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Castle Dungeons

Castle Dungeon is a unique Minecraft mod that introduces procedurally generated castles into the game. Unlike other dungeon mods, which usually focus on underground structures, Castle Dungeon creates castles on the surface for players to explore. The mod doesn't add new content to the game, but it does build impressive castles out of existing blocks in Minecraft. Each castle is procedurally generated, meaning that no two castles are alike. This adds a new dimension of excitement and adventure to Minecraft, as players can never be sure what they will find in each castle. Castle Dungeon is perfect for players who love exploring and discovering new structures. Each castle is filled with traps, puzzles, and hidden rooms to uncover. The mod is also great for those who enjoy building and designing their own castles, as the generated structures can serve as inspiration or a starting point for their own builds.

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Shrines Structures

The Shrines Structure mod is all about adding new structures to Minecraft without removing the game’. Unlike other mods that may modify existing structures, this mod introduces entirely new ones that fit seamlessly into the Minecraft world. One of the standout features of this mod is that you can find these new structures in all three biomes of the Minecraft world, which makes exploration even more exciting. These shrines are designed to be both visually appealing, and they provide a unique challenge for players to explore and conquer. Overall, the Shrines Structure mod is a great way to add more variety and excitement to your Minecraft gameplay experience. With its well-designed shrines and their placement throughout the world, this mod is sure to keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

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Red's More Structure

Red's More Structure is a Minecraft mod that adds various new structures to the game, giving players even more to explore and discover. The mod includes many new types of buildings, such as the infamous Herobrine statue, a sphinx, abandoned houses and mansions, and towering structures that will take your breath away. What's great about Red's More Structure is that it adds a lot of variety to the game, with each new structure having its unique appearance and design. Whether you're looking for a challenge, a new place to explore, or some sweet loot, there is sure to be a structure that catches your eye.

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Awesome Dungeon Ocean

Awesome Dungeon Ocean is a mod that adds new structures to the Minecraft world, all with an ocean theme. The structures are similar to those found in ocean monuments, but with a twist. These structures are generated randomly throughout the ocean and can be found by players who explore the depths. The mod uses vanilla Minecraft blocks to keep the natural feel of the game alive. Inside the structures, players will find chests filled with loot and mob spawners to add to the challenge. The ocean-themed structures include castles, towers, and other buildings, all designed to fit perfectly in the underwater environment.

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Awesome Dungeon Nether

The Awesome Dungeon Nether mod is an excellent addition to Minecraft for those looking for more challenge and adventure in the Nether. This mod adds new structures and dungeons full of danger and loot. The dungeons contain mob spawners and chests filled with valuable items that can help players on their journey. In addition to the dungeons, the mod adds different structures, such as castles and towers, that can be explored for more treasure and adventure. With this mod, the Nether becomes a more exciting and dynamic place to explore, and players will find themselves constantly discovering new challenges and rewards.

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Awesome Dungeon The End

The "Awesome Dungeon The End" mod enhances the end dimension in Minecraft by adding various structures with an end theme. These structures include pyramids, castles, and homes, all of which contain challenging dungeons filled with mobs and valuable loot. Unlike other mods that may introduce new blocks or items, this mod uses the vanilla Minecraft blocks to maintain the natural look and feel of the game. With this mod, players can explore the end dimension in a new and exciting way, with challenging dungeons and unique structures to discover.

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The Lost Castle

The Lost Castle is a Minecraft mod that adds a gigantic castle full of hidden treasure and long-lost secrets. Players must get a map from a journeyman cartographer to find the castle. The map will lead them on an adventure to figure out what's going on inside.The castle is heavily guarded by villagers who will do anything to protect their valuable wealth, even if it means putting their own lives or the lives of any intruders at risk. It's important to know that the castle is very hard to find and can appear thousands of blocks from where the player spawns.The Lost Castle mod is a great choice if you want to play Minecraft in a challenging and fun way. It's a different kind of adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you explore the castle and find out its secrets.

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Ambient Structures

Ambient Structures is a cool structure mod that adds a few new structures into your game. All of these structures do not do much other than making your world look a lot more detailed. You will find some of the structures generated randomly in your world. Here's a list of structures added by this mod :Mini Castles are abandoned structures that you will come across while travelling.The Wandering Trader base is supposed to look like a base for the Wandering trader that we all hate.Artifacts look like a portal to another dimension. They generate in a broken down manner with overgrowing greenery on them.There are several other tiny structures like tents, fireplaces and hot air balloons, that you may come across.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.



The Archon mod introduces magic into your Minecraft world. With this mod, you can have magical abilities in the game. This mod also adds new mobs and structures to the world, and some of those structures are captured by magicians and witches.You can also find buildings/castles randomly spawned in the world, filled with spawners and other magic stuff. You can kill the mobs and use the spawners to gain some XP to upgrade your armor and enchantments. You can also find many new mobs spawning near the towers. You can kill these mobs to get their armor which is more potent than the casual ones.

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Illagers Plus

Illagers Plus mod expands upon the Illager mobs’ civilization in Minecraft. In Minecraft, the Illager mob is rare and can only be seen during raids or near the pillager outpost, where they live. They can’t be found roaming around like the other mobs. But with this mob, the probability of finding Illagers has increased significantly, as they now have their own villages and communities, just like villagers.This mod expands the Illager mobs by adding new variants. This mod also adds new camps and structures where these mobs live, including towers, mansions, caves, etc. You might find the cave entrances in the middle of jungles or deserts. Entering these mines can lead you to caves full of loot and other items mined by the Miner illagers. These mobs can hide in the caves and attack the player on sight, so you must be careful when entering these mines.Exploring the Ice spikes, you can see the Ice towers built by illagers. These towers are guarded by the archer pillagers and they can attack the players from far distances. Mining below these towers can lead you to a never-ending maze filled with chests with random items, armor, and food.You can find multiple types of the structure and other variants of the mobs, which include:GeneralKingBlack GolemIce PillagerWizardMagicianHunterAnd much more

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Castle In The Sky

As named, this mod adds castles in the Minecraft world. With Castle on the sky mod, you can find the castles randomly spawned in your Minecraft world. You can trade with a villager to get the stone, showing you the castle’s path. You can enter the castle by building or using the levitating stone that lets you fly to the castle.You can conquer it by finding the entrance to its secret cave base and defeating all the mobs, getting keys, opening all the keys, and getting the Trophy. Once conquered, you can get good loot from the rewards room, located on the top of the castle. You can also find armor and other items to protect you from the mobs hidden in the caves. 

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The Graveyard

The Graveyard mod introduced the horror theme to Minecraft world. Graveyard mod adds spooky structures into the Minecraft World. You might come across the Graveyards, having the solo to multiple graves. The sunken graves are also there to scare you.You might also find abandoned altars and underground caves, home to Skeletons of different breeds. With the Graveyard mod, you might also find some horrifying mobs that might give you chills. You can also raid the caves, abandoned homes, and castles to get some good loot.

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The Bumblezone

The Bumblezone mod introduces a new world into Minecraft. Bumblezone adds a new dimension for the Bee. Unlike other dimensions, you don’t need any portal to enter this dimension. You can enter the bee dimension by clicking on the bee nest with an ender pearl.The Bumblezone dimension is completely made up of new blocks, all based on the honey theme. The bubble zone mod also adds the new bee mobs and structures in the new dimension. These structures include:MazesTemplesHanging gardenHomes/ CastlesSugar FountainsHoney Valleys 

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It Takes A Pillage

It Takes a Pillage mod introduces new pillagers to Minecraft. With this mod, you can find the new pillager civilization, that is similar to the villager civilization. With this mod, you will also come across multiple variants of the pillagers and other mobs that defend the villagers from pillagers.This mod adds the Archer Pillager, equipped with a crossbow, that attacks the players from a distance, letting them be safe from the village’s defenders, Iron Golems. Another mob added by the Pillage mod is the Hunter. As the name suggests, it attacks the villagers and players, and is equipped with an Axe, dealing more damage than other mobs.You might also find the pillager castles in plains, guarded by the hunters and the archers on towers. These castles also come with jails, filled with the villagers, and the barns, that contains their rides like ravagers.With all these mobs, defending the village might be difficult for the Iron golem alone. This mod also adds another variant of the Golem called Clay Golem, which can be made using clay and pumpkin. They are faster than iron golems.Wandering more, you might also come across the pillager training camp, covered with walls for safety, where they practice and therefore is highly equipped with loot.

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Structory mod introduced the new structure to the Minecraft world. With Structory mod, you can find the random structures and builds randomly generated in Minecraft world. You can also find abandoned homes, caves, and storage areas to get the loot.With Structory mod, you can also find the spawn alters with spawners and kill them to get some XP, which helps you upgrade your armor and tools. You can also see excellent structures like the boat with a villager sailing it, a scarecrow, etc.

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