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Diagonal Fences

The Diagonal Fences mod revolutionizes the building experience, by offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface that complements both beginners and seasoned players alike. By using diagonal fences, builders can craft elegant bridges, charming lattice patterns, and realistic railings with ease. Builders no longer have to settle for clunky workarounds or being confined to grid-like constructions.This game-changing mod brings an innovative solution to the long-standing challenge of seamlessly connecting fences placed diagonally from one another. Gone are the days of unsightly gaps and disjointed designs, as this incredible mod effortlessly bridges the divide, granting players the ability to create stunning structures that were once thought impossible. All the fence variants are affected by this mod - wooden, stems and nether brick fences.Please take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what you can expect from this mod. This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully as this mod requires some extra dependencies to function.



FramedBlocks is a mod that adds blocks of various shapes to the game. Over 50 types of blocks can be used to create almost any design or structure imaginable. The blocks can be modified to look like almost any other block in the game, giving them an immense level of customisation for those who want to express their creativity. They can also be right-clicked with certain items to change their functionality, such as making them intangible so they can be passed through. The blocks can also be given Glowing statesPressure plate functionalityLadder FunctionalityDoor Functionalityand many other functionalities. Some blocks even have unique behaviours, such as the collapsible block, which can be modified to create arbitrary slopes by changing the height of the four corners of a single block face. With the ability to cycle through different camo states and with the help of the framed key, locks can even be put in place to prevent neighbour updates. By default, the blocks are fireproof. However, this can be changed in the config settings.The mod provides configuration options for the client and the server. For example, on the client side, there's a setting to show a placement aid when a Framed Block is held and a setting to draw custom hitboxes on blocks to prevent slip-ups. On the server side, there are settings to allow or disallow blocks with BlockEntities and to enable the Intangibility feature, among others.Finally, Datapack features allow specific blocks to be added to or removed from the block set. This allows players to customise the mod even further than before. In general FramedBlocks offers an incredibly versatile set of blocks that can create almost anything desired.



Entangled allows you to bind two blocks together, making it appear as if they’re one Block. It uses a tool called the Entangled Binder to connect the blocks, and you can interact with either of them as normal. With Entangled Block, you can instantly transfer items, energy, fluids or whatever else between the blocks. You can have as many as six sides working together, or you can hide away messy cables. With Entangled Block, the possibilities are truly endless! How does it work? Setting up Entangled Block is easy. First, you need to craft an Entangled Block and an Entangled Binder. Place down your Entangled Block and right-click on the other Block you want to bind with the Entangled Binder. Finally, right-click on your Entangled Block with the binder. To unbind the blocks, select an empty slot on your hotbar, start crouching, and right-click on the Entangled Block. Entangled Block also works inter-dimensionally. You can select blocks in any dimension with the Entangled Binder, making it even more useful. What’s more, SuperMartijn642 allows you to use this mod in your modpacks, so feel free to spread the joy of Entangled Block with your friends. To learn more about Entangled Block and get updates, join the SuperMartijn642 Discord server.


Blood Magic

Blood Magic is an arcane art that has been gaining notoriety recently in the gaming world, especially in the world of Minecraft. It is a powerful and dangerous art that grants its practitioners an immense amount of power and influence - if they can survive the process! The act of using Blood Magic requires obtaining and utilizing a forbidden material - blood. Crafting with this volatile magic can be deadly, so it's important to be aware of the risks involved. Fortunately, with the handy help of mods such as JustEnoughItems, it is possible to find your way through the various recipes required to begin your magical journey. For a more comprehensive guide, the MinecraftGuides website provides a 100+ page web-based document to get you started. In-game documentation is available from Guide API in the form of an in-game book that has been called "Sanguine Scientiem". This comprehensive guide will aid you in every step of the magical ordeal. Alternatively, for version 1.16.3 and above, Patchouli takes over the job of providing in-game documentation.  You can do many things such asCrafting AltarsMagicThrowing ExplosivesThrowing DeforestingSoul Trumpets SnaresAnd MoreGetting started has changed over the years as the mod is commonly changing, in many older versions like 1.7.10 you would start by making a Blood Altar to get Demonic Will, now you generally craft Soul Snares and throw them at enemies to get will.Blood Magic is one of the best Magic and tech mods with dozens of different alterns with over a hundred pages of documentation with pictures describing many things you can do.The mod itself has had a major facelift, thanks to the Unity team who provided the new textures for a better, more modern experience.  Happy casting!



Twigs is a block and building mod for Minecraft. Despite the name, Twigs are only a small part of the mod and do not hold that big of a value compared to many of the other items. There are also pebbles (which can be thrown and reused so are pretty cool) and seashells and flowers and other objects that are a smaller version of something bigger in the game or a new creative idea. The Twigs mod is in general a blocks and building mod which adds a large variety of new blocks of building various things with multiple variants and multiple different types of material.Most of the content of the mod can be found in its own creative tab called the Twigs tab. Clicking on the tab by itself simply shows everything, but on the left, there are 4 sub-tabs which can be used to filter items or blocks by type. The 4 subtypes are:Natural – Stuff related to wood or plants    Stone – Stuff made out of Stone variants but not pebbles, just blocks    Decorations – Things like lanterns for decoration.    Miscellaneous – Used for everything elseThis can be helpful for sorting and It says Twigs > Sub-Name at the top where it normally says the tab name. To go back to the general tab which contains all the items just click on the main tab.Many of the stone types have moss variants and are in many different types such as Stairs, fences, walls, slabs, and others. There are multiple stone types to choose from, and many of them have bright colours coming from them.The main type of wood is stripped bamboo. The mod adds both Bamboo related blocks and leaves and stripped bamboo-related stuff such asFences,    Bundles    PlanksSlabsPressure     platesBoatsetc.There is also rocky dirt, but that does not really do much.There are 3 types of partly unique blocks, the Paper Lanterns (which are a little like Vanilla lanterns but white and can be fixed with flowers to make decorated versions), the Lamps, and the Tables (Which are compatible with Every Compat so can be used with wood from other mods such as Terrestria). The lanterns and lamps glow in the dark.Finally, there are brick, moss brick, wax, copper, weathered and oxidised copper, amethyst and other new variants of blocks. Extended from the vanilla materials.It requires Frame API. Frame API is commonly used with a few other similar or related mods.



The Explorify mod adds new structures to the world of Minecraft. These structures have been constructed to match the style of the game and make exploring more fun and interesting. The mod doesn't just add simple houses or dungeons; it also makes new, interesting things. The structures are also made to fit in well with the land around them, so they don't stick out or make your world look bad. You can also get loot from the structures as a reward for exploring them. Explorify is compatible with all kinds of mods, making it a great addition to any Minecraft game.

Einstine Pc

Framed Blocks

The Framed Blocks mod for Minecraft lets you build structures out of blocks in different shapes, like circles, stairs, triangles, vertical slabs, and more. This mod gives builders many options for making their builds stand out and look better. There are more than 50 shapes to choose from.The main thing about the mod is that it lets players edit any block. This feature is excellent for people who like to build in Minecraft and want to get better at it. Framed Blocks also has all the shapes that come with Minecraft, giving builders even more ways to build.The Framed Blocks mod is also easy to use, which is a big plus. Once the mod is installed, players can access it from the creative inventory. This makes it easy to get to the different block structures and use them. The mod also works with other Minecraft mods, making it a helpful tool for players who like to use several mods at the same time.To use framed blocks, you need to right-click the block structure with any block. The block you use will become the material for the structure, allowing you to create a wide variety of designs easily.

Einstine Pc

Immersive Petroleum

Oil has earned a negative reputation for its dangerous effects on the world, but using it to fuel your factory in Minecraft is perfectly safe!Immersive Petroleum is an addon for Immersive Engineering that focuses on oil processing mechanics and also the process of acquiring it. It's not an easy to use mod, that's for sure. To get started, make sure to have the Engineer's Manual and plenty of steel. Build the Seismic Survey Tool and shove a Buckshot Cartridge inside of it, it'll quickly give you a map with black and white spots, the white ones being where you'll usually find the fluids you want. Go towards them and use the machine again, if it all worked correctly, build a Derrick multiblock right there and bring tons of pipes, water and liquid concrete to it, it'll start drilling into the earth to get that sweet black gold for you.After you've done this, you're ready to get started with the actual content of the mod; Gasoline powered Portable Generators, motorboats, and a few useful blocks along with tons of other machines that are used to process and take advantage of this oil. Refer to the book to understand everything else.


Ad Astra!

Welcome to the space odyssey of your dreams! With Ad Astra, your world will be gifted with the means required to explore the deepest reaches of space and maybe even conquer them!To get started, be sure to craft the mod's manual and check its contents out, as it will give you some general tips regarding its progression and mechanics. Done? Good, now we can get started with the mod's actual contents.First of all, you'll want to acquire a Coal Generator and the Compressor, machines that you will use to make plates. Plates are a vital component in Ad Astra and you should get used to making tons of them. Cabling is made out of steel, which can be crafted by smelting Iron ingots.You will also need to make a machine that turns water into oxygen and another one that turns Oil, a fluid that can be found in the ocean, into Fuel. It is worth mentioning that fuel is NOT renewable and should be used with care.To go to the moon, the first cellestial body you can explore, you'll have to craft a landing pad and a rocket, which is made in the NASA workbench crafting station. Alongside that, please be sure to craft a Space Suit.It'll be expensive, and each trip will take tons of fuel, but the Lunar depths are the only place in which you can find Desh Ore, a mineral that is critical to this mod's progression. Of course, setting up a moon base is no easy feat, as it's an airless planet. You can actually mitigate this problem by setting up an oxygen production system with the Oxygen Distributor machine. 


Conquest Reforged

Conquest Reforged is a recreation of an old texture pack called Conquest packaged as a mod. The original resource pack was designed for players who wanted to improve their Minecraft creative experience beyond the limitations of the base game. Upon loading the game, the game will tell you to install the Conquest Reforged resource pack (which is different from the Original Conquest Resource Pack). The required resource pack can be found here The textures are 32x and try to be realistic, and are compatible with Optifine. There are thousands of blocks and hundreds of textures, including lighting, particles, and animations. There are textures from many different historical and fictional timelines. Many of the blocks are custom 3D models. There is also a built-in GUI for customising and selecting blocks with a tab system. To get full advantage of the textures, you need to install the resource pack. Without the resource pack, many of the textures are blank, including some vanilla ones (in some versions, some vanilla textures are missing even with the resource pack, most notably the tall grass in 1.16.5). They have an online community of builders. Conquest Reforged is one of the best building mods because of its sheer size. Some themes represented include Roman, Arabic, Middle Ages, Industrial Revolution, ArdaCraft's Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dwarven, Elven, and many others. You can make structures which look realistic if you make them big enough. Conquest Reforged has many materials for building highly detailed castles and many intractable Mosaics. There are also realistic-looking trees right out of the box, enhanced foliage, and the ability to add custom leaves and branches and customise just about every aspect of blocks for the ultimate building mod.The mod has deep integration with Optifine integration, and it is recommended you use Optifine because it looks much better with Optifine. You can also use your preferred shaders of choice in most cases, but they won't be needed as many of the models look beautiful, and you won't need them. The resource pack needs Optifine to work correctly according to the pack.mcmeta description. The creative UI has been completely redone to allow for the customisation and the inclusion of thousands of blocks. It includes better grouping based on things like material and type and uses a wheel-based system to help you navigate. The traditional creative tabs still exist, but the default ones have changed, and the mod by itself has four pages of tabs.There are a few issues that come with the massiveness of this mod. First of all, the file size of this mod is over 100MB on some versions, and second of all, you will need to increase your RAM allocation to be able to even play the mod. Playing at only 3GB will not work, and the game will stall while loading up until it eventually crashes. We suggest a lot of RAM if you include this in a larger mod pack. Even by itself, this mod takes a long time to load, especially at the texture pack loading phase, which is often the longest. But if you allocate a lot of memory, the mod will eventually load up. However, it will take a while, especially on versions 1.16.5 and earlier, if you do not have a high-clock CPU. The resource pack is enormous (about as big as the mod itself), so we suggest keeping it off when not using the mod. When you enter the game, you are introduced to the dialogue about the resource pack (if you do not have it) and then an introduction to the keybinds. The V key only works in creative mode and shows the texture shape variant. You can do this in the traditional creative tab menu and see a circular representation of all the blocks combined with a zoom on mouse-one. Ctrl+Middle Mouse Button gives the shape of the item you are looking at to your hot bar; this also works on creative only.Note: Worlds made in 1.9.4 are incompadible with worlds in 1.10.2 and newer.


Nef's Medieval Decoration

Nef's Medieval Decoration is an amazing mod that adds over 700 new blocks and items into Minecraft.  As the name suggests, the additions are medieval themed and can be used to heavily decorate your medieval themed builds. The new blocks vary all the way from food items to decoration to buiding blocks and even some redstone items. In short, this is a mod that has something for everyone. Builders will easily fall in love with this mod because of the vast number of decoration items. There are items that will help builders detail their builds even to a tiny level. There's a lot of vegetation added too. The mod also adds new ores, new armor types and even new biomes into the game.Take a look at the screenshots and the video to see what you can expect from this pack. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Absent by Design

Absent by Design is a mod that adds a variety of blocks into your game. But none of the blocks are new, all of the blocks are fence, stair and slab variants of already existing blocks in the vanilla game. These new blocks make way for a lot more build detailing combinations and various other uses. You now have fence variants for all of the wooden logs along with red nether brick and quartz variants. There are wall blocks for end stone, purpur block and many other stone variants. You now have blocks like magma slabs, wool slabs and concrete slabs. Overall, this is a great mod that opens up a lot of new oppurtunities for builders.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Construction Wand

Construction Wand is an amazing utility mod that will help you save a ton of time while building large structures in your Minecraft world. This mod adds four new wands into your game. Each of these wands of are of different tiers and their details are given below.WandDurabilityMax. BlocksUpgradeableAngel distanceMax. Blocks (Destroy)Stone1319No--Iron25027Yes19Diamond1561128Yes425InfinityUnbreakable1024Yes881-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use these wands to lay out a large number of blocks all at once and this will help you save a lot of time and effort. Take a look at the screenshots to see this mod in action.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Macaw's Fences and Walls

Another mod from our favourite mod developer. Developer Macaw is popular for creating mods that adds vanilla friendly blocks into the game. All of the blocks that are added by Macaw's mods have proved very useful while designing detailed builds and the building community absolutely loves them. Macaw's Fences and Walls is no different from the other mods that Macaw has created. This mod adds over a hundred new fence and wall variants into Minecraft. Fences themselves comes in six types and there exists versions of all six for each wood variant in the game. The walls added by this mod looks incredible and works well while designing compund walls. Take a look at the screenshots to see some of the blocks added by this amazing mod.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Macaw's Trapdoors

Macaw's Trapdoor is a must have mod for builders who are looking forward to making their builds more deatiled and fancy looking. This mod adds ten types of trapdoors for each wood variants and two types of iron trapdoors. The different types of wooden trapdoors are designed and variated in such a way that there is always a trapdoor that you can use in your build, no matter the theme of your build. The iron trapdoors can only be opened by powering them with redstone. The creator of this mod, Macaw, is popular for the amazing mods that he has created and the building community absolutely falls in love with them because how they help them decorate and detail their builds. Some of his popular mods include Macaw's Bridges, Macaw's Roofs, etc. These mods are known for their quality and this one is no different.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


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