Sooty Chimneys Mod

Sooty Chimneys is a Chimney mod which adds chimneys with moving smoke. These have moving smoke on them that looks semi-realistic. The chimneys themselves are also pretty nice looking and have custom models, both big and small ones.

 There are many features that the Chimneys have.

  • They will get soot (or dirty) after some time, and you will need to clean them with an axe. Sometimes when scraping it, you will get black dye, but this does not always happen. The soot speed is changeable in the config by doing 0-1 as a decimal. 
  • The wind also affects the smoke of the chimneys in this mod. The faster and stronger the wind, the faster the smoke will move, and the smoke will move in the direction of the wind. Rain and thunder can also make the wind stronger. The wind is generally weaker in the evening. You can disable the wind in the config by setting the Wind field to false. 
  • The chimneys start emitting smoke by default right when you place them down, but if you give the chimney a Redstone signal, it will stop emitting smoke. 

The current variants of the chimneys are Brick, Stone Brick, Copper, and Terracotta; each has a different appearance for different needs. If you are in creative mode, you can get both the dirty and clean versions of each chimney, which can be suitable for builders. 

The Forge config is generally very helpful and provides comments explaining what each function does, the different amounts and ranges, and what each amount does. The three main attributes you can change with the config are: 

  • The Chance/Speed the chimney has to get dirty (you should try to make this value low if you do not want to clean too often, the default is 0,05)
  • The strength of the smoke defaults to the max but can be changed from 0-1 via a decimal. 
  • Whether or not wind affects the smoke, the default is true, but you can switch it to false if you do not want to smoke. 

The mod has Create as an optional dependency, which means you can integrate these with things from create if you have Create installed. Create+ also has integration with this mod. Sooty Chimneys may also be able to integrate with some other mods with Create integration, such as Pollution of Realms. 

By itself (without Create), this mod is a small cosmetic mod suitable for builders or dye farming. The mod is in construction, so more will likely be added as the mod updates. The author welcomes suggestions.


Follow the procedures described below to install this mod into your game

  1. Download and install the Forge
  2. Download the mod
  3. Put the mod into .minecraft/mods folder
  4. Launch Minecraft


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November 22, 2022

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