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Charm of Undying (Fabric/Forge/Quilt)

Charm of Undying is a mod which makes it so you can use the Totem of Undying Item in a Trinket slot rather than your offhand. Normally in Minecraft, the Totem of undying goes in your offhand which makes it so that you can not use another item in the offhand. The offhand is normally able to use things like Shields, Swords, Fireworks, and Blocks when Inventory is full, as other items. The Totem of Undying does not need to be actually interacted with making it good use for a Trinket. You will get a trinket slot above for the Charm and be able to put the charm there and it will show up on your neck like a neckless preventing you from death. It is a good vanilla + mod.Charm of Undying works with Curios API and Trinkets (Fabric). Charm of Undying is available for FabricMC, QuiltMC, and MinecraftForge.


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