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Presence footsteps

Presence Footsteps is a sound mod that existed since the early days of Minecraft. It introduces numerous realistic walking sounds to the game. With this mod installed, you will hear different sounds as you walk on different surfaces. For example, when you walk on cobblestone, you hear a very similar sound to when you step on stone in real life, and when you walk on iron blocks, you hear a metallic sound. Even when you walk on a carpet, you can hear the corresponding sound.Generally speaking, if you want to get more immersion into Minecraft, then you should definitely try out the Presence Footsteps mod.


AmbientSounds 5

AmbientSounds 5 or Ambient Sounds is a sound mod which adds various new sounds that appear around your world, often looped and repetitive yet pleasing at the same time if you have your sound on. It goes well with the built-in Minecraft music but also makes the in-game sounds a little more interesting if you need to turn off the MC Music for a while. Many of the in-game sounds appear in various locations at different times. Like in the vanilla game, the place can affect where the different sounds play.Despite being a sound mod, the mod has lots of code in it to determine which sounds should be played and enabled and you can configure this with multiple different JSON files in the config folder. You can set the feature locations, the sound locations, the regions, and dimensions, and the engine to get good detail of which sounds should be played where. Modders can also use the large sound engine API to help with their sound mods and playing sounds. You can also create your sound packs with information from the wiki. There are a lot of sounds in the game, some of the sounds in the game added by the mod are:Bird     SoundsCicadasCricketsCrowsFrogsOwlsSeagullWolfCaveSuspenseWaterWeather    WindAnd     More.These can all make the game happier, or scarier, or change the game in other ways. They can though be quite distracting and set a false alarm. Some of the sounds are pretty short and basic, while others are much longer and more detailed. The sounds work in modded biomes also, Hypsellis helped get a list of biomes from various biome mods. Paul from paulscode the sound engine used in MC and MC Forge also helped fix issues in the mod. The mod updates a lot with new sounds. Many are made from online mixing tools such as or making it easy for individuals to expand the sound. Requires CreativeCore



ExtraSounds is a Minecraft mod that changes your game in a unique way. While most mods focus on adding new items and making changes to the game at a physical level, ExtraSounds focuses on making the in-game sounds better. This mod adds a few new sound effects to the game. The list of additions are given below :FeaturesHotbar scroll soundsInventory click sounds (based on clicked item)Drop sound (based on amount of items dropped)Creative inventory scroll sound (based on scroll speed)Chat message soundChat @mention soundStatus effect/potion soundsFurthermore, all of the sounds can be edited/changed using resource packs. This is a Fabric mod and requires the Fabric API to work. Download links are given below.


Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surroundings-will make the study much more atmospheric and exciting. There will be new sounds that are played for different biomes, which will help you feel the world alive. Also worth mentioning are some new visual effects that include fireflies, as well as auroras that can be seen in colder biomes. This add-on will also change the animation of snow and rain, as well as water splashes will appear when raindrops hit it.


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