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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft configuration tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Cloth Config API

Cloth Config API (also Auto Config) is a config API that allows the player to change the config of the game from Within the Game’s GUI. It is one of the most popular config APIs, and it is made by shedaniel, the author of Architectury API and Roughly Enough Items, and other big names. They have excellent documentation for Developers and are lightweight for players. There are also similar APIs, such as Cloth API, a general-purpose API for Fabric (distinct from Cloth Config/Cloth Config API) and Cloth Math, a Maths API that is not dependent on Minecraft.There are multiple versions of Cloth Config, each of which has its API and Features. Each version of Cloth Config is linked to a specific version family of Minecraft.Here is the Table:V1 1.14.x (No Longer Developed)v2 1.14.x-1.15.x (No Longer Developed)v3 1.16 Snapshots before 20w17a (No Longer Developed)v4 1.16.x 20w17a and newer (Supported)v5 1.17.x (Supported)v6 1.18.x (Supported)v7 1.19 (No Longer Developed)v8 1.19.x (Supported)All stable versions of Minecraft have been supported since 1.16. It is important to note that Cloth API is not a fully functional config library; it is just a screen for setting the config, which shedaniel claims the others suck. Since Cloth is just a screen, it can work with existing APIs such as Forge Config API. It is also supposed to be primarily used with the client; however, some server features do exist, but it is suggested server mods do not use Cloth Config.Cloth was initially designed with Fabric in mind because, at the time, Fabric was very lightweight and did not have much in the way of config, but it eventually got popular and was ported to Minecraft Forge.For Players, install the mod like any other mod. Some mods may need Mod Menu to show configs where you edit the config from the Mod Menu entry.For Developers, Cloth Config has many features such as Drop Down Menus, Integration with Mod Menu, Categories, and more.Creating a Screen in your mod is easy and can be done with a single line of code.```ConfigBuilder builder = ConfigBuilder.create().setParentScreen(parent).setTitle(new TranslatableText("title.examplemod.config"));```The Config Builder can be used to set the attributes of the Config Screen, such as the background, and is automatically localised with a translation key.Note: a new builder is created every time the screen is opened.```builder.setSavingRunnable(() -> {// Serialise the config into the config file. This will be called last after all variables are updated.});```It saves the config to a file and requires custom parsing.Entries are each different, and it is recommended you read the documentation for more details on creating entries and setup Cloth Config.Another prominent feature of Cloth Config is Auto Config, which makes configuring your mod much easier with Annotations. Auto Config Annotations are flexible; they are put on top of Config files and have their annotations for fields, which can easily be set to whatever entry. e.g. @ConfigEntry.Gui.CollapsibleObject and can also be excluded @ConfigEntry.Gui.Excluded. The supported Field types by default are boolean, int, long, double, float, String, and enum.Cloth Config is one of the most common Config Screens in Minecraft, so making your mod require it will not be a significant burden for most modpack devs, as many big mods, including many by Yung use it (such as Yung’s Better Dungeons).



Spirit is a mod that is inspired by the Soul Shards mod. As its spiritual successor, it expands on the idea of spirit magic while keeping a similar balance of the original mod. It adds many new multi-block ritual sites that you have to create and use, all centered around souls sand from the Nether dimension and new craftable material with its own enhanceable items. Soul magic can also be a very powerful tool for summoning monsters or transmuting them into other mobs. 


AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs

Infernal mobs is a mod, that adds custom-made diablo-like modifiers to mobs. Every mob in the game has a chance to spawn with a different rarity. Each rarity increases the mob's HP, damage, or adds other abilities. These mobs make the game harder, so there is also an increased reward for killing each of them, you can get up to quadruple experience gain, and randomly generated enchanted items.The mod should also work for mobs added with other mods.List of modifiers:1UP - Mob heals fully, once, upon getting lowAlchimist - throws Potions at youBerserk - Mob deals double damage but hurts itself on attackingBlastoff - Tosses Players into the airBulwark - Mob has 50% damage resistanceChoke - Drown on land, hit Mob to breathe for a momentCloaking - Invisibility Potion effect on MobDarkness - Blindness Potion effect on the PlayerEnder - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the PlayerExhaust - Exhaust Potion effect on the PlayerFiery - sets Player on FireGhastly - shoots FireballsGravity - knocks back or pulls PlayersLifesteal - heals from attackingNinja - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the PlayerPoisonous - poisons the Player on attackQuicksand - Slow Potion effect on the PlayerRegen - heals Health backRust - causes high amounts of wear on weapons and armor when foughtSapper - Hunger Potion effect on PlayerSprint - high movement speed burstsSticky - can snatch Items the Player attacks withStorm - calls down LightningVengeance - reflects a portion of all damage doneWeakness - Weakness Potion effect on the PlayerWebber - spawns Webs at the Players legsWither - Wither effect



InControl is a mod that allows you to change multiple things in Minecraft with the help of a rule system. These rules are located in separate JSON files outside of Minecraft and have to be edited there. List of things you can change: spawn.json: with this file, you can block spawning of certain creatures under certain conditions. In addition, when a spawn is allowed you can also alter some of the properties of the mob like maximum health and otherspotentialspawn.json (1.12 only): with this file you can remove and add spawn rules under certain conditions. The rules in this file are used before the rules in spawn.json are fired so make sure that when you add a rule for new mobs here, the new mobs are allowed in spawn.jsonspawner.json (1.16 or later): with this file you can add spawn rules under certain conditionsloot.json: with this file you can control the loot that mobs drop when they are killed based on various criteriaexperience.json: with this file you can control how much experience you get from killing mobs based on various criteriaFor the showcase, I have used it to spawn mooshrooms that drop diamonds when killed with a stick in the desert. They also drop a lot more experience than before. Note: This mod does not do anything on its own. You have to create these rules yourself to make it do something.  



SwingThroughGrass is a simple mod that allows you to hit mobs behind most walkable blocks. Originally, these blocks are supposed to allow you to clip through them, but when you try and attack a target through grass, the grass gets in the way and ends up getting broken. This simple mod changes the game so that you will be able to hit your target instead of breaking the grass!


Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire is an adventure mod that adds a lot of unique content to the game. Most notable are dragons which now soar the skies of the Minecraft world.  The mod does not limit itself to them. It offers a lot of mythical creatures like gorgons, cyclopes, water serpents, trolls, and many more. Every new creature is created in a way to make them feel alive. Dragons begin in their nest, fly around, hunt and feed on the animals and then return to their nest to get some rest. You will be rewarded with new materials if you take down these creatures. These materials will allow you to get access to various weapons, armours, or even mythical artifacts that will help you during your adventures. It is not only about the killing of new creatures. The mod also offers a way to tame some of them. Sometimes you can find the dragon eggs in their nests, which you can take to hatch yourself. The newly hatched dragon will then allows you to explore the world on its back! The mod is also very configurable. You can alter creature behaviors, spawning areas, or stats with many different configurations. If you ever get lost with the mod or its features, it offers its bestiary that you unlock with progression and exploration. This mod currently offers: Dragons - They all have different colors and types based on their location. There are fire dragons, frost dragons, and the newly added lightning dragons. Hippocampi - Sea horses! Gorgons - Dangerous mythical half-woman, half-snakes. Sea serpents - Distant relatives of the dragons without wings! ... And many more! Note: The mod requires different libraries depending on the version like the citadel library (1.16.5)


Mythic Mounts

Mythic mounts is an adventure mod that enhances Minecraft biomes with new tameable animals. Mod adds 14 new creatures which are all tameable. Some of them are friendly animals roaming the wilderness while others are aggressive toward people.Mod also adds a flexible guidebook where you can find all mythical creatures, their habits, temperaments, and dwellings that may be befriended by an individual with enough daring and patience.All of the mythical mounts spawn in different colors with many different animations that you can see both in first person or third person, there are also animations for baby variants that you can acquire permanently after feeding a baby mount warped fungus.After creatures are tamed, they can be interacted with, mounted for exploration on land, air, or sea, or bred with another tamed creature of the same species. Some of the creatures can also help you in a fight. Note: This mod requires Geckolib and Patchouli for Fabric



Catalogue replaces the mod list menu that Forge offers. This new list looks way better and pleasing than Forge's default one. This mod makes it easy to sort through your list of mods, check for updates, see relevant mod information and submit bugs to the developer of the selected mod. All mods that work with Forge's default mod list will work with catalogue too and there is no need for extra effort from the developer.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


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