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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft extra tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Simple Backpack

Simple Backpack is a simple, lightweight mod that allows you to craft a backpack so you can have an extra 27 inventory slots to store your essentials while travelling.Once you craft a backpack, you simply have to place it in your inventory. You can right click a backpack in your inventory to view it's contents.It's important to note that this is a Forge mod, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.


Extended Caves

The Minecraft subsoil needs an upgrade, in the 1.16 the quarries are the same, old and dusty.Are you looking for a mod that improves caves?Extended Cave is a mod for the 1.16 that improves the subsoil, adding new structures and mob spawners to improve the adventure and the search for minerals. You will find several new mushrooms that will need to create 3 new soups:•Fluorescent Stew, useful to see into the depths of caves.•Sticky Stew, use it to dig faster!•Hard Stew, very useful if you have to fight with dungeon mobs!It also adds several sets of blocks like Rockpile, stalactites, and stalagmites! It's the perfect mod for updating caves.


Extra Armor

The Extra Armor mod adds dozens of new armorsets into Minecraft. Certain metals like copper do not have an armor set, but this mod adds them. Not just that, many more items like amethyst, odsidian, honey, slime, wood variants, etc can also be used to craft armorsets of varying protection level and effects. The crying obsidian armor set comes with a bonus effect of Blast Protection IV. Furthermore, certain armorsets can be combined in a crafting grid to get the effects of both the armors. For example, the obsidian armorset can be combined with the glowstone armorset to get the Glowing Obsidian armorset. This set gives Blast Protection IV as well as Night Vision.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



ExtraSounds is a Minecraft mod that changes your game in a unique way. While most mods focus on adding new items and making changes to the game at a physical level, ExtraSounds focuses on making the in-game sounds better. This mod adds a few new sound effects to the game. The list of additions are given below :FeaturesHotbar scroll soundsInventory click sounds (based on clicked item)Drop sound (based on amount of items dropped)Creative inventory scroll sound (based on scroll speed)Chat message soundChat @mention soundStatus effect/potion soundsFurthermore, all of the sounds can be edited/changed using resource packs. This is a Fabric mod and requires the Fabric API to work. Download links are given below.


Sodium Extra

Sodium is one of, if not, the best performance mods for Minecraft out there. Before Sodium, OptiFine used to be considered the best performance mod, but Sodium managed to prove itself better by giving you more framerates. OptiFine settings gives you a wide range of control over your game's appearance and performance. Unfortunately, sodium lacks some of these options. But not anymore... Sodium Extra brings you most of the settings/options that OptiFine provides. All you have to do is to add this mod along with regular sodium to your mods folder.Download links are given below.


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