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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft mob tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Unusual End

Unusual End is a mod that seeks to bring excitement and variety to the otherwise dull End dimension in Minecraft. The mod introduces new mobs, biomes, and plants to the End world, making the journey through the End much more interesting and engaging. One of the most notable additions in this mod is the Ender Golem, a new mob that can be found in the End city. This powerful creature is there to defend the city from predators, making looting the End city more challenging and rewarding. In addition to the Ender Golem, Unusual End also adds new biomes to the End, such as the End Forest and End Mountains. These new biomes are home to unique plants and creatures that can only be found in the End dimension. Unusual End is a great mod for players who are looking to add some excitement and variety to their End adventures in Minecraft.

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Endermen Plus

Endermen Plus is a mod that brings a bunch of new endermen to your Minecraft world. These endermen are scattered around the world and can be found in random places. They can be seen picking up blocks, but don't let their nonchalant behavior fool you. If you try to attack them, they will become aggressive and hunt you down! What's cool about this mod is that these new endermen can also be friendly if you leave them undisturbed. So, it's up to you whether you want to make friends with these eerie creatures or avoid them at all costs. But that's not all. You can also find their bases and see how they live in the world. This mod adds a lot of new content to the game, making your Minecraft experience even more exciting!

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Goblins And Dungeons

Goblins and Dungeons is an exciting mod that adds goblins to the world of Minecraft and makes it more fun to play. You can find these mischievous creatures in dungeons of all sizes, from small to large, and each one has its own set of unique goblin mobs. The dungeons are also different in terms of how hard they are. Some are trickier than others.The mod also adds a lot of new structures to the game, such as goblin castles and bases. This gives the game more depth. Goblins watch over the castles because they are very protective of their homes.The mod also includes a powerful boss, the King Goblin, who is guarded by his loyal goblin subjects. Players will have to fight their way through hordes of goblins to reach him and claim the treasures he guards.

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Dungeon is an exciting Minecraft mod that adds a variety of new creatures and structures to explore. This mod includes a range of unique mobs, such as fearsome bosses, aqua creatures, and a mix of hybrid mobs like slime and wolves. Additionally, there are new animals like crows and crawlers to discover in the game.One of the most interesting features of Dungeon is the new laboratory structure. Inside the laboratory, you will find scientists experimenting on creating new hybrid mobs by mixing the DNA of other normal mobs. This adds a new level of intrigue to the game as you discover what kind of creatures they've created and how they behave.Aside from the laboratory, there are several other new structures to explore, including castles, mines, houses, hidden bases, and even sewerage systems. Each structure is uniquely designed to offer a new experience, whether you're looking for hidden treasure or challenging bosses to defeat.

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Ravage And Cabbage

Ravage and Cabbage is a fun mod that enhances the original Minecraft experience by introducing new features while retaining the vanilla theme. The mod's primary focus is on Ravagers, and it adds exciting features such as taming and riding Ravagers, milking them, and consuming their milk to gain various buffs.The mod also adds Baby Ravagers that can be tamed using Ravager Milk. Cabbager Barns, where Cabbagers, Baby Ravagers, and cabbages spawn, is another feature added by this mod. Cabbagers are a hostile mob that throws cabbage at players and villagers. The mod also adds Corrupted Villagers and Cabbage, which can cause Villagers to transform into Ravagers. The mod adds various engaging new features that keeps players occupied for hours.

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Unvoted and Shelved

The Unvoted and Shelved mod is an intriguing addition to Minecraft that enables players to experience content that was cut from the game. This mod adds a variety of small creatures and other features that were proposed during Minecraft 1.18 development but outvoted.By installing the Unvoted and Shelved mod, players can now explore new worlds and interact with these once-conceptualized small creatures. It's a unique way to see what Minecraft could have been and to discover new things that were cut from the game.If you're a fan of Minecraft and want to experience content that never made it into the game, then you should check out the Unvoted and Shelved mod. With this mod, you can discover shelved content and a whole new world of possibilities.

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Dark Souls

A popular action role-playing game called Dark Souls has been transformed into a mod for Minecraft. This mod adds the challenging and immersive gameplay of Dark Souls to the blocky world of Minecraft. It also adds new content and features that make the experience better.The mod adds about 16 new types of armor, each of which looks and performs differently. There are also three pieces of armor that, when worn together, give the player special skills. There are also nearly 42 new weapons, like swords, axes, bows, and crossbows, that can be used to fight the tough new bosses that the mod adds.When it comes to bosses, the mod adds many new types that will test even the most experienced Minecraft players. These bosses are spread out across the new biomes, such as the spooky and dangerous Graveyard biome and the dark and dangerous Abyss biome.

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The Farlanders mod is a great addition to Minecraft. This mod adds new creatures to the game, known as Farlanders. These humanoid creatures come in different variations with unique abilities, like teleportation and magic, and have the same visuals as the Endermen. They also have a variety of drops that can be used to craft new items.One of the unique features of the Farlanders mod is the ability to trade with them. Farlanders offer a wide range of trade options, including rare items that cannot be found anywhere else. Players can also tame some Farlanders, providing more trade options and benefits.Another feature of the Farlanders mod is the addition of new structures to the game. These structures are home to the Farlanders and can be spread worldwide. They are filled with new loot and provide a unique challenge for players.To access the Farlanders, players must find a Farlanders’ Village. These villages can be found in various biomes and are home to the Farlanders. Players can also summon Farlanders by using a special item.

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Pixelmon is a popular Minecraft mod that allows players to capture and train virtual creatures called "Pixelmon.” These creatures are based on the Pokémon franchise and feature a variety of variants, abilities, and moves. The mod includes over 800 Pixelmon to discover and capture, each with unique stats and behaviors.Players can battle their Pixelmon against other players or wild Pixelmon to level them up and earn rewards. The mod introduces new items and mechanics, such as special Pokeballs, healing stations, and breeding systems, each with its own functions and workings.To play Pixelmon, players must first install the mod and start a new Minecraft world. They can then explore, encounter wild Pixelmon, battle other trainers, and build a team of powerful creatures. The more you explore, the more Pixelmon you find.Pixelmon is a fun and exciting mod that adds a new dimension to the Minecraft experience. Whether you're a fan of Pokémon or just looking for a new challenge, Pixelmon is worth checking out!

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Exotelcraft Mod is a new mod that brings into the Minecraft world a new dimension. The new biomes, structures, and themes in this dimension makes it fun to explore. There are dark places, bushes that light up at night, and new ores that can be used to create new tools and armor. The mod also adds many buildings and villages to the new dimension, making it a fun place to explore and build.To get to the new world, you need to make a portal with a Black Stone block, just like you do to get to the Nether. Then you need to light the portal with the Exotel tool after you've built it. You'll find a new world to explore when you go through the door.There are many new types of biomes in the new dimension, such as forests, deserts, and mountains. Each biome has structures and features that you can find and learn about. In the new dimension, you'll also find new mobs and creatures, which adds to the fun of exploring this new world.

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Direbats adds a new mob into Minecraft. As the name suggests, this mob is called the Direbat and they only spawn during full moons. They usually do not attack players, but they will become hostile if they are exposed to light or if they are taunted by a player. Any player that has been attacked by a Direbat gets inflicted with a blindness effect. Killing a Direbat will drop it's fangs, that you can use to craft fang arrows, that will inflict a blindness effect to the target. This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric. Download links are given below.



The Archon mod introduces magic into your Minecraft world. With this mod, you can have magical abilities in the game. This mod also adds new mobs and structures to the world, and some of those structures are captured by magicians and witches.You can also find buildings/castles randomly spawned in the world, filled with spawners and other magic stuff. You can kill the mobs and use the spawners to gain some XP to upgrade your armor and enchantments. You can also find many new mobs spawning near the towers. You can kill these mobs to get their armor which is more potent than the casual ones.

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The Neapolitan mod aims to improve Minecraft’s biomes and mobs. This mod adds sweets to the Minecraft world by introducing chocolates and vanilla items into the game. You can grow vanilla and cocoa seeds, which can be used to get the Vanilla and chocolate recipes.These items can be used to make cakes, puddings, and other sweet items. You can also craft chocolate blocks which have many variants and can be used for decoration. In addition, this mod also adds more mobs worldwide, including new spider variants.While exploring the jungle biomes, you will come across banana trees that can be used to craft many sweet items. You can also find another mob, chimpanzees, near the banana trees.

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The Aether mod adds a new heavenly dimension to Minecraft. This dimension is the Aether dimension, which looks like heaven. Just like any other dimension, a portal allows you to enter this world. First, make a portal similar to the nether portal, but with glowstone instead of obsidian. Then place a water bucket in any of the inner block, just like how you light a Nether portal using flint and steel. The Aether mod also adds many new mobs to the game. Some are similar to vanilla mobs, but are aerial. These mobs include:Flying cowsFlying pigsSparrowsRabbitChestFlowersAnd many more

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The Conjurer

The Conjurer mod modifies the Pillagers’ IQ and lifestyle in Minecraft. Usually, in Minecraft, pillagers are known to be raiders, who attacks villagers randomly, steal their earnings and food, and destroy their homes. But with this mod, they have more work than just attacking the villagers.With the Conjurer mod, you might come across a big mansion-like building known as the theatre. These theatres are captured by the Pillagers and their helpers, called illagers. You might also find the Dressing Room on the stage, with custom dresses alongside imprisoned villagers, that are to be used later for performing stunts. You can capture the theatre and free the villagers by killing these violent mobs.

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