Tidbits - Villagers, Discs and More! Mod


Tidbits is an amazing mod that introduces a lot of new things into your game. The mod does not focus on just improving a specific aspect of the game, but rather focuses on improving the whole game in general. Tidbits introduces four new villager professions along with their workstations, village houses and accompanying trades. The four new villager professions are listed below :

  • The Engineer, which buys and sells redstone-related items.
  • The Lumberjack, which buys and sells items relating to wood and tree cutting with support for other mods.
  • The Contractor, which buys and sells building materials.
  • The Disc Jockey, which buys and sells music related items, including discs, and special cosmetic items.

The mod adds two new ores into the game. The flint ore spawn in gravel and drops guaranteed flint. And the sulphur ore spawns in the nether and drops gunpowder. Another addition by Tidbits is chainmail, which you can use to craft chainmail armor. The mod also introduces more new blocks, music discs, etc.

Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Follow the procedures described below to install this mod into your game

1) Install the Forge

2) Download the mod

3) Put in mods folder


Game Versions
10.38 mb
May 08, 2022

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