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Charm is a vanilla plus mod which adds a lot of new content as well as a lot of tweaks to the existing game. From basic storage blocks, and new types of wood, to new entities and world generation, this is one of the more extensive vanilla plus mods.

There are a few storage blocks with custom abilities, the Sugar and Gunpower blocks are both power storage blocks, and both fall similarly to gravel and sand, but Sugar disappears when mixed with water and gunpower when mixed with lava. There are also ender pearl blocks, which convert silverfish that go onto it into Endermites and eating Chorus fruit teleports you to them instead of a random location, but both can be turned off in the config.

There is also a pressure plate called the Player pressure plate that is crafted with gilded Blackstone that only the player can step on.

You no longer need to use 9 Redstone to make a Redstone block, there is a new type of block called Redstone sand which is 8 Redstone and a block of sand, however, it does fall making it useless for some builds. There is also a new lantern type from Redstone and iron nuggets that lights up from Redstone signal.

New types of wood added include Azalea Wood and Ebony wood. They have their own textures and saplings. Totems of preserving protect your stuff when you die and do not despawn. Raid Horns are another item which is very useful as they stop raids. There are also other random items such as coral sea lanterns, copper rails and clear item frames and different variants for many items are added for different types of wood, materials, colours, and other attributes. Some new variants for items include variants for:  

  • Bundles 

  • Glints  

  • Boats    

  • Bookshelves    

  • Animals  (often coloured differently)    

  • Barrels    

  • Nuggets    

  • Bars    

  • Chests   

  • Chains     (requires extra nuggets config feature)    

  • Lanterns     (requires extra nuggets config feature)    

  • And     so much more

There are also new mobs added such as Coral Squids and Mooblooms (like flower-based Mooshrooms). Mobs in general where many of the changes are also made such as changing the appearance of snow golems (which have largely been forgotten about by the community recently, though the old texture has a charm), beacons healing tamed animals, witches dropping luck, and other stuff.

There are also new changes to enchantments, such as a new enchantment called Ærial Affinity which makes it so you can mine faster when you are not grounded and another enchantment that makes block drops go directly into your inventory. There is also a way to convert items to enchanted books with grindstones, which is partly based on the code from Grind Enchantments.

A new type of weather is also added, snow storms make that already kinda good but also kind of boring snow much more extreme and exciting, but can also cause the player to freeze if they are not wearing leather armour and there will be many new layers of snow generated.

This is a very large mod with lots of random changes, it would be impossible to cover all of them, but you can read their wiki to get information about many of them. There are also 2 addons, Strange and Charmonium which add new functionality or music. The mod was largely inspired by Quark it is primarily for Fabric, but an official forge port called Charm Reforge exists while claiming to be 1.14.4 and newer only appears to have a 1.16.5 version so far and has not been updated in over a year. Pre 1.16.5 versions do not have the ReForged Suffix.