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This mod improves generation of all ores in vanilla Minecraft. This mod also adds generation properties for obsidian. Works only with Programmer Art (Only for versions 1.2 or older / new version works internationally). Makes ore veins better structured and makes them possible to generate special blocks (ex. Bedrock)


Better Villages

Better Villages is a fantastic mod that enhances the vanilla Minecraft villages. It completely revamps the village buildings with new and improved building styles. The modder has added chimneys, replaced cobblestone with stone bricks, and made several other visual changes to make the villages more appealing.Additionally, the mod also changes the look of the villages in different biomes, giving them a unique feel and expanding their overall size. The mod adds new structures to the villages, such as barns, windmills, and more, making the villages feel more like real towns.If you're looking for a mod that improves the Minecraft villages and makes them look much better, then the Better Villages mod is definitely worth checking out.

Einstine Pc

Better Fishing Rods

Better Fishing Rods adds a couple of new fishing rods that will give you abilities like Regeneration, Jump Boost, Emeralds, etc, when you get a catch using the rod. You can also use the Lucky Pad item to upgrade you bows, and doing so will give you the Luck Effect. Furthermore, using a rod for longer will level it up, which enhances it's abilities.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Better Weather

Change the weather, in a BETTER way! This new mod allows you to /betterweather your way through any time! This mod forces itself upon you and allows you to feel as if you've been challenged and trust me it makes playing the game ten times better and more enjoyable! Better Weather's seasons are divided into three sub-seasons (start, mid, and end). Modified Biome Temperature, Modified Biome Humidity, Modified Vegetation Color, Modified Crop Growth Speed, and Whether or not an animal is permitted to reproduce are all subseason changes you may anticipate and customize in your Minecraft world.Acid Rain is a weather event. Acid rain is a type of precipitation that has a distinct green hue to it. It can occasionally hurt mobs, players, or animals, as well as kill all vegetation and render grass coarse (essentially burning the soil). Blizzard Blizzards are characterized by fast-moving snow, dense fog, and strong gusts. It snows and freezes water swiftly during these storms, and the snow can layer, resulting in varied snow heights. When the event is through, the snow in places where it isn't ordinarily ice will start to melt. Other entities and players are likewise delayed. It can be found in all biomes except deserts (can configure to affect deserts).


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