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BetterF3 is a mod which adds a different F3Screen. Pressing F3 on your keyboard will instead bring up a new F3 Screen which reorders the items and changes their aspect ratio and positions and colours and size.Many of the similar fields are grouped together in the same colour, such as Chunk and Region data is blue by default, Render and Graphics data is Orange, etc. The title can though be different colours (such as XYZ). The answers are also different colours from the field name and can also be a variation of colours.  Most of the content is similar to the vanilla F3 Screen, though the aspect ratio changes and it in some ways is bigger and should be zoomed out more and takes up the whole screen more and the colour choices were rather odd. And can be distracting at 1st. It takes some getting used to the new F3 Screen. There is also a different sliding animation to enter the F3 Screen.The Main benefit of BetterF3 is customisation. You are able to set what you do and do not want and can change the colours and spacing, size and more. Cloth Config is bundled with a Jar-in-Jar on Fabric, though on Forge it needs to be installed separately. You are also suggested to have Mod Menu.If you have Cloth Config you are able to customise the menu by pressing F3+M and are able to change the general settings and the individual module settings, and other stuff for your liking. This can be used to make the F3 menu more minimalist or include other modules from other mods or change the colours or the general layout. This can be good for taking screenshots with some but not all info or for hiding information about your computer such as which hardware you are using that could personally identify you if found in a screenshot.The mod has been reviewed by many YouTubers such as Bloodyneck and AntVenom and a logo made by Nirewen and development builds on GitHub.Though in many ways the Vanilla F3 screen can be better if you prefer a completely white and unmodified, Vanilla can be better.


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