very seriously with Flux Networks. You can:Encrypt     your network with a password   Decide     which players are allowed to use or access their network    If     you are a super admin, you can also delete inactive networks and     switch ownerships of networks.The security features are mostly used for multiplayer instances.Multiplayer was recently improved in version 4,0,7 with the help of BloCamLimb, and SonarCore is no longer required, though there are still missing features in newer versions. On 1.12.2 and earlier, there is a similar mod by the same author (sonar_sonic), which has many of the same features and more as Flux Networks called Calculator that does still require Sonar Core. Flux Networks itself is available on 1.9.4-1.12.2 (and 1.15.2 and newer, which is not supported by Calculators), but does not have everything in the calculators mod and does not go as far back as the Calculators mod.Flux Networks generally works better with other tech mods. By itself, Flux Networks does not do much and has little purpose (due to not much in MC requiring energy or having energy protocols). Immersive Engineering (and most add-ons), Industrial Craft 2 (and most add-ons), and Applied Energetics (and most add-ons) will work right out of the box.The mod has a few blocks and items used to make the network. The Flux Block is just an average block in the Flux Network. Flux Plug receives energy from adjacent blocks, adding energy to the network. Flux point is like Flux Plug but removes energy from the network. Flux Controller, which enables wireless charging, and storage blocks. The Basic Storage Block holds 2000000 Forge Energy, and the Herculean one can hold up to 16000000.Right-clicking on any of the blocks outside of the Flux Block will open up network settings for the said block. It will let you decide which network you want to join. If you are not in a network, you can easily create one. You will need to be in a network to do much with the blocks (outside of setting the options for the individual block), but creating and setting up a network is generally very easy to do with the config. Once you have a network, you will be able to see the following:    Stats     in a graph    Tick     speeds    Energy    The     amount of each type of block in the network.    All     the devices in the network.The network system works very well with other network-based mods like AE2, Storage Drawers, and Redefined Storage, especially if you need to move large amounts of energy around.


Recurrent Complex

The 1.12 is the most mod version in all Minecraft, it is the perfect version to start a survival alone or with friends.If your goal is to make Minecraft more alive, magnificent and adventurous, you are in the right place!The Recurrent Complex mod will add 187 new structures to your world, customizing the environment and making it different from the usual Minecraft.You can find the structures in the Overworld simply by exploring, underground, in the nether and also in the end!Are you still not convinced?Here is a list of the main things that add this mod:187 new structures of all sizes(Cemeteries, houses in the woods, mazes, abandoned mines, towers, pyramids, Remnants of tribal nations, Pirate Hideouts...)Custom treesUpgrade of biomesNew biomesImprovement of villagesBoost gaming experienceMeteoritesHidden treasures


Dungeon Tactics

Dungeon Tactics is the mod inspired by the Minecraft­­ Dungeon version. This mod adds the new custom blocks to Minecraft. With these new blocks and materials, you can make more durable armor. You can also create custom weapons for yourself with these blocks, which include an axe, hammers, swords, etc.With Dungeon Tactics, you can find hidden dungeons to defeat the bosses and get good loot from them. Raiding Towers might help to give you a boost. You can now make good use of the new Redstone features and blocks with this mod. 

Einstine Pc

The Candyland

Candyland mod lets you live the life of your dream in Minecraft. With this mod, you will be able to see the candies in the game wherever you look. Candy Land adds new biomes made of candy blocks. Everything you can find in this world is made of candies. The Trees, Ground, Mountains and creatures are also made from candies to give you a good time.Candy Land gives you the world of your dreams. You can craft these candies for yourself using the recipes. Some of the items are:Candy MintWrapped CandyLollypopLicorice DiamondLicorice EmeraldGumballs (Red, Yellow, Green and Pink)

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Wild Nature mod adds the miracles of nature to Minecraft. With Wild Nature, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while playing the game. This mod adds hundreds of new biomes to the game that amazes the players with their versatility. These Biomes add many custom blocks to represent different colors.Wild Nature includes trees from around the world; a player can relax and admire seeing them. The mod adds new cave features, giving the user a unique experience. With newly added food items, players can find and enjoy the fruits they like. Introducing new village designs and dungeons, this mod is the best choice to add fun and adventure to your game.

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Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers is a mod which adds specialised storage drawers into the game. The ideas of Jabba and Bibliocraft influence it. They are compact and serve a particular æsthetic function separate from these mods, more complementary than competitive. Instead of a traditional inventory system, you use a click-based interaction system similar to Jabba. Different click combos do various tasks. Right-clicking: Puts a full stack of the item in your hand into the drawer (if it can’t fill the full stack, it will put as much as it can) Double Right Clicking: Puts all compatible stacks from an inventory to a drawer until it fills or you run out of items. Left Click: Removes a single item from the selected drawer. Shift Left Click: Removes a full stack from the selected drawer Shift Right Click with an empty hand: Opens the selected drawer’s UI to see the items, their quantities, and the ability to upgrade the drawer. Note for players of the Jabba mod: The shift-click functionality is reversed from Jabba due to Jabba being more optimised for stacks while Storage Drawers is more optimised for single items; however, the controls can be customised in the config. You can use multiple different vanilla wood variants (add-ons can add custom variants which many mods do), and there are numerous different sizes, with the biggest supporting 32 stacks. The upgrade path is not sequential; you can jump levels to your preferred size. You can also lock your drawers with keys to protect your stacks. There are indicators on the storage drawers to indicate how full they are, and they light up when it is full. There is another type of drawer, which is grey, called Storage Drawers. These let you automatically convert things like ingots and similar items into storage block formats or other items based on repeated items used to make another item, which is common in many tech configurations. You can also combine drawer inventories via a Drawer Controller and connect drawers via pipes or trims (a wood decorative panel block used to connect), which allows you to interact with large groups of drawers. Controllers can also be used as deposit-only blocks for items that already exist in the network and will be done if you double right-click. The drawer controller is similar to that of Refined Storage’s network system. One kind of drawer is a Controller Slave, similar to a drawer but cannot be shared; however, controller slaves have better performance than traditional drawers.Storage Drawers has integration with lots of mods and also has lots of add-ons (especially 1.10.2 and newer). Storage Drawers is supposed to be a complementary storage mod, not a replacement one. Storage Drawers are supposed to be used with other mods. Storage Drawers are also typical in many tech setups for their ease of use and auto compression. Drawers complement BiblioCraft’s blocks.Drawers worth with Jabba’s Dolly Aspect labels exist for Thaumcraft for hard-to-distinguish items related to essentia Drawers are compatible with AE2s storage buses, and it is the suggested way for seeing contents WAILIA will list the inventories and counts of DrawersA MineTeaker exists to help control the ore conversion allowlist/denylist. Compact drawers list the number of items that can be made, even if they can not all exist simultaneously. The mod has an extensive config which allows you to change many of the values and even whether or not a block should be enabled. It is possible to modify this from MC Forge’s config screen. You are also allowed to include this in modpacks, including public ones. Note: Chameleon is required for the 1.8-1.12 versions of the mod. 


Conquest Reforged

Conquest Reforged is a recreation of an old texture pack called Conquest packaged as a mod. The original resource pack was designed for players who wanted to improve their Minecraft creative experience beyond the limitations of the base game. Upon loading the game, the game will tell you to install the Conquest Reforged resource pack (which is different from the Original Conquest Resource Pack). The required resource pack can be found here The textures are 32x and try to be realistic, and are compatible with Optifine. There are thousands of blocks and hundreds of textures, including lighting, particles, and animations. There are textures from many different historical and fictional timelines. Many of the blocks are custom 3D models. There is also a built-in GUI for customising and selecting blocks with a tab system. To get full advantage of the textures, you need to install the resource pack. Without the resource pack, many of the textures are blank, including some vanilla ones (in some versions, some vanilla textures are missing even with the resource pack, most notably the tall grass in 1.16.5). They have an online community of builders. Conquest Reforged is one of the best building mods because of its sheer size. Some themes represented include Roman, Arabic, Middle Ages, Industrial Revolution, ArdaCraft's Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dwarven, Elven, and many others. You can make structures which look realistic if you make them big enough. Conquest Reforged has many materials for building highly detailed castles and many intractable Mosaics. There are also realistic-looking trees right out of the box, enhanced foliage, and the ability to add custom leaves and branches and customise just about every aspect of blocks for the ultimate building mod.The mod has deep integration with Optifine integration, and it is recommended you use Optifine because it looks much better with Optifine. You can also use your preferred shaders of choice in most cases, but they won't be needed as many of the models look beautiful, and you won't need them. The resource pack needs Optifine to work correctly according to the pack.mcmeta description. The creative UI has been completely redone to allow for the customisation and the inclusion of thousands of blocks. It includes better grouping based on things like material and type and uses a wheel-based system to help you navigate. The traditional creative tabs still exist, but the default ones have changed, and the mod by itself has four pages of tabs.There are a few issues that come with the massiveness of this mod. First of all, the file size of this mod is over 100MB on some versions, and second of all, you will need to increase your RAM allocation to be able to even play the mod. Playing at only 3GB will not work, and the game will stall while loading up until it eventually crashes. We suggest a lot of RAM if you include this in a larger mod pack. Even by itself, this mod takes a long time to load, especially at the texture pack loading phase, which is often the longest. But if you allocate a lot of memory, the mod will eventually load up. However, it will take a while, especially on versions 1.16.5 and earlier, if you do not have a high-clock CPU. The resource pack is enormous (about as big as the mod itself), so we suggest keeping it off when not using the mod. When you enter the game, you are introduced to the dialogue about the resource pack (if you do not have it) and then an introduction to the keybinds. The V key only works in creative mode and shows the texture shape variant. You can do this in the traditional creative tab menu and see a circular representation of all the blocks combined with a zoom on mouse-one. Ctrl+Middle Mouse Button gives the shape of the item you are looking at to your hot bar; this also works on creative only.Note: Worlds made in 1.9.4 are incompadible with worlds in 1.10.2 and newer.


Biome Bundle

Biome Bundle is a world generation mod that introduces a new set of biomes in Minecraft. Usually, in Minecraft, there are few biomes with limited categories of structures; trees, caves, villager houses, etc. But with this mod, you can enjoy thousands of new structures in Minecraft. Biome Bundle adds a lot of fun and adventure to Minecraft. You can be amazed seeing the floating islands to underwater cities. There are plenty of things that you will discover for the first time with the Biome Bundle mod. This mod contains more than two thousand custom structures that include:TreesCastlesVillager HousesRocksDungeonsRuinsBiomesTerrainsCavesCustom Mobs    And Much More

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Chocolate Quest Repoured

Chocolate Quest Repoured (CQR) is a recreated version of the Chocolate Quest Mod (Commonly known as the Better Dungeons Mod). Chocolate Quest was a popular mod going back to the Beta days of Minecraft until it had rough development and a largely considered incomplete rewrite in 1.7.x, largely skipped 1.8.x, cancelled 1.9.x, and has not seen a version since. Chocolate Quest added many fantastic dungeons and bosses with some of the most unique abilities in all of Minecraft modding. Chocolate Quest Repoured builds on many of these ideas and updates them.Chocolate Quest Repoured has elements of the 1.6.4 and 1.7.x versions of Chocolate Quest, plus unique additions and improvements. Many of the textures are highly inspired but different, but much closer to the original than many other legacy mod recreations. Many of the best parts, such as the Structure Auto generators, Super Tool (Creative Only), and customisable mobs, are still there and sometimes have been updated.One of the best parts of Chocolate Quest was the ability to right-click a humanoid or similar-shaped mob and add custom gear in creative mode; CQR improved this. Now, if you right-click a mob from CQR in creative mode, it shows a dialogue with all the slots you can add gear to, this could take more time if you just wanted to add 1 item, but it is generally much easier to use and more descriptive. You can give the mobs whatever gear you wish, potions, shields, and other stuff, which is excellent for mob battles.One thing that is not good is the amount of mobs is inflated by having variants with different sets of gear. There are leather versions of mobs and diamond versions; this is unneeded because of the ability to swap the gear in creative mode easily, but it is somewhat reminiscent of what spawns in (in dungeons, it is not uncommon to see these different variants spawn). The creative tabs are also different from the original; instead of 2 tabs, it's divided into many more tabs, each serving different purposes.Many of the mobs, though, are unique from each other. They have special abilities like how the pirate captain can turn invisible, but his weapon often does not, and how many have staffs and the ability to summon minions.CQR, like the original CQ/Better Dungeons, is one of the best dungeon mods ever. They have deep, complex buildings with many layers to explore, lots of loot to collect, mobs and bosses to fight, libraries, wool, paintings, and many other decorations. You could spend hours looking through them.The recreation has flaws; however, in some cases, the different textures may throw you off or not be as good for someone used to the older textures. They do a better job of recreating them than most recreation projects. However, it still may throw a few people off, especially considering many of the icons are entirely different, such as the spawn items are often different, as are the structure generators (which are 3D visualisations rather than 2D ones like the original). The recreation is also missing a lot from the original mod, such as many of the mobs and structures in the original are not in the squeal, such as the Ice Bull from the 1.6.4 version.Despite all the missing content, it is still one of the best mods in Minecraft past 1.7.10. It is primarily focussing on 1.12.2 and won't port to other versions until the 1.12.2 version is feature complete. It will take a while to complete; they plan to have single versions for newer versions of Minecraft, like 1.16.5, but they will only be supported short-term, and it will be a while until the mod moves past 1.12.2 and completes itself. CQR is one of the most extensive mods still developing for 1.12.2 (which continues to be a sizeable modding version).Chocolatin, the original creator of Chocolate Quest, does not appear to be related to this recreation.The mod requires GeckoLib and Reach Fix, and the author will make fun of you if you try to get support without these two mods installed. Der Toaster, the creator of CQR, is also a significant contributor to GeckoLib, and CQR is one of the mods advertised by GeckoLib.


Pollution of the Realms

Pollution of the Realms adds different type of pollution and emissions to Minecraft. You get blocks of emissions by composting different objects to create emissions which can both harm and help you with different ways. You will need to decide how you will mitigate the threats of pollution and environmentalism. This mod goes a lot deeper than lots of other mods.There are many different visible consequences you can see in your world as time goes on. Some of these include carbon, sulfur, and dust blocks, though they can disappear over time, even after right adding them, but some can stay for longer, and they are also kind of hard to see but can be darker if the effect is stronger. There are also other things such as, pollution clouds, soil pollution from oil, acid rain, dust clouds near machines, smog (which can caused reduced visibility), different ways to harm both humans/players but also plants in some cases, and explosive gas pockets (which can cause underground explosions in confined spaces). The mod has integrations with a bunch of other mods, and has some add-ons, and you can also create custom pollutants.Emissions can come from a variety of sources, often ones that produce heat or light or use energy, such as:torchesfurnaceslavamachinesvehiclesplayers and animals. There are also placeable emissions blocks as mentioned earlier. If a player goes into an emission block they will suffocate and have bad potion effects with severity depending on the strength of the pollution (for carbon and sulfur).If you have a greenhouse or chimney, you may want to use filters to stop emissions from exiting, but you need a filter for each emission you want to stop. You can clean pollution with vacuums, you need both a vacuum tube and a vacuum bag and you will be able to store .a certain amount in each bag. You can also get a respirator which makes it possible to breath in polluted air. All three of these objects have 3 tiers, Iron, Gold, and Diamond, these all provide different levels of strength.  Emissions are not always a bad thing though, while they do harm humans and animals, carbon emissions can help plants grow faster. You can make greenhouses with chimneys and filters to help plants grow faster.This mod required ForgeEndertech, but it is also recommended that you use Advanced Chimneys. This also works well with a lot of other mods so we suggest you look at the full list of supported mods . The mod is available for 1.19.x, 1.18.x, 1.16.5/1.16.4, and 1.12.x on Forge.


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