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Illagers Plus

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Illagers Plus mod expands upon the Illager mobs’ civilization in Minecraft. In Minecraft, the Illager mob is rare and can only be seen during raids or near the pillager outpost, where they live. They can’t be found roaming around like the other mobs. But with this mob, the probability of finding Illagers has increased significantly, as they now have their own villages and communities, just like villagers.

This mod expands the Illager mobs by adding new variants. This mod also adds new camps and structures where these mobs live, including towers, mansions, caves, etc. You might find the cave entrances in the middle of jungles or deserts. Entering these mines can lead you to caves full of loot and other items mined by the Miner illagers. These mobs can hide in the caves and attack the player on sight, so you must be careful when entering these mines.

Exploring the Ice spikes, you can see the Ice towers built by illagers. These towers are guarded by the archer pillagers and they can attack the players from far distances. Mining below these towers can lead you to a never-ending maze filled with chests with random items, armor, and food.

You can find multiple types of the structure and other variants of the mobs, which include:

  • General
  • King
  • Black Golem
  • Ice Pillager
  • Wizard
  • Magician
  • Hunter
  • And much more