MemeTX Shaders

MemeTX Shaders is an amazing shader pack crafted to transform your Java Edition Minecraft into a visual masterpiece that mirrors the stunning realism of RTX graphics made for the Bedrock Edition. With meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge technology, MemeTX Shaders redefines the way you experience your favorite sandbox game, even on a low-end PC.

The shader pack introduces dynamic water reflections that mirror the surroundings with astonishing accuracy. Watch in awe as your character's reflection ripples through serene lakes or choppy seas. 

MemeTX Shaders employs advanced echniques to emulate natural lighting, resulting in an environment that feels remarkably authentic. Each sunrise and sunset casts soft, immersive hues that paint the world in vivid colors.

Dive into a world of enchanting atmospheric effects, where fog gently caresses the landscape and distant objects emerge from the haze as you explore. Whether you're exploring dark caves with dramatic shadows or marveling at the brilliance of the stars in the night sky, every moment becomes an immersive experience.

With its realistic lighting, dynamic water reflections, enhanced textures, atmospheric effects, and overall immersive experience, MemeTX Shaders takes your Minecraft adventures to a whole new level.

Please review the screenshots to understand the contents of this pack. Below, you'll find the download links. To ensure a smooth installation process and avoid any issues, please read the installation instructions carefully.


Follow the procedures described below to install this shaders into your game

  1. Download and install the Forge
  2. Install the Optifine mod
  3. Download the shader pack
  4. Put the shader pack into .minecraft/shaderpacks folder
  5. Launch Minecraft
  6. Go to settings->graphics->shaderpacks
  7. Select the shaderpack


Game Versions
0.45 mb
1.20 1.20.1 1.19 1.19.1 1.19.2 +8
August 22, 2023

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