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The Mantle is a library and QoL mod for Minecraft. Mantle as a library is used for many of the biggest mods, such as:Armory Expansion (and Add-ons)Baubley Heart CanistersTinkers Construct (and add-ons)Harvest TweaksAnd MoreMost mods that use Mantle are related to Tinkers Construct or its add-ons.Even if you do not have a mod which requires Mantle, there are still some changes you can see, such as if you have stacked hearts and coloured hearts, you won’t see the coloured hearts unless your max can be improved.For developers, there are many functions which Mantle adds, such as:RegistrationLootItem helpData generationBlocksFluidsNetworkingJust enough items integrationsConfigsand many more.There is even documentation on how to use it on their wiki. It is important to note that Mantle is often very slow to update, so if you make a mod that uses it, you will need to wait for it to update. Additionally, at least officially, it is MinecraftForge only. Most base mods using Mantle are by Slime Knight (the author of Mantle), so it may not be as well optimised for other mods.


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