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Every Compat (Wood Good)

Every Compat (Wood Good) is a mod which makes woods more compatible with each other and lets you make various different things out of this wood. The mod has a bunch of built-in item types, but the mod when installed by itself adds nothing (except an empty Creative Tab), you must add another mod which adds different types of wood such as Terrestria or Biomes O Plenty, Twigs, or Oh Biomes Youll Go, or Twilight Forest, or any other mod which adds wood. Most mods, but probably not all, mods which add new wood types are probably compatible with this mod. If you have mods which add new wood types that do not have one of the item types, the new items will automatically be generated in the custom creative tab for Every Compat.There are many different types of items/blocks that can be generated by the mod, though you are not guaranteed to get all of them (we only got tables in our case with Twigs and Terrestria and only after installing Terrestria). Many of the different item types require their own mod.Posts (Requires Quark in some cases)Stripped posts (Requires Quark in some cases)Hedges (Requires Quark in some cases)Bookshelves (Requires Quark in some cases)Vertical Planks (Requires Quark in some cases)Ladders (Requires Quark in some cases)Chests (Requires Quark in some cases)Cabinets (Requires Farmers Delight in some cases)Hollow Logs (Requires Twilight Forest in some cases)Banisters (Requires Twilight Forest in some cases)Seats (Decorative Blocks)Palisades  (Decorative Blocks)    Drawers (Storage Drawers)Mosaics (Mosaic Carpentry)   Many  MoreThis mod is built on Moonlight Lib, Moonlight Lib has a lot of built-in tools related to categorising items and block types, and this makes good use of this feature in Moonlight Lib, this mod will also work well with other compatibility mods and try not to register stuff which already exists.  For developers there is an easy API to add support for your blocks by creating a block definition with only 10 lines of code and the textures/assets are automatically generated. It is hard to add support for a different type of block though as conditional registration is not possible and it is also not possible to do config-based registration. If you want to add support for a different type of block you may send the developers a pull request or use a file called EveryCompatAPI in your mods to help. EveryCompatAPI has its own Java docs and other module info.


Moonlight Lib

Moonlight Lib (or Selene) is a set of utilities that offer a variety of specific features, such as:Dynamic resource pack utilitiesThe ability to register dynamic block sets,Block Colour APICustom map markersDynamic Villager AICustom first and third-person animationsGrindstone achievement triggersSoft Fluid SystemDispenser utilitiesMulti-Loader utilities (For Making mods on multiple loaders).These features provide modders with an easy way to create dynamic runtime resource packs, and data packs, resprite and retexture existing textures, register blocks that depend on a specific block set, detect any arbitrary modded block DyeColour, add map decoration and markers, modify villager schedules, create a custom first and third person animations, add custom triggers for grindstone items, manage multiple fluid containers items, register dispenser behaviours, and develop for the forge and fabric loaders. Documentation and examples for how to use Moonlight Lib can be found in the javadocs and example folder included with the mod.Moonlight lib makes modding in general much easier. With its extensive Tag system (known as types) you can easily generate many new types of blocks and group blocks together which can be used for things like crafting and data packs and general grouping, similar to how you are able to group different woods and stones together. The tag system while may make categorisation easier, does make registration harder and means it must be done at a particular time after Moonlight has scanned. This allows full sets to be registered.The Tag system is why many of Moonlight’s most popular mods, such as Carpeted Stairs & Slabs and Every Compat (Wood Good) are compatibility mods designed to make existing mods types work together better.The Block Colour API allows you to easily have similar blocks that are simply a different colour. Moonlight comes with a lot of other artistic and animation (similar to GeckoLib) modules making it good if you really want to customise the game’s appearance.Other great modules include the Villager AI Module (which allows you to control the AI of villagers and modify the schedules), Data Based Fluids which allow you to make Fluids that work well and have many cool features and customisation (such as being able to be put in buckets and bottles) that is registered via data but can still easily be overwritten via Forge fluids On MC Forge.One of the main advantages is the ability to easily make mods which work on both MC Forge and Fabric quite easily with their MultiLoader tools. It is similar to Architectury and even uses ArchLoom for its official build kit (and has some architectury injects) and but can also be used with other similar templates, including the unrelated but similarly named MultiLoader Template by Jarredll08.It is in many ways better than Architectury based on the actual new stuff it allows you to do being more advanced than those by Architectury while providing many of the same most important hooks that Architectury does.There are many mods of various categories which use Moonlight, such as Every Compat and MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target Dummy). If you are a developer there is also information and javadocs and examples on how to make your own mods with Moonlight.One big worry though is that the mod is Licensed All Rights Reserved which may limit your abilities with the mod.


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