Maps for Minecraft 1.7.10

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Ancient Greek Residence + BathHouse


In this map I built an ancient king's residence, which is located on the top of the mountain - for better view! It was designed in an ancient Greek style and the materials such as sandstone, sand, quartz, wool and stained clay were used. Inside you can find pools, bathrooms, meeting hall, small garden and the tower. Hope you enjoy and appreciate my work guys! Screenshots were taken using Romecraft texturepack. So if you want to get the same effect in the map, I suggest you to install it. For better impression use either SEUS or CYBOX shaders. The map is dedicated for minecraft 1.7.10 but maybe later versions can also run it.  

Hanging Gardens of Babylon


Here I tried to construct great Hanging Gardens of Babylon which consists of 7 floors. I had to look through web to find the blueprints and the images of this ancient building to make my sample as similar to the real one as I can. I spent over a month to constuct it so I hope you apreciate it guys! It has the fountain, waterfalls, gardens( in each floor ) and much more structures. For it to look like an ancient greek building, I made it mainly from sandstone. To get the same image as in screenshots I recommend to install SEUS shaders and Romecraft texturepack. Hope you like it!

The Modern Villa


Behold is the house that I constructed a year ago for my survival. The villa has its pool, several floors, garden and of caurse fascinating view to the sea! You can also see the yacht built near the villa. It looks much beautiful when you play with shades such as SEUS or CYBOX.Also few mods were used to make the villa look attractive. Installing ArchitectureCraft and Biomes' O Plenty mods would suffice.Currently it is for minecraft 1.7.10, but I suppose you can play it with versions above that.I hope you enjoy guys, and make your own improvements!

Silver Rock National Park 2

So right now on /r/Minecraft there is a contest to make your own National Park experience.    Naturally, that seemed like a perfect challenge to keep in practice, seeing as I havent uploaded anything here in far too long.    Ofc, I only did this over the past few days in my downtime, when other shit was loading, processing or otherwise being unhelpfully slow. So it is not my best work ever, but I am still pretty damn happy with it.      Map size is 2048x2048 blocks    Download should be available. Survival compatibility MAY happen, one day.      What you may do with this map:  -Use it on a free-access server (give me credit)  -Use it as a base for maps or builds, if you do the following    -Credit me AND the people I credit.    -Make significant enough changes that it becomes recognizably different from this project    -Make it available for download publicly, and demand the same terms (copypaste them if needed)  -Record cinematics or youtube series or other media on this map (or stream it), as long as you link to this post in the video description or stream chat etc.    What you may not do:  -use this map in any project that will be sold or put behind a paywall. Anything you make that includes this map must be freely accessible to anyone who wants it.  -Reupload this project anywhere for any reason. If you want to share it, link to this project. Reuploads of significantly changed maps are ok, but you must link to this project AND comment a link to your project.  -Claim this map as your own work  -use this map for recording of paid content, such as YT-red videos, Patreon-exclusive streams and other pay-wall systems. You want to make a movie on this map and then sell it (idfk why you would want that but whatever)? Too bad. Ofc, once I open again you can always commission me for a map where you CAN do that.  -Do anything not mentioned in the may portion without my express permission. When in doubt, ask me.