Best Minecraft survival mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft survival tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Water Source

The Water Source mod improves upon the water/drinking aspect of Minecraft by adding a thirst mechanism into the game. Water can now be filtered and purified to make them suitable for drinking. The thirst mechanism works somewhat similar to the already existing vanilla hunger mechanism. There is also a thirst bar to show the water level. Similar to the hunger bar, this bar drops when the player performs exhausting actions such as sprinting, fighting, etc. This mod will be a fun addition to your game if you are looking forward to make your survival gameplay experience much more challenging. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. Download links are given below.


Tough as Nails

The Tough as Nails mod makes your vanilla survival experience even more challenging by adding various new features that will test your endurance. This includes player features like thirst and temperature, that you will have to work hard to control.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Culinary Construct

Culinary Construct lets you make custom food items like sandwiches or stews out of any consumable item in the game. First you have to craft a Culinary Station by placing a wooden slab over a crafting table in a crafting grid. You can place down the culinary station and right click it to open it's GUI. In the GUI, the leftmost slot is the base slot and you have to place a bread or a bowl in this slot. The five slots in the centre are the ingredient slots. You can place any food item in here. The rightmost slot is the output slot and you can pick your final item from here. Alongside all of this, you also have a tab to name your food item. If you don't give your food item a custom name, it will automatically be given a name based on it's ingredients. A food item prepared this way will give the player the total food value of all the ingredients. The saturation will be the average of all the food items. Basically, it's the same as eating all of the food items combined into one. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.



Dying in Minecraft and losing your items is a demotivating occurance. While it's part of the survival game, many players will be dissapointed at losing the items they worked so hard for. Normally, when a player dies, their items are scattered around their area of death. These items will despawn within 5 minutes if they are in a loaded chunk and aren't picked up. And once the items despawn, they are gone forever. But the Corpse mod will solve that problem for you. With this mod installed, when a player dies, a corpse will be spawned at the area of death. This corpse has an inventory on it's own and you can open it by right clicking the corpse. The inventory contains all the items that the player had in his inventory when dying. This way you won't lose your items. After 1 hour, the corpse will turn into a skeleton, indicating that it existed for a longer time. This won't change the functionality of the corpse. Furthermore, you can see your death history and teleport to the area of death. You can view all your past deaths by pressing the 'U' key. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Construction Wand

Construction Wand is an amazing utility mod that will help you save a ton of time while building large structures in your Minecraft world. This mod adds four new wands into your game. Each of these wands of are of different tiers and their details are given below.WandDurabilityMax. BlocksUpgradeableAngel distanceMax. Blocks (Destroy)Stone1319No--Iron25027Yes19Diamond1561128Yes425InfinityUnbreakable1024Yes881-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use these wands to lay out a large number of blocks all at once and this will help you save a lot of time and effort. Take a look at the screenshots to see this mod in action.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Trash Slot

When you open your inventory in creative mode, there is a slot that you can use to delete unwanted items. All you have to do is to drag and drop items into this slot and that item will be gone forever. Unfortunately, the survival inventory does not offer this feature. Players have to rely on burning items with lava or despawn them by dropping them in their item form. But it would be much more convenient to have a slot to delete these items. And that is what the TrashSlot mod offers you. The name of the mod suggests what the mod offers - a trash slot. You can now drag and drop unwanted items into this slot to delete them. You have this slot in your survival inventory and you can drag it around your screen and place it anywhere you want, according to your convenience. Oops! Dragged an item to the slot by mistake? Don't worry, the mod offers you an option to restore the last deleted item so that you won't delete items by mistake.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Spice of Life: Carrot Edition

The Spices of Life: Carrot Edition mod adds a fun side quest to Minecraft. Although it feels like a side quest, the effects of this mod will affect your main gameplay and for that reason, you can treat the challenges added by this mod as you main quest. The mod keeps track of how many unique foods a player has eaten. As the player passes set milestone on the number of food items they have eaten, they can unlock permanent extra hearts. In order to max out their health bar, the player will have to find and craft exotic food items. The mod is highly configurable and you can customize the milestones required and the hearts unlocked. This mod also features 3 commands:/foodlist sizeTells you the number of unique foods you've eaten, as well as and how many more you need to eat until your next milestone./foodlist clearClears the stored list of unique foods a player has eaten and resets their heart count. This is useful for testing when editing the config or when you want to start over./foodlist syncForces a sync of the food list to the client, for when something went wrong and it's mismatched.1.13+ Configuration (IMPORTANT)In post-1.12, Forge switched to a new config system, which means SoL: Carrot has two (3 if you count defaults) places to configure it now. The client-side configs (like visual options) are in the regular config folder and aren't synced between server and client. The server-side configs (like milestones or the blacklist) are stored in a serverconfig folder (even in singleplayer!) within each world and synced to the client, for example saves/[your world name]/serverconfig/solcarrot-server.toml. You can provide default values for these by placing a copy in the defaultconfigs folder, i.e. at defaultconfigs/solcarrot-server.toml.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Fabric Seasons

Minecraft has different biomes. We have a variety of them from hot deserts to snowy mountains to icy oceans. Minecraft has a few weather types too... like rain, snow, thunderstorm, etc. All these, and yet we do not have seasons in the game. This is where the Fabric Seasons mod will help you.Fabric seasons mod adds four new seasons into your game. Each season lasts for 28 Minecraft days. As days move on, you'll notice the colours of grass and leaves slowly changing because of the seasons. This mod will be a great if you are trying to make your gameplay experience more immersive. Moreover, you can use the /time set 0 command to reset the seasons. The mod also adds season detector blocks into your game. These can be crafted using daylight sensors, and you can use them to determine the current season. You'll also have a calendar that will help you determine what the current season is and how long it's gonna last.The mod offers a fabric version and download links can be found below.


Incantationem Mod

Vanilla Minecraft enchantments aren't very special. Some enchantment like Bane Of Anthropods doesn't even make any noticeable difference. If you feel like the vanilla enchantments are boring, the Incantationem mod might interest you.This mod 10+ enchantments and about 3 curses into your game. Unlike most of the vanilla enchantments, these enchantments will actually impact your gameplay. For example, the magnetic enchantment can be applied to leggings and it will attract items and XP orbs towards the player. The Reaping Rod enchantment can be applied to fishing rods. If you kill a hostile mob using the enchanted fishing rod, you will get effects that are similar to what will happen if you eat an enchanted golden apple. The enchantment is only available for fishing rods, so that it does not become too overpowered.The mod is available for Fabric and download links can be found below.


Universal Graves

We have all lost our Minecraft stuff after dying far away from your base. So far that you don't even know the coordinates to that location. This is depressing and might even demotivate you from continuing your survival world. But hey, there's a mod that can solve this issue. And it is the Universal Graves mod.This mod sends the coordinates of your death location along with the death message in the chat. Okay, now if you're in a server, everyone in the chat can see your death coordinate and can steal your valuable stuff. And that is the reason why this mod gives you the ability to lock the chest for a certain amount of time after your death. Alongside, you can also tweak other stuff that this mod does for you. Want to store your XP? There's an option for that. Want to lock your chests forever? You can tweak that too. There's plenty of different options that you can tweak according to your convenience.This mod offers a Fabric version and download links can be found below.


Escape Rope Mod

This simple mod adds an escape rope into the game, which the player can craft in survival. When you find yourself lost in an underground cave, you can simply hold the rope in your hand and right click to teleport yourself back to the surface.The best thing is that the crafting recipe is cheap and easy. You only need 8 string and a feather to craft the escape rope. So anyone can craft this in the early game itself.Escape rope is available for Forge. Download links can be found below.This mod comes from Jtorleon, who designed the Awesome Dungeons mod, which we have already reviewed. Check it out here.


Jumpy Boats

We have all gone through this. Whenever we try to transport mobs like villagers using boats, we very often find ourselves in a situation where we have to move the boat up by a block. And it's seemingly impossible to do this and I often find myself infuriated by this. I even quit my plans to build an iron farm simply because I was not ready to spend hours of my life trying to move villagers.So what do we do? Go into creative mode? No, we use the JumpyBoats mods. This mod is so simple you wouldn't even notice it's existence in the game unless you're on a boat. With this mod installed, you can now boost your boats to jump up by half a block, simply by pressing the spacebar while you are seated in it. If you want to go up by a block, you can simply place a slab to use as a step and jump twice. This makes transporting villagers 500 times more easier.This mod offers a version for the forge mod loader and download links are given below.


Goblin Traders Mod

We all know how annoying the wandering traders are... But how about adding another trader that gives better trades? This is what the Goblin Traders mod is for.This mod is a simple mod that adds two tiny traders into the game. They are the Goblin trader and the Vein goblin trader. The goblin trader can be found in overworld caves, whereas the Vein goblins can be found in the nether. They offer unique trades. The Vein goblin tends to offer nether related goods.The trades offered are considerably good. There are trades for even items that cannot be obtained in vanilla survival. For example, you can trade an axe and an Efficiency 5 enchanted book for an Efficiency 6 axe.If you hit a goblin, it will fall down and then stand up again. Apples are their favourite food. Killing a goblin will drop an apple.This mod offers forge versions and download links can be found below.


Tardim Mod

Travelling in Minecraft is a hassle. Whether its on foot, by boat or using an elytra. What if you could instantly teleport between long distances? That's exactly what the Tardim mod is for.This mod adds a police box that takes up only a block space. Upon entering the box, you'll realize that it's much larger inside. The interior is made of quartz, white concrete and other bright blocks. There's a control panel in the centre, which you can use to determine where you are gonna travel to. There are many controls on the control panel that you can use to set your travel location. There's also a computer that you can use to select your destination using commands that lets you determine the biome, dimension, etc of the location.This mod offers a version for Forge and download links can be found below.


Bumpkin Batch

The Bumpkin Batch mod adds a new biome into your game. This is the pumpkin patch biome and it's filled with... well... Pumpkins! This biome is the home of the Reaper, a mini-boss that spawns only in this biome.The biomes also contain many wrecked-down builds that you can explore and search for useful stuff. Just make sure not to get stuck in the cobwebs. There are spider spawners generated near the structures. This will make your exploration more challenging,This mod is special for the unique concept that the developers have tried to implement into the game. Give it a try and have fun.This mod is available for the Forge and download links are given below.


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