Mods for Minecraft 1.13.2

Discover some of the wonderful mods for Minecraft version 1.13.2. These will make your Minecraft world even more fascinating to explore by adding a whole bunch of new functionalities, items, blocks and even new landscapes.

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This is a tool used for debugging modpacks which scans your mods for mods which have annotations associated with common Mixer APIs such as SpongeMixin, Tuna-Bytes (soon), PizzaMixin(soon), and AssistMixer(soon) as well as some Aspect Orientated Programming APIs. For all the files that meet these criterias, it lists the name, the jar file it is in, the known targets (except for ones which do not specify the targets in the file itself like AssistMixer), the Class References, the Method References, and the Field References, with the possibility to add even more information in the future. On launchers which support System.out.println it will show the information in the console, the logs are also saved in (.)minecraft/logs/MixerLogger.log so you can access it. This is helpful if you are making a very large modpack and one of these breaks the game, this will allow you to have a better idea where it can be coming from. It loads itself before or during SpongeMixin or similar tools in most cases. The code for this is largelly loader independent meaning with a basic entrypoint it can be supported on most loaders and even most games in Java. Same Jar is used in more than 1 loader. Should work with Abstraction layer mods like Special Compatibility Operation, NeoFromTheMatrix, or Sintrya Connector just fine.The logs will be a tiny bit hard to read, but ideally anyone who is using this will be using ⌘+F or Ctrl+F to find specific peices of information. An example of a individual mixer class's info is as followsClass Name: net.fabricmc.fabric.mixin.client.model.BakedModelManagerMixinTargets: [net.minecraft.class_1092]ClassRef: [net.minecraft.class_1087, org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.Mixin, java.util.Map, net.minecraft.class_1092, net.fabricmc.api.Environment, net.fabricmc.fabric.mixin.client.model.BakedModelManagerMixin, net.fabricmc.api.EnvType, org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.Shadow, java.lang.Object, net.fabricmc.fabric.impl.client.model.BakedModelManagerHooks, net.minecraft.class_2960]MethodRef: [java.util.Map.get(Ljava/lang/Object;)Ljava/lang/Object;]FieldRef: [net.fabricmc.fabric.mixin.client.model.BakedModelManagerMixin.field_5408:Ljava/util/Map;]Originating JAR: fabric-api-0.75.1+1.19.2.jar-------------------- But it can be more daunting for much larger ones LimitationsAt the moment only Sponge Mixin is supported but others are soon planned and we also plan to list more info about modified methods and RefMap parsing. This also only goes 1 level deep for nested jars and javassist is bundled (which could conflict with a few mods but most other mods run AFTER this one so you would already have your information by the time such package conflict could happen). This only scans existing Mixer classes not ones created during runtime. This can make the game possibly unstable and also makes the game take longer to load so if you are not using it I would not suggest keeping it in your mods folder. Also atm only the folder called "mods" is supported but this will change. Platform support.FeatureCreepFeatureCreep 4.0 Pre Release 18 will come with this built in but it will need to be enabled in the FeatureCreep config (in the etc directory in your Minecraft Folder). However this jar supports FeatureCreep 4 Pre Release 17 to an extent if not being run on one of the other mentioned platforms. If you are on MCForge and have FeatureCreep this mod will confict due to both having the same packages at least on 1.17 due to Module changes. On platforms which do not come with SpongeMixin or a supported mixer it will need to be installed normally. The FeatureCreep built-in version will be the best maintained. The Pre-17 and earlier version of the mod will duplicate on Pre-18 or newer and is generally unsupported. Works on games outside of Minecraft written in Java and can be used on other loaders like LiteLoader and Rift and NeoForge and possibly older versions of MC Forge if FeatureCreep is installed. MinecraftForgeShould work on 1.17+, 1.16.5 and earlier has changes in the ITransformationService making it hard to do in the same file. FabricMCShould work on any version and in non-Minecraft games. May work on QuiltMC and other FabricMC derivatives but it is untested. Legacy and Cursed Legacy Fabric should also work. 


Optifine Latest

Optifine is a free, highly popular, and powerful mod for Minecraft developed by sp614x. Its primary mission is to enhance the game's performance by optimizing its code and providing players with numerous graphical customization options. Since its release, Optifine has become a staple for many Minecraft players, regardless of their hardware's capabilities, as it dramatically improves frame rates and reduces lag.FPS Boost: By fine-tuning the rendering engine, Optifine boosts the frames per second (FPS), leading to a smoother gaming experience. This is especially beneficial for players with lower-end computers or laptops, as it allows them to play Minecraft without frustrating lags or choppy frame rates. Configurable Settings: Optifine grants players the ability to customize the game's visual settings according to their hardware specifications. Users can adjust details like render distance, texture quality, smooth lighting, and particles, tailoring the experience to suit their preferences while maintaining a balanced performance. The Beauty of Shaders: Beyond its performance-enhancing features, Optifine is renowned for unlocking the true beauty of Minecraft through shaders. Shaders are graphical packages that introduce stunning visual effects, turning the game into a captivating work of art. With Optifine installed, players can seamlessly use various shader packs and immerse themselves in a whole new world of aesthetic splendor.Simply follow the download links provided below.


FPS Reducer

FPS Reducer is a mod created to reduce unnecessary GPU and CPU load by automatically reducing the frame rate when the client window is inactive or has been idle for a certain period of time. It serves as an energy-saving tool as it helps to extend the lifespan of a computer, reduce power consumption, and can help to keep a room cool. The mod features the ability to automatically reduce the frame rate when there is no user operation for the specified time or when the game window is inactive or minimized. Additionally, it can suppress sound volume in these cases, displays the current FPS on the edge of the screen, and displays the CPU usage of the client thread (from version 1.14 onwards). By default, the frame rate drops to 10 if there is no activity for 5 minutes. The [PAUSE] key can be used to reduce FPS manually (new feature in v1.16), and the [END] key can be used to open the configuration GUI. With such simple tools, FPS Reducer can be an invaluable asset to any Minecraft user who wants to save power and conserve energy while still enjoying the game.


Pick Up Notifier [Forge & Fabric]

Pick Up Notifier is a simple yet effective mod for Minecraft players to help them keep track of their resources and items that they collect while playing. The mod displays a neat list in the bottom right corner of the player's screen whenever they collect an item, such as a resource, experience, or arrows. This list moves away after a few seconds, ensuring players don't get distracted while they are playing. Pick Up Notifier is designed to be compatible with the auto-pickup features of most backpack mods, including Forge backpacks. It also allows players to customise the list to fit their needs, such as changing the screen corner, the position, scale, and text style. Players have the option to denylist or allowlist certain items via an extensive JSON configuration file. Installation of Pick Up Notifier requires both the client and optional server components to be installed, along with PuzzlesLib for both Forge and Fabric, as well as Fabric API and Forge Config API port for Fabric. There are also options to configure the mod directly from within the game using Mod Menu by Prospector for Fabric. This useful mod was originally inspired by TeamCoFH in a very old version of their CoFH Core mod from the 1.6 era of modded Minecraft. Pick Up Notifier is the perfect mod for players looking to keep track of their collected items with ease!



Introducing a remarkable server-side mod designed to eliminate annoying and bad looking airborne leaves effectively! The FastLeafDecay mod expedites leaf decay immediately following tree wood removal. By default, within a mere five seconds, all leaves will vanish, providing a seamless gaming experience. Try this unparalleled modification today and bid farewell to those annoying floating leaves for good!Welcome to the world of Forge mods! To embark on your journey, we provide download links below for your convenience. Ensure a smooth installation process by following the installation instructions diligently to avoid any errors  


CC: Tweaked

CC: Tweaked is a mod for Minecraft that adds programmable computers, turtles, and more to the game. A fork of the popular ComputerCraft mod, CC: Tweaked offers better performance, stability, and a wealth of new features. Fabric support is added through the CC: Restitched project. Players can control their computers using the Lua programming language. With this programming language, it's possible to write programs and automate their Minecraft worlds. Turtles are also available, enabling players to move about the world and carry out tasks such as breaking blocks and swinging swords. In addition to custom computer programs and automated turtles, CC: Tweaked offers players a range of peripheral items. Speakers allow players to create musical tunes, monitors can display text or images, modems permit computers to communicate with each other, and computers can even access inventories and chests to assist in item management. Those new to ComputerCraft are encouraged to watch tutorials from Direwolf20, Sethbling, and Lyqyd, while the wiki provides detailed documentation on the APIs and peripherals provided by the mod. If further help is needed, users can always ask questions on GitHub or join the ComputerCraft IRC channel.


Zombie Horse Spawn

Zombie Horses have existed in the game for a very very long time, but have you ever seen one in your survival world? I bet you haven't. Because these horses do not spawn naturally in vanilla survival Minecraft. To summon them, you have to either rely on commands or use spawn eggs. These Zombie Horses are one of the fastest modes of transport in the game and they do not even need to be tamed. It's a shame that they cannot be obtained in survival mode.With the Zombie Horse Spawn mod, you can tweak your game so that these horses spawn naturally in survival mode. And even with this mod installed, the chances of coming across one is very less. Their rarity can be tweaked in the config file.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions CAREFULLY to avoid any errors.


Caelus API

Caelus API is an API that makes changes to Elytras to make its functionality available to other items more easily.Elytras currently works because they have a hard-coded flight functionality, which makes it hard for other modded items to use its functionality without copying some of the game's code or otherwise calling the Elytra code.To do this, Caleus creates an attribute called CaelusAPI.ELYTRA_FLIGHT, which enables one to access the flight functionality. The functionality has an integer that must be set to above 1 to be enabled; the default is 0.The vanilla Elytra has also been changed to use this instead. This could but is unlikely to cause issues with other mods.Caelus is not only for developers, though; it also adds some Quality of life changes to the player experience in the pre-1.16 game versions. Some of the features for players are:Turning flight on or off with a key bind (default v)Turning flight on or off with a key while in the air (Keybind must be set manually)Ability to use a key bind to activate Elytra flight instead of the weird jumping and fireworks movement (Must also be set manually)Caleus is used by many Elytra mods and even Origins and Thermal Craft.


Additional Enchanted Miner

Additional Enchanted Miner is a mod which adds overpowered digging machines, such as a Quarry similar to the 1.4.4-1.7.10 BuildCraft add-on Quarry Plus, including some removed stuff. This mod adds a few different blocks/devices, many of which are enchanted, giving even greater strength. Here are some of the most important ones:WorkbenchPlus - The workbench/crafting table used to make stuff in this modQuarryPlus: This digs in a huge 256*256 area to Y 1. Puts things in chests.PumpPlus - Used for pumping fluids like Water and LavaChunkDestroyer - Flatten a full chunk in under an hourAdvancedPump- A Fast PumpSpawner Controller - Used to change the contents of a spawner next to itEnchantment Mover - Moves enchantments from Diamond Pickaxes to Machines for they work fasterMini Quarry - A smaller, less powerful version of Quarry PlusMarkers - Used to show boundariesMore.
Note: In the fabric version, the only machines are the QuarryPlus, Advanced Pump, Markers, and Chunk Destroyer.
The developer has more in-depth details on how to use the machines. Many use maths and frames and have other things to remember when working with the devices.
It is important to note that these machines need the energy to work. This mod does not have a way to make energy, so you will need some generator mod to make it work. It supports many energy formats such as RF, EU, MJ and Forge Energy. However, unlike many tech mods, disabling energy requirements is possible. Just go to the config and switch the “NoEnergy” field.
This requires a Scala Language adapter such as Scalable Cat’s Force or Fabric Language Scala. Cloth Config is also needed on the Fabric version.
Many of the machines in this mod are very overpowered.


BisectHosting Server Integration Menu

BisectHosting Server Integration Menu is a mod which allows you to quickly startup a Minecraft server with BisectHosting directly within Minecraft Itself. BisectHosting is a popular Minecraft Server host which is commonly sponsoring various Minecraft mods and helping the community. They like some other Minecraft server hosts (like CreeperHost), have various mods to work with the game, however theirs may be one of the easiest to quickly startup a server with. The mod is mostly for Modpack developers to do advertising with rather than a tool that is actually useful for players. When you go to the multiplayer screen you will see a section at the top that says Need a server? Clicking on this fills out a screen that makes you select a pre-existing modpack from a platform or a loader and then lets you fill out information about the specs you need and brings you to the bisect hosting checkout page. This can also fill out a config file. The ideal way to do this is if you are a modpack maker you will go to the config, and in MC Forge go to config/bhmenu-client.toml or on FabricMC /config/bhmenu/ and then fill out the info about the Title and Description and the Partner ID (which can be found at the console) and the Modpack ID (which can also be found at the console). Filling this config out makes it easier for a player of a modpack to just click on the link and automatically have the ability to have the pack selected. The bisect hosting mod does not appear to just let you upload your existing playset to the plan automatically but rather as just a way to get a new server with an existing modpack which making it more of an option for affiliates to put in their modpacks than a tool for players to actually use (at the end of the day you just end up back on their website). BisectHosting is known for their advertising and sponsorships, they are the Raid: Shadow Legends of Minecraft modding, they advertise a lot. Their prices are not too good, you would be better off going for something like SparkedHost if you cared about price, but if you want to support creators BisectHosting could be a good option if you use the creator’s code. Using a creator’s code can also get you a discount in the beginning.


AmbientSounds 5

AmbientSounds 5 or Ambient Sounds is a sound mod which adds various new sounds that appear around your world, often looped and repetitive yet pleasing at the same time if you have your sound on. It goes well with the built-in Minecraft music but also makes the in-game sounds a little more interesting if you need to turn off the MC Music for a while. Many of the in-game sounds appear in various locations at different times. Like in the vanilla game, the place can affect where the different sounds play.Despite being a sound mod, the mod has lots of code in it to determine which sounds should be played and enabled and you can configure this with multiple different JSON files in the config folder. You can set the feature locations, the sound locations, the regions, and dimensions, and the engine to get good detail of which sounds should be played where. Modders can also use the large sound engine API to help with their sound mods and playing sounds. You can also create your sound packs with information from the wiki. There are a lot of sounds in the game, some of the sounds in the game added by the mod are:Bird     SoundsCicadasCricketsCrowsFrogsOwlsSeagullWolfCaveSuspenseWaterWeather    WindAnd     More.These can all make the game happier, or scarier, or change the game in other ways. They can though be quite distracting and set a false alarm. Some of the sounds are pretty short and basic, while others are much longer and more detailed. The sounds work in modded biomes also, Hypsellis helped get a list of biomes from various biome mods. Paul from paulscode the sound engine used in MC and MC Forge also helped fix issues in the mod. The mod updates a lot with new sounds. Many are made from online mixing tools such as or making it easy for individuals to expand the sound. Requires CreativeCore


OpenBlocks Elevator

OpenBlocks Elevator Is a 1.8 and newer Elevator port from the old OpenBlocks mod. The elevator is like a fast lift or scaffold that allows you to move up and down quickly. The Elevators, in most cases, need to be the same X and Z coordinates and within 4 blocks on the Y access for a total of 20, though this can easily be changed in the config.Once you have a lift system, you should be able to climb up by jumping and climb down by crouching. This makes it a very fast method of transportation.If you want different levels only some can access, you can group your elevators with dyes. The elevator will, in most cases, try to avoid stops which are not the same deal colour. When moving, your camera also changes.One cool feature in this mod over others is The ability to camouflage your lifts to make them look like surrounding blocks, making it good for security or decorations.


Enchantment Descriptions

EnchantmentDescriptions Is a Vanilla Plus Quality of Life Client-side mod which shows the descriptions of enchanted books on the tooltip. If a book has a known enchantment, hover over it, and it will say what it is. The enchantment descriptions work across multiple different languages.The mod also works with modded enchantments. However, the mod that adds the enchantment likely needs to officially support the descriptions, or the player or mod pack maker may need to add it manually. The enchantment descriptions are, in most cases, added with traditional localisation JSON files and do not require a special APi to use, so a modpack maker can easily add support for new enchantments or descriptions in other languages (though for vanilla ones, it is suggested you submit them to the GitHub so others can play with them). To add an enchantment description, do an entry named: enchantment.modid.enchantment_name.descFor the most part, this mod does not need to be installed on the server, and a player should be able only to add it on their side and have it work, even on Vanilla servers.Some mods like Apotheosis require it.The mod used the Multiloader template, so works on both Fabric/Quilt and Minecraft Forge.



AttributeFix is a mod which removes the arbitrary attribute limit on some things with a configurable one. With a config file, you can change the limit or make it as high as java would let you for the operator type.* Max Health if Entities (normally maxes out at 1024)* Knockback Resistance* Movement Speed* Attack speed and Damage (have limits)* Armour values (are often limited)* Armour Toughness* Luck* Follow range
These limits exist in the game, making it harder for modders to customise what they want. AttributeFix generally gets rid of these restrictions. It works on Minecraft Forge and Fabric/Quilt and uses the MultiLoader template. AttributeFix does not do much. It only really matters if some mods use its higher numbers. The mod content could also easily be added to your mod, and AttributeFix is mostly just a simple injection.Some mods which officially use AttributeFix include:Nightmare Craft: SurvivalStick of DeathChaos AwakensRaid AwakensRPGishLuminiumArmor Toughness BarAnd many more.Even if a mod does not specifically require It, it could still work, and most mods which use AF officially will boot up without it, just with the attributes being obsolete.


Xaero’s World Map

Xaero’s World Map Is a QoL Vanilla plus world map and navigation mod for Minecraft made by Xaero. To activate the world map, press the designated key bind (m by default), and then you will get the world map open with all the discovered locations. At the same time, undiscovered locations will have a black Fog of War until you discover them. This is largely because Minecraft generally does not automatically generate chunks that far in advance. But even on multiplayer servers, you only see what you discovered by default. Xaeros world map is a client-side mod meaning the server does not need to have the mod installed for you to use it, and it is quite helpful in that regard; if you want to keep track of land on a vanilla server, you can go with this mod. You can also create waypoint markers within the world map to mark locations you may be interested in.Xaero’s Minimap, what Xaero is most known for, is suggested but not mandatory, and World Map has integrations with other mods to help you work with them.
The map is very interactive; you can scroll through the map dynamically, scroll in and out for zooming, hover over a title to see the cords, see what the top layer is, and much more.
//todo write more details about each button


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