Mods for Minecraft 1.13.2

Discover some of the wonderful mods for Minecraft version 1.13.2. These will make your Minecraft world even more fascinating to explore by adding a whole bunch of new functionalities, items, blocks and even new landscapes.

BisectHosting Server Integration Menu

BisectHosting Server Integration Menu is a mod which allows you to quickly startup a Minecraft server with BisectHosting directly within Minecraft Itself. BisectHosting is a popular Minecraft Server host which is commonly sponsoring various Minecraft mods and helping the community. They like some other Minecraft server hosts (like CreeperHost), have various mods to work with the game, however theirs may be one of the easiest to quickly startup a server with. The mod is mostly for Modpack developers to do advertising with rather than a tool that is actually useful for players. When you go to the multiplayer screen you will see a section at the top that says Need a server? Clicking on this fills out a screen that makes you select a pre-existing modpack from a platform or a loader and then lets you fill out information about the specs you need and brings you to the bisect hosting checkout page. This can also fill out a config file. The ideal way to do this is if you are a modpack maker you will go to the config, and in MC Forge go to config/bhmenu-client.toml or on FabricMC /config/bhmenu/ and then fill out the info about the Title and Description and the Partner ID (which can be found at the console) and the Modpack ID (which can also be found at the console). Filling this config out makes it easier for a player of a modpack to just click on the link and automatically have the ability to have the pack selected. The bisect hosting mod does not appear to just let you upload your existing playset to the plan automatically but rather as just a way to get a new server with an existing modpack which making it more of an option for affiliates to put in their modpacks than a tool for players to actually use (at the end of the day you just end up back on their website). BisectHosting is known for their advertising and sponsorships, they are the Raid: Shadow Legends of Minecraft modding, they advertise a lot. Their prices are not too good, you would be better off going for something like SparkedHost if you cared about price, but if you want to support creators BisectHosting could be a good option if you use the creator’s code. Using a creator’s code can also get you a discount in the beginning.


AmbientSounds 5

AmbientSounds 5 or Ambient Sounds is a sound mod which adds various new sounds that appear around your world, often looped and repetitive yet pleasing at the same time if you have your sound on. It goes well with the built-in Minecraft music but also makes the in-game sounds a little more interesting if you need to turn off the MC Music for a while. Many of the in-game sounds appear in various locations at different times. Like in the vanilla game, the place can affect where the different sounds play.Despite being a sound mod, the mod has lots of code in it to determine which sounds should be played and enabled and you can configure this with multiple different JSON files in the config folder. You can set the feature locations, the sound locations, the regions, and dimensions, and the engine to get good detail of which sounds should be played where. Modders can also use the large sound engine API to help with their sound mods and playing sounds. You can also create your sound packs with information from the wiki. There are a lot of sounds in the game, some of the sounds in the game added by the mod are:Bird     SoundsCicadasCricketsCrowsFrogsOwlsSeagullWolfCaveSuspenseWaterWeather    WindAnd     More.These can all make the game happier, or scarier, or change the game in other ways. They can though be quite distracting and set a false alarm. Some of the sounds are pretty short and basic, while others are much longer and more detailed. The sounds work in modded biomes also, Hypsellis helped get a list of biomes from various biome mods. Paul from paulscode the sound engine used in MC and MC Forge also helped fix issues in the mod. The mod updates a lot with new sounds. Many are made from online mixing tools such as or making it easy for individuals to expand the sound. Requires CreativeCore


Fabric Language Kotlin

Fabric Language Kotlin is one of the many Fabric Language adapters for Kotlin. Language adapters let you write mods in programming languages other than pure Java (often but not always JVM-based languages). There are many big Fabric mods which use Kotlin includingAdorn    Inventory Tweaks    AE Additions – ExtraCells2 ForkBountiful DeftuLib    Hex     Casting   Industrial     Revolution    Inventerio   Kambrik    Lakeside    LibrarianLib    Level Up HP MirageFairy2023    Ping Wheel    Plethora Peripherals    Roughly Enough Trades    Roughly Enough Loot Tables    RSWires    TerrarianSlimes    Woods and MiresZoomify and many more. Kotlin is primarily a JVM-based programming language like Groovy or Scala and is in many ways considered a newer Scala (though Scala is still being developed), though it does not only compile to JVM, it can also compile to native or to JavaScript or even its own bytecode format. Fabric Language Kotlin is meant to be used with the JVM variant though.Kotlin as mentioned before has some in common with Scala and a little in common with Crystal. Kotlin Language is a must-use for many people, many people really like it, while others do not. One issue you have is if you use Kotlin you may have compatibility issues with lesser-known tool chains that you may port your mod too. But if you want to use Kotlin because you prefer it you can use this language adapter. There are reasons to prefer Kotlin if you like some of the features or if you want to also do things like Android development (which has recently started to recommend Kotlin over Java which it had previously). If you use Kotlin it is suggested you use IntelliJ because they are made by the same company and eclipse does not have quite as good of support for it.For players, you should be able to just install the mod in your mods folder. If you are a developer you will need to take extra steps and requires the user already know a little bit about using Kotlin with Gradle (but Groovy DSL can still be used unless you want Kotlin DSL). FabricMC has a tutorial which can be used with basic instructions about getting started. Fabric Language Kotlin does not rely on any specific version of Minecraft, just on Fabric loader.


TL skin and cape

TL skin and cape is a mod for Minecraft which adds integration with TLauncher and accounts for the use of Skins and Capes. TLauncher is one of the most popular launchers and also one of the best ones. Tlauncher has a large array of features and skins and capes are one of them. This mod is only officially supported on Tlauncher on supported configurations, it may work on other launchers with your TL account or on unsupported versions, but it is not guaranteed.The skins and capes you have will be viewable by other players, but it is recommended that they have the mod installed also. It is possible to use without a TL account, and you will automatically get a skin selected many times even when you do not ask for one, but to get the most use you should preferably have a Tlauncher account, if you want even more features you can use Tlauncher Premium (though it is not available in the US or Canada). One issue is if you use a Mojang account or just play the game without an account at all in offline mode (you will get a default skin, there are many like the ones shown and others like a Zelda-style one), you may be sometimes automatically given a skin, or in some cases even if you use Minecraft Premium you may not have access to your Mojang/Microsoft Skin. Additionally, in Vanilla the mod auto installs and the Vanilla game when run from Tlauncher calls itself modded.The mod is available on a wide range of platforms officially, such asMC  Forge MC Forge Optifine    Optifine    Forge LiteLoaderOptiForgeLiteLoader FabricMC (but not yet officially FabricSodium)Vanillaand more going back a pretty long time.You may also get the mod to work on more platforms, such as Fabric derivatives such as QuiltMC, but it is not officially supported and may have issues. In most cases, the mod will install automatically. If in Tlauncher you have access to the little blue TL Logo next to the version, that means TL Skin and cape should install automatically, you will just get a prompt asking you about your skin while trying to launch.If you want to configure your character you should get a Tlauncher account and then you can download skins, HD Skins, capes, animated capes, and more from their website or other cape and skin websites. You can download a wide range of capes including the Russian flag, Optifine, Minecon, and many other capes and skins. You can even search skins by a Mojang or Tlauncher username. Do note though that if you need an animated cape you should use a Tlauncher Premium account (Which is not the same as a Mojang Premium account and does not let you play on online mode servers like Hypixel).Many of these functionalities are more advanced and convenient than what Microsoft do. It is also very useful when someone can't pay for the game or have issues downloading. Tlauncher has been very good at making the game accessible to places that are under sanctions and can not download things like Java or buy the game by providing some of this stuff on their servers. Tlauncher is a spreader of freedom, equality and truth. It is also one of the easiest Launchers to use and very good with older and more obscure versions and clients or mod loaders. It is also one of the most popular launchers, the 1st 3rd party launcher I used and one of the top-ranking on search engines. The discord server got thousands of members within the 1st day and has more users than most launcher discords including PrismMC, PolyMC, MultiMC, GDLauncher, TL Legacy and others. It is partly known for its ability to play for free, though many big servers do not support offline accounts, many smaller ones, especially in the Spanish-speaking world do. TL does seem to also be very popular there.There is common misinformation about TL and TL Skin and Cape being malware, but this is untrue, we looked at the skin and cape mod ourselves and did not see malware and the methods used by the people claiming it is a virus are untrustworthy and have been debunked by the people at Tlauncher (it is even safer than Discord and most of the people who claimed it was malware are on Windows systems using the exe and not the jar for whatever reason, so this argument would be less valid if you use the jar and are not on windows anyhow.) and are likely done by Tlauncher’s competitors, as in general Tlaucher gets lots of slanders all around the community.Does not need Fabric API on Fabric


Charm of Undying (Fabric/Forge/Quilt)

Charm of Undying is a mod which makes it so you can use the Totem of Undying Item in a Trinket slot rather than your offhand. Normally in Minecraft, the Totem of undying goes in your offhand which makes it so that you can not use another item in the offhand. The offhand is normally able to use things like Shields, Swords, Fireworks, and Blocks when Inventory is full, as other items. The Totem of Undying does not need to be actually interacted with making it good use for a Trinket. You will get a trinket slot above for the Charm and be able to put the charm there and it will show up on your neck like a neckless preventing you from death. It is a good vanilla + mod.Charm of Undying works with Curios API and Trinkets (Fabric). Charm of Undying is available for FabricMC, QuiltMC, and MinecraftForge.



This mod adds a load of new shovels to Minecraft such as the Mystical Shovel, the Fast Shovel, the Ultra Shovel. All these are over powered shovels which make your digging a whole lot less boring. Our mod works across many different versions of MinecraftWIP So not everything is perfect!Fast Shovel Digs FastMystical Shovel digs fast and hurts a lot and is quite sturdyUltra Shovel is very strongUltra Fast Shovel is strong and FastMore! This Mod Requires FeatureCreep Installed to work accross versions.Our Discord : 


Curios API

Curios API is an equipment API and Slot System for Minecraft, allowing for more usage for items and tools rather than just the traditional armour and shield/offhand slots. On the player Inventory Screen, in the top left of the player model, there is a Curios Icon (which looks like a mechanical circle with an X going through it, it starts grey but turns yellow when hovered on) where you can access the different slots for the different types of items. Mods can easily add their own Curios slots for their custom items.The mod by itself does not come with any new content or slots, only 2 example items for developers to reference when making their mods that are only accessible in creative mode. The player will be able to do something with Curios once they install mods which use it. Some mods which use Curios are MCDoom and Nameless Trinkets, and there are also some commonly used slots.Curios are good for being a central equipment slot registry to which developers can easily add stuff, others may exist, but Curios is trying to centralise it. The slots have lots of customisation, such as backgrounds, appearance, and size, and can also be added or removed at any time for any reason. The slots can also use the vanilla tag system to accept more than just some hard-coded items. The items are also compatible with inventory mechanics such as enchantments, mending, curses and other mechanics developers may add. All this is easily accessible from the simple GUI in the player inventory, which is often a strip with all the slots attached in a straight line with check marks next to the slots, but that can easily be customised. Slots can also be modified or added/removed, and the whole mod can be disabled with commands. The mod provides an extensive amount of commands.Even though Curios is very easy to use, the author still has documentation for players, which mainly contains information about the config and other stuff that would be common for modpacks. There is also documentation for developers and information about how to add it to a project.Curios are for both Forge and Fabric.



SecurityCraft adds several new feaatures that will help you keep your Minecraft base safe from griefers and thieves. Some of the best features are listed below.You can use Reinforced Blocks to completely stop your enemies from getting into your base. These blocks are unbreakable variants of some vanilla block. They have a slightly darker texture to help distinguish them from their vanilla counterparts. These blocks cannot be moved using pistons.You can place several Security Cameras across your base. You can use a screen to view the camera when you are away from your base.The Projector can be used to project fake blocks into the world. These blocks look just like regular blocks, but lacks hitboxes and hence you can easily walk through them as if they do not exist. This makes way for plenty of hidden bases that you can hide from other players in their plain sight.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs

Infernal mobs is a mod, that adds custom-made diablo-like modifiers to mobs. Every mob in the game has a chance to spawn with a different rarity. Each rarity increases the mob's HP, damage, or adds other abilities. These mobs make the game harder, so there is also an increased reward for killing each of them, you can get up to quadruple experience gain, and randomly generated enchanted items.The mod should also work for mobs added with other mods.List of modifiers:1UP - Mob heals fully, once, upon getting lowAlchimist - throws Potions at youBerserk - Mob deals double damage but hurts itself on attackingBlastoff - Tosses Players into the airBulwark - Mob has 50% damage resistanceChoke - Drown on land, hit Mob to breathe for a momentCloaking - Invisibility Potion effect on MobDarkness - Blindness Potion effect on the PlayerEnder - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the PlayerExhaust - Exhaust Potion effect on the PlayerFiery - sets Player on FireGhastly - shoots FireballsGravity - knocks back or pulls PlayersLifesteal - heals from attackingNinja - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the PlayerPoisonous - poisons the Player on attackQuicksand - Slow Potion effect on the PlayerRegen - heals Health backRust - causes high amounts of wear on weapons and armor when foughtSapper - Hunger Potion effect on PlayerSprint - high movement speed burstsSticky - can snatch Items the Player attacks withStorm - calls down LightningVengeance - reflects a portion of all damage doneWeakness - Weakness Potion effect on the PlayerWebber - spawns Webs at the Players legsWither - Wither effect


FeatureCreep Tutorial Mod

A tutorial mod explaining how to make version independent mods for the upcoming FeatureCreep Modloader.This mod currently adds Items, Dataified Items, and Tools.Mods Made with the FeatureCreep API work across many different Minecraft Versions and even on top of other Modloaders, so long as the FeatureCreep Modloader is installed on top of them.This is a tutorial project for how to use code mods for FeatureCreep. See the Source Tab for more info. Started (Under Construction)


Roughly Enough items

The Roughly Enough Items mod provides an easy way to browse crafting recipes. The item crafting and inventory interface is now a lot more cleaner and is heavily customizable. REI works well with mods and this support does allow you to browse through items added by mods very easily. The main focus of this mod is on providing an easy way to craft items into everything that specific item can be converted into. For example, a log can either be crafted into planks or you can convert it into a stripped log by right clicking with an axe. You can now view this in an interface.The download links given below will take you to the official curseforge files page of the mod, from where you can download your required version of the mod.


Doggy Talents Mod

Wolves in Minecraft can be tamed to make it follow you around everywhere you go. If your love your Minecraft pet and want to make them actually useful, the Doggy Talents mod is for you. Doggy Talents adds some features that are related to tamed wolves. Here's some of them :19 unique talents you can give your dogDog leveling systemPlay fetch with your dogDyeable collars and any other fancy collarsCare for your dog with beds, food bowls etcTrack your dogs with radio collars on a radarUpgraded AI from the wolfNew hunger system, don't worry about your dog dying unnecessaryThis is a Forge mod and download links are given below.



This mod adds cute little Adélie penguins into your game. The penguins can be found waddling around in Snowy Tundra and Ice Spikes biomes. However, this is configurable. If you have any snowy biomes added by mods, the penguins will spawn there too. But the biome shouldn't be a mountain, forest or ocean. The sound made by the penguins are pretty realistic and they add a great atmosphere to the snowy biomes that they spawn in. Overall, Waddles is a great mod that can be used to make your game a lot more realistic and detailed.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.



Sit is a simple mod with a simple function - it adds a mechanic which lets the player sit on stairs and half beds. With this mod installed, you can right click on the top surface of any stair block to sit on it. Once you sit on the stair, it'll appear as if the player is sitting on a chair. You can crouch to stand up again.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Water Strainer

The Water Strainer mod adds a few block in the game that you can use to filter items from water. The strainer block can be used to stain out items like sand, gravel, etc. The items caught by the stainer will be put into a strainer block that's usually placed below the strainer. This strainer block has a GUI that you can open and pick items that the strainer has caught. How to start:(1) Craft a strainer base.(2) Craft any type of strainer.(3) Place the strainer base inside a pool of water (the base needs water on top).(4) Put your strainer into the baseThe strainer will now filter the water for items. The list of items depends on the strainer type.Items can be inserted and extracted from the bottom part of the Strainer Base. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


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