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Botany Pots

Botany Pots is a popular Minecraft mod that allows players to grow their plants, trees, and flowers in-game. The mod was created by DarkHaxDev and multiple other developers on their GitHub to give players an immersive gardening experience. It is a perfect way to add a little bit of realism to your Minecraft experience. Botany Pots adds a variety of new items to the game, including flower pots, planters, and a watering can. Players can use these items to plant and grow their plants, trees, and flowers. Players can use the items to create a personal garden or even to start their farm. The mod includes a variety of different plants, such as roses, tulips, and ferns. Players can also grow trees, such as oak and birch, and flowers, such as daisies and sunflowers. The mod also includes a variety of different items, such as fertilisers, soil, and pots to help players create the perfect garden. The mod also includes a variety of different recipes for players to use. These recipes allow players to craft the various items in the mod including flower pots, planters, watering cans, fertiliser, soil, and tools. The mod also includes a variety of different tools, such as shovels and rakes. These tools can be used to help players maintain their gardens and farms. Botany Pots is one of the best Minecraft Mods for gardening. The mod is easy to install on Forge and Fabric/Quilt, and the items are easy to use.Some of the Features of the Botany Pots Minecraft Mod are:1. Plantable Crops: Plantable crops such as wheat, carrots, potatoes, melons, and pumpkins can be planted in the Botany Pots.2. Breeding Crops: Crops can be bred using bonemeal and fertiliser.3. Growth Accelerator: The Growth Accelerator feature can speed up the growth of crops.4. Automated Farming: Automated crop farming can be done with Botany Pots.5. Customisation: Colours, sizes, and shapes of Botany Pots can be customised.6. Compostable Items: Many items such as leaves, grass, and saplings can be composted in the Botany Pots.The Mod also has a wiki which gives you technical information about how to use it. You can also use JSON to add support for other modded crops and define new crops, soils and fertilisers.Botany Pots also has compatibility with a lot of other mods which include biomes, gardening, and food such asBiomes O' Plenty   BotaniaQuark Simple FarmingHarvestcraftSnadXL  Food ModBuzzier BeesMetal  Bushes Mystical AgriculturePeanut ModCraftTweaker (link to Wiki for editing seeds and soils and others, download here)These integrations can add things like crops and soils and your own could easily be added with JSON.The mod is Open Source and based on the MultiLoader template and supports the newest version of Minecraft as well as many older ones. It requires Bookshelf to be installed.The Pots have a book icon that tells you the pot recipes and useable seeds. By default, in the vanilla game, there are no specified seeds, you need to define your own seeds or install mods with seeds.


Mystical Agradittion

Mystical Agradditions adds new additions to Agriculture in Minecraft. With Mystical Agradditions, you can get more precious ores and stones in Minecraft. Ores are now divided into categories or tiers, which decide their rarity. You can now find the ore seeds, grow them as crops, and farm them.You can use these ores to make new armors and tools with rare abilities. You can now get the watering cans to grow the ores much faster. You can upgrade tools to harvest, chop trees, mine, and clean the grass in 15 blocks radius with one click. You can defeat new mobs and bosses to get rare tools and staff.

Einstine Pc


Mekanism is a machinery and tech based mod! Mekanism adds a new era of technology to minecraft with new tools, energy generators, and even transmission systems! All the boring tasks of mining and crafting will quickly be replaced and done by all the machinery that will be possible with this mod! Mekanism is also very expandable, the further you are in the game the higher the tier of machinery is available to you.Some of the additions of Mekanism:JetpacksA Digital Miner to automate your mining needsA Fusion Reactor  to harness the power of the sun to run advanced machineryVarious transmitters for transferring items, fluids, gases, energy, and even heat!An effective machinery configuration system, which allows for cool item transportation

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