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OpenBlocks Elevator

OpenBlocks Elevator Is a 1.8 and newer Elevator port from the old OpenBlocks mod. The elevator is like a fast lift or scaffold that allows you to move up and down quickly. The Elevators, in most cases, need to be the same X and Z coordinates and within 4 blocks on the Y access for a total of 20, though this can easily be changed in the config.Once you have a lift system, you should be able to climb up by jumping and climb down by crouching. This makes it a very fast method of transportation.If you want different levels only some can access, you can group your elevators with dyes. The elevator will, in most cases, try to avoid stops which are not the same deal colour. When moving, your camera also changes.One cool feature in this mod over others is The ability to camouflage your lifts to make them look like surrounding blocks, making it good for security or decorations.


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