Phil's Default Improvements + Enhanced Animals Texture Pack


This resource pack makes minor improvements to the default textures and models.

List of improvements:
  • Added shadow effect to grass block
  • Removed unnecessary details from crafting table
  • Enhanced overall TNT texture, removing the unsightly fuse from the top
  • Furnace textures and models both lit and unlit are enhanced
  • Colours on the bedrock texture are not as distinguished
  • Torch models and textures are improved. In addition, torches appear unlit in the player's hand
  • Redstone torch models and textures are also improved in both lit and unlit forms
  • Removed leather armour overlays from both the model and items
  • Early Minecraft animals have improved models and textures. Wool on the sheep's face is now coloured when dye is applied to the sheep
  • Added brown overlay to grass and other foliage, giving a more natural look to the world
  • Removed grey spots from all dirt based textures
  • Changed textures and models for pumpkin, carved pumpkin and jack o' lantern blocks. Carved pumpkin overlay is changed to suit the new textures.
  • Added wood texture to chests
  • Polar bear textures improved
  • Rails, iron bars and ladders are given a 3D effect.
  • Shade is added to crops and flowers
  • Improved all dirt based textures
  • Changed bookshelf and brick texture
  • Added fade effect to smoker animation
  • Changed jukebox texture and added animation


Follow the procedures described below to install this texture pack into your game

1) Download the texture

2) Put in resources folder


Game Versions
1.14.2 1.14.1 1.14
August 06, 2021

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