Maps for Minecraft 1.18.1

Find out hundreds of maps for Minecraft version 1.18.1 generated by incredible Minecraft players. These range from some house-building ideas to massive city structures. Get inspired and enhance your creativity by exploring our maps storage.

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No images because of spoiling.Can you find the truth about the enemy of this world? I hope you can... Just... like it is a survival... xdVersion: 20w16a (snapshot, anything later should work just fine)Recommended resource pack: Default 3DEnjoy xd



Mystery of Castle is a PvP map made by me in version 1.16.4 and is for 2-4 players.Rules and other stuff is in game so pay attention to it.Castle is giant and there is nothing outside so pls don't exit the barrier thing. Features:- Custom caves- Command blocks- Traps- Majestic builds- Treasures everywhere- A lot of intension guaranteed- Secrets Thanks for playing in advance and enjoy! \/ Peace


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