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AttributeFix is a mod which removes the arbitrary attribute limit on some things with a configurable one. With a config file, you can change the limit or make it as high as java would let you for the operator type.* Max Health if Entities (normally maxes out at 1024)* Knockback Resistance* Movement Speed* Attack speed and Damage (have limits)* Armour values (are often limited)* Armour Toughness* Luck* Follow range
These limits exist in the game, making it harder for modders to customise what they want. AttributeFix generally gets rid of these restrictions. It works on Minecraft Forge and Fabric/Quilt and uses the MultiLoader template. AttributeFix does not do much. It only really matters if some mods use its higher numbers. The mod content could also easily be added to your mod, and AttributeFix is mostly just a simple injection.Some mods which officially use AttributeFix include:Nightmare Craft: SurvivalStick of DeathChaos AwakensRaid AwakensRPGishLuminiumArmor Toughness BarAnd many more.Even if a mod does not specifically require It, it could still work, and most mods which use AF officially will boot up without it, just with the attributes being obsolete.


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