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Entangled allows you to bind two blocks together, making it appear as if they’re one Block. It uses a tool called the Entangled Binder to connect the blocks, and you can interact with either of them as normal. With Entangled Block, you can instantly transfer items, energy, fluids or whatever else between the blocks. You can have as many as six sides working together, or you can hide away messy cables. With Entangled Block, the possibilities are truly endless! How does it work? Setting up Entangled Block is easy. First, you need to craft an Entangled Block and an Entangled Binder. Place down your Entangled Block and right-click on the other Block you want to bind with the Entangled Binder. Finally, right-click on your Entangled Block with the binder. To unbind the blocks, select an empty slot on your hotbar, start crouching, and right-click on the Entangled Block. Entangled Block also works inter-dimensionally. You can select blocks in any dimension with the Entangled Binder, making it even more useful. What’s more, SuperMartijn642 allows you to use this mod in your modpacks, so feel free to spread the joy of Entangled Block with your friends. To learn more about Entangled Block and get updates, join the SuperMartijn642 Discord server.


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